Zomei Q111 Tripod Reviews

We present the main features of the Zomei Tripod Q111 – Tripod Zomei Q111 Vs Z666, to determine the most convenient for each type of photographer.

For lovers of photography, whether amateur or professional, digital cameras have been created with state-of-the-art technology, but in order to support the equipment and take the best photos, it is necessary to have a tripod, which provides security and freedom of action to the photographer.

Zomei Q111 Tripod Reviews 2021

JEIFN Q111 Travel Camera Tripod for Laser Level and Spotting...
  • Made of High quality aluminum alloy tube and ABS Plastic materials, the maximum height of 58 inches,...
  • Quick-release plate: Attach and detach your camera in seconds. It makes fast transitions between...
  • Tripod Adjustable: Aluminum alloy legs which include three flip locks for adjusting the size of each...

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This accessory is practical to carry and store, it has a weight of 2.6 pounds since it is made with aluminum and ABS plastic. It has a length of 7 inches when closed and packed in a bag to be able to load it more easily.

When extended, it can reach a maximum height of 140 centimeters, with a minimum extension of 47 centimeters, which can cover several planes. It is placed on 3 legs, which are divided into sections and have a central support.

On the panoramic head, there is a wide margin of maneuver, which can be vertical, from right to left, up or down, and vertical mobility. In the central part, it has a hook to provide more stability.

The legs are covered with a rubber material with anti-slip properties and have a button in the lower area, as a blocking method. It also has a hook in the center, which is available to cherry up an additional load and thus provides better stability.

The piece is covered with a component, to avoid that the sweat of the hands, which can cause that the tripod slips and allows a better grip. The capacity to support weight is up to 3 kg and the aluminum tube reaches a thickness of 20 mm.

The guarantee offered on the tripod is one year and up to 45 days to make the return, in case of not being satisfied with the article. Likewise, Zomei provides user care throughout the day.

The equipment provides a level of inclination of up to 180º and allows us to perform works that have a 360º panorama. The articulations of the legs and the central column, have the 3D technology, the newest “Panhead” shape, and are telescopic.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • 55inch Panoramic Camera Tripod
  • Lightweight & Easy To Carry
  • Max Load 3kg


  • Not Good For Heavy Load

So that the works are of optimum quality, it provides stability that can be leveled with a bubble method. It can be maneuvered with machines of recognized brands such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Pentax, Fuji, among many others.

It has the versatility that can be used, both with specific cameras to make high-quality videos, and with cameras to take photos in any condition and terrain, with the assurance that they will come out with the best conditions.

It is extremely easy to transport since it has a bag of very resistant material, which protects it and allows it to be taken anywhere. It offers multiple options for taking photos, they can be done in vertical and horizontal angles

Zomei Z666 Tripod Reviews 2021

Zomei Z666 Portable Professional Aluminium Tripod with Pan Head...
  • Zomei Z666 tripod stand is characterized by solid, dependable construction and high endurance.
  • Leg angle adjustment lock ensures single adjustment of each leg. The center axis includes an...
  • 4-section column leg with quick release locks giving a more convenient leg stance to satisfy your...

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This equipment to take photographs is portable and very easy to carry because when collected it measures 50 cm and weighs only 1.2 kg of its aluminum structure. So, you can move anywhere without problems.

It reaches an elevation of 142 cm when extended. It has a device that allows the camera to be connected and released very quickly, in a matter of seconds, so it is practical to assemble and store it.

It has a head that allows planes to be made in three ways, horizontal, vertical, and with surprising inclinations and turns. This provides the freedom to photograph or record from any angle and in perfect form.

The legs have 4 parts, which can be folded and reduce the size of the equipment. It has latches in the form of a lever, which provide a better grip and greater security in terms of how to pick up the legs.

Each of the leg sections has a locking system, which provides guaranteed stability on any surface. It has a load capacity of equipment that weighs up to 5 kg.

Zomei Q111 Vs Z666 Tripod 2021

The Zomei Q111 has less extension and, therefore, reaches less height than the Zomei Z666. As for the room for maneuver, the Z666 has a wider range of amplitude, since it manages to place the camera in different positions and perform multiple turns.

The safety of the base is better in the Z666 since it has a bubble-type leveler. The amount of load that can support this model is superior to Q111, which can carry cameras up to 5 kg, while the other can load up to 3 kg.

The weights of the complete equipment are very similar, although the most compact is the Zomei Q1111, which is collected until it is 47 cm; the difference with the other tripod is 3 cm, which is not important.


The characteristics of both teams are similar, but according to the experiences, comments, ratings received, and opinions of users, the Zomei Z666 tripod is the one with the best score.

For those who want to get the best videos, with optimal quality conditions and the sharpest pictures, made from excellent angles, the best ally is the Zomei Z666 tripod 2020, since it has the best materials, unsurpassed stability on the legs and the inclination is very varied.

It supports a greater amount of weight and counters load to give it better stability. Once deployed, it can reach higher and cover more extensions. The weight is quite light and very easy to carry.

The extraction system is very fast and practical, so it is easier to install several cameras, in case you need to make several different shots with different devices. The materials are lightweight and give it a lot of durability and resistance.

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