First Concert Photography Charges

First Concert Photography Charges

Are you a newbie and looking for charges of first concert photography? If yes, then here is a free guide for you. This guide will tell you about the minimum cost per click for concert photography. 

Photography for a concert is difficult as compared to routine pictures. People hire photographers for perfect pictures of their Concert. If someone starts photography, then he/she must know the minimum charges of photography for a Concert. 

For the first Concert, a newbie must set low prices as compared to others. This will provide ease in selection as a photographer for the first Concert. Further reading of this guide will tell you about the charges for first concert photography.

Rates of Concert Photography

Concert photography charges depend upon two cases.

  1. Hourly charges
  2. Charges per picture

Hourly Charges

In Hourly charges, you will be getting paid according to hours. Cost per hour starts from 35$ to 500$. In this case, there will be no competition between you and other photographers at the same concert.

In this case, you must capture pictures, and you will get money according to your deal. But keep in mind, you must finalize the deal before capturing photographs in concert. This will provide ease in getting bills after a concert.

Charges Per Picture

In charges per picture, you will be getting paid based on photographs you capture during the concert. The cost of one photograph starts from 25$ to 2000$. This cost depends upon the deal between both of you.

In this case, you have to compete with other photographers at the same concert for getting the best price for your picture. This case will provide you with a lot of money as compared to hourly charges. But competition, in this case, is not very easy. 

If you are a newbie, then you are not recommended to compete in charges per picture. There will be professionalism if you compete in charges per click. Thus, it might cause difficulty in your earnings. 

So, here is a recommendation for a newbie. First, learn and earn by working with case one that is hourly charges. Then move towards charges pre picture for competition.

Things to Care on the First Photography Event

Capturing a perfect photograph of a concert takes a lot of time and observation. For this, you have to wait for the right moment and perfect angle. Do not burden yourself. Just loop the place from where nobody is seeing the concert. Such a place must be on the floor of a concert stage. Pictures from such points will look so attractive because no one has ever seen the concert from such positions. 

Another thing that a newbie must take care of before capturing pictures of the concert is overburden. In this, you must delete the blurry photograph just after capturing. Such measures reduce time consumption while you are delivering photographs of a concert. 

Keep in mind you are working on an hourly basis. So do not rush to capture many photographs of a concert which are not good. All you have to do is capture limited photographs with high accuracy. This will improve your skills in capturing concert photographs. A gradual increase in your skill will allow you to capture accurate photographs in less time.

Rates Depending on Clients

Depending on clients, you must set up your rates of photography. Remember you are a newbie so try to fit in the budget of the client. If you perfectly dealt with the client and succeeded to manage a comfort zone between both. Then this will help you a lot in the future.

Developing a relationship with a client is very important. It would be best if you also had shown them excellent results from your photography. The client also prefers you for their future concert if you show them excellent results of photography. Remember, you must develop a good relationship with your clients by giving them good photography results.

Concert Photography Tips for Beginners

It might be possible that you are a beginner, and your first contract will be concert photography. So here are some tips for you for concert photography.

  • Holding a camera is the first thing for concert photography. Learn how to hold a camera for concert photography. Shaking of hands while capturing photographs for the concert may cause difficulty.
  • Shoot pictures by using RAW because it provides a quality image without compressing. In RAW format, the camera captures real photographs using the abilities of the sensor. That’s why the picture looks more realistic and attractive.
  • One of the most important things that beginners should know before capturing a concert photograph is the exposure triangle. Learning of exposure triangle is very difficult at first, but it provides a good sense of photography. 
  • In the exposure triangle, there are three elements. These elements are ISO, shutter, and aperture. You have to manage all of three-element in the exposure triangle, manually. This provides sharpness to the photograph.
  • Learn the difference between portraits and landscape photographs. A portrait is used only for capturing a photograph of the person in the concert. At the same time, Landscape is used for the whole concert. In landscape, you have to focus on each person at the concert. Learn how to apply different focus strategies.
  • Balance is essential for capturing the perfect concert photograph. Learn how to balance in different angles. Sometimes you have to tilt the camera for a perfect shot of the concert.  
  • The histogram in a camera is very important to read while capturing pictures. So learn to read the histogram of a camera. This will help you a lot in capturing the perfect photograph.


There are different prices of photographers for the concert picture. If you are a newbie, then start from minimum rates and gradually grow up. Once you become an expert, then that will be the time for earning. First, learn in the field of concert photography and make your name.

Furthermore, develop good bonding with your clients. This bonding will provide more work to you in the future.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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