Sony A5100 Overheating

Does your SonyA5100 also shut down between the shots just like mines? Or you are looking for some best stepwise solutions to stop sony A5100 overheating? Let me tell you, you have jumped to the right place. In this basic piece of information, I will be sharing some of the reasons to let you opt for the correct solution.

So, being a photographer; having comfortable shooting gear is an important thing. However, when it comes to sony A5100, it never fails in providing the best shots whether cinematic or simple ones. but, every time promises to ditch the person in between due to its overheating problem and shuts down.

Well, it’s normal for the cameras to heat up but overheating can lead to some long-time damage to your camera. You might be thinking about the reasons for your Sony A5100 overheating, let me explain them.

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Major Reasons For Sony A5100 Overheating

It is a great turn off to motivation when the camera unexpectedly turns off with the caution of overheating during the shoot. However, there can be various reasons that cause the sony a5100 overheat but, here are the 5 major reasons I have found and later on will be providing stepwise ways to solve them.

1. Temperature

Temperature is the major cause of overheating a5100.  Many of us have to experience the thing, if we record outdoors on summer days the camera tends to get overheat quickly than I indoor temperature. Or the direct contact with Scorching UV rays can get your Sony A5100 to overheat naturally less than 10 minutes of recording. 

2. Slower SD Card

Moreover, if your camera tends to overheat during the transferring of data then it might be due to the memory card. Running your camera on a slow sd card might become the week point to your fun activity. Alongside, it takes more time to transfer the dedicated files to your laptops. 

3. Length of Recording

Recording larger videos of about 50 minutes straight without pausing may also cause your camera to overheat. However, the issue can be resolved by recording longer videos with the gap of the small interval of time. 

4. Video Recording Quality

Well, this is another major reason to tends Samsung A5100 overheating. While recording a long video on high frame rates or maybe  4K quality increase the chances to overheat the gear.

5. Outdated Firmware

If your sony A5100 is prone to overheating first check out the firmware of the camera. Most of the time outdated versions of firmware cause the electronics to work slower and leading the camera to overheat. The updated firmware can solve this issue easily. 

Now,  you might be thinking of solutions to these reasons here you can go with. the first thing I would like to mention is the solution should be chosen wisely after determining the reasons.

The wrong solution may lead you to long-time damage. Moreover, all of these solutions are pretty simple, light on the pocket, and easy to implement.

Solutions to Stop Your Sony A5100 Overheating Issues

1. Reducing Exposure to Direct Light

To begin with, in this step you have to make it clear that your camera is placed in the cooler area rather than, under the sun.

You can get a lightweight umbrella or smaller umbrella and place it between the direct light source and the sun.

The umbrella would help your camera from the direct exposure and reflect the extra sunlight leaving the camera at its natural temperature.

2. Turn off your Camera When Not Using

However, if you don’t want to go wrong with your photography gear, make it your principle. 

If you are not using the camera, press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds and leaves the camera to turn off.

This thing will help you to manage your inside electronics works better while saving the battery from locking the heat.

3. Using Faster Memory Cards

As mentioned above, the slower SD card can make sony A5100 overheating because of time taking transfer process.

Begin with buying a new faster Memory card.

Once you have your new card, open the Sony A5100 SD card slot, and remove the older one. 

Place the new faster memory card at the place and enjoy the heat-free transferring process.

4. Use Multiple Batteries

To begin with the step, it is necessary to have multiple batteries. 

Open the battery cover and remove the previous one after some shots. 

Afterward, place another cooler battery to avoid overheating in your Sony A5100 outdoor shootings.

5. Putting your Complete Gear in Bag When Not Using

Once you are done with the recording or while reaching to destination keep your gear bag ready.

Open the zip of your bag and place your camera safely into it. You can take it out anytime to capture beautiful shots. 

6. Opens the Battery Door to Prevent Heat Storage


Hang your camera on the tripod for a safe experience.

Open the battery door by pushing it outwards or maybe by clicking it hard.

Keep the case open during the shots. It helps in maintaining airflow in the packed part of the battery and helps you stop your Sony A5100 from overheating.

7. Turning on Airplane Mood

Airplane mode can help you cut the connection from other wireless technologies. I believe that, while recording or shooting the shots, we do not require any of the wireless technology. Thus for this reason we can switch it on through below mentioned ways to avoid overheating your Sony A5100.

  • Go to settings of your Sony A5100.
  • Find modes there. 
  • Once found just turn on Airplane mode to indirectly minimize the heating quantity of your camera. 

So, these were some of the solutions I feel best to help my mates to prevent their Sony A5100 overheating issue. Besides, overheating, Sony A5100 is the best gear to own whether you start your youtube, blog or just to take your hands around the photography. As you guys have come along here; let me introduce the bonus tips to make your Sony A5100 camera better. 

Extra Tips For Sony A5100 Camera

Sony A5100 Overheating

1. Send instantly to Smartphone

It offers a great helping hand to most of the bloggers and content creators. However, this feature is just an amazing part of the A5100 camera. you can instantly send your photos to your smartphone without any wifi or waiting to reach home for a laptop of wires.

For instance, if I am exploring turkey, Istanbul, and clicked an amazing view, I can directly send them to my smartphone. Once I received the smartphone, I would love to edit a little bit and today!! The picture is posted to my Instagram and Facebook feed and stories.

2. Self-Timer

It is one of the handy features for many content creators or YouTubers. If you are starting your Instagram blog, trust me you are going to be stuck with this feature. it helps you capture your self-portrait. Moreover, the easy and best possible was to take killer selfies without your team.

3. Interchangeable Lens

As mentioned above Sony A5100 is an overall competitive gear for photography. Not in the starting but, later on in your photography journey, you might urge a need to change lense. However, changing lenses in Sony A5100 is super easy and convenient. 

4. Touchscreen Focus

Well, to get your hand on sony A5100 you should know its great features. The lock-on AF allows us to have a better focus on the object throughout the recording. Moreover, the Sony A5100 comes with the best touchscreen focus ( yes! You heard it touchscreen).

It would never make you feel complain about focus that I love.  If you are a YouTuber or any content creator, this feature may be going to save a lot of time rather than just focusing on yourself or the object during the shoot.

5. Shoot on JPEG and RAW

For editing purposes, it is necessary to shoot videos in the correct format. However, Sony A5100 offers you both the format to shoot on. While on the other hand the creative balance of natural and tinted colors just adds crispness and sharpness to your photos effortlessly.

6. Video Specs

Besides, stressing about 4K videos you can go with crisp, clear, and high-quality videos up to 1080 P on AVCHD, MP4, and XAVC format. Moreover, it offers a great frame per rate which is one of my favorite thing to notice. So, what are you waiting for, grab your Sony A5100, and experience the beauty of capturing? 

7. 24-Megapixel APS-C Sensor

To get a lot out of your camera is to know more about it. Sony A5100 comes with a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor which makes it stand out more between expensive cameras, believe me! you can never go wrong with this one.

Well, these were some of the beneficial tips, lets move ahead to answer some of the frequently asked questions about cameras and their usage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I stop my camera from overheating?

Overheating can be a problem while shooting in hotter temperatures. However, there are various ways to prevent your camera from overheating.

Some of them are as follow:

  • Using umbrellas to prevent direct heat in hot temperature or outdoor shoots, 
  • Wrapping your camera in the towel. 
  • Using external batteries. 
  • By using cooling gel around your camera.

That’s something you can do.

  • What happens when a camera overheats?

Most of the cameras turn off with the caution of overheating. The action is to proceed to prevent any internal damage inside your camera. 

  • How do I stop my DSLR from overheating?

DSLR being one of the great photography gear may become a dilemma due to overheating. But, there are several ways to keep your gear protected from overheating. Some of them are:

  • Avoid direct sunlight while shooting outdoors. The best solution as mentioned, you can use umbrellas. 
  • Keep your DSLR turn off while not recording anything. 
  • Try keeping your gear in a safety bag however, this is necessary for scorching summers. 
  • More, you can prevent the overheating issue by changing multiple batteries at a time. 
  • Using faster memory cards would also help you to protect your gear while saving data. 

These are the steps that you need to follow.

  • Is it OK to leave the camera in a hot car?

Well, leaving your camera in the back of the hot car is not a sensible action. The heat might damage your gear’s imaging sensor. Moreover, external UV light can fade the outer finish of your camera or may weaken some delicate parts. 

  • How do I stop my Sony A5100 from overheating?

We have mentioned some of the useful and light on pocket solutions to stop your Sony A5100 overheating. Moreover, there are some of the reasons which help you determine the situation before stepping into the solutions. 


To wrap up things, these were some of the major reasons and solutions to sony A5100 overheating. We hope our article will serve you as a helping hand. Besides, in the article, we have shared some of the amazing tips to have your eye on to improve your Sony A5100 camera. moreover, we have mentioned some frequently asked questions to convey a helpful guide.

Alongside, we would love your efforts to comment on any of the solutions you have been using to prevent your sony a5100 overheating. Also, you can ask your queries or tell us any of the possible ways we have missed out.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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