Zomei Q666 Tripod Review

Are you seriously looking for a good tripod for your camera? If Yes then you are in the right place. Today we are going to reveal the two best tripods Zomei q666 and Zomei q555. We do a comparison of both and tell you which is the best match for you. It is something like a debate of Zomei Q666 Vs Q555.

Why You Choose Zomei Tripods?

Well, It’s a tough call for me to buy something but I always go with good brands. Zomei is the finest brand we have right now which provides us the best and important tripods and their accessories as well. They are working for the past few years in the industry and people much like their products.

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Zomei Q666 Tripod Review 2021

ZOMEi Camera Tripod 62" Light Weight DSLR Tripod with Ball Head...
  • 【COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT】Weights just 3.3Lbs, ZOMEi Q666 tripod can be folded down to 15" for...
  • 【MONOPOD】Dual use tripod which could be converted into a full size Monopod by screwing together...
  • 【STURDY and STRONG】Tripod legs feature individual twist lock for multiple height adjustment and...

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First of all, we move with the Zomei q666 tripod and give a short review about it so you come to know all about its parts. You can pick these tripods because it’s available in different colors like blue, black, silver, etc. A special ball head included for the camera so you can fit your camera easily.

The main issue we face with tripods that they are not adjustable and we do not carry them but q666 is adjustable and portable and you carry it anywhere you want.

You can also get a head and pen lock which you can use for the tight grip on your camera and even you are in a running position they did not fall it down.

Zomei Q666 tripod stand is the best package deal when it comes to light weightiness and compactness. Moreover, it is pretty easy to fold and unfold it.

Twisted Lock Leg:

Zomei q666 tripod has a solid leg. Also, its rubber padding provides anti-slippery support. Further, you can find hooks in it to counter the weight disbalance. All in all, it makes you tension-free from falling, and you don’t have to make repeated adjustments.

Strong And Durable Body:

The body of the Zomei Q666 tripod is solid and sturdy that makes it very convenient and easy to carry on trips. The height range that it offers is also worth mentioning as it can reach up to 61” height when fully drawn out. Moreover, it comes with the carrier bag, which adds value to its safe transport during traveling.

Convertible To Monopod:

Zomei Q666 is very easy to convert into a monopod. You have to unscrew the head from the central area along with one leg of the tripod. When you join both of them, you will get an easy and stable monopod. However, when you convert it into a monopod, then its height will be compromised.

Now You are thinking about what’s the benefits of ball head in this tripod? Well, In case you fall down and the tripod also falls down then it secures your camera from any big damage and saves it. Now Let’s Talk about it’s Pros & Cons.


  • It Has 1 Year Warranty
  • A ball Head for secure your camera
  • Adjustable And Portable
  • Available in 4 colors


  • Do not use it for a heavy camera

Zomei Q555 Tripod Review 2021

Zomei Q555 62.5'' Camera Tripod,Lightweight and Compact Aluminum...
  • 【Lightweight and Stable】High quality aluminum alloy camera tripod, lightweight but ultra sturdy....
  • 【360 Degree Ball Head】Rotatable ball head and 360° horizontal panorama design with 2...
  • 【Foldable Tripod with Quick Flip Leg Locks】Every leg has 4 sections and 3 quick flip locks....

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Now let’s talk about the second tripod which is Zomei q555. Well, what you think that which is the best tripod and which is the benefit of it. I know the first you need is lightweight. So, you carry it anywhere you want. The Zomei q555 is a lightweight tripod that is so easy to carry for you.

This tripod also comes up with a ball head but the extra edge you get in this 360-degree rotation. You can easily rotate that ball head and adjust according to your conditions.

You can also get quick release plates that are extra in it and you can use these plates for Nikon And Canon tripods. If you are an indoor and outdoor photographer then this tripod is best for you. The new version launched is recent.

Zomei q555 has three legs that are easily flip and you can pack it at 180 degrees back. A quick flip leg lock that you can use to stick the tripod in one place.

Zomei Q555 tripod is the choice of professionals. Its body and foldable legs make it easy to take high-precision shots. Plus, the 3 quick flip legs lock enables you to adjust the DSLR height within seconds.

180degrees Rotation:

The flexible tripod legs of the Zomei Q555 tripod are easy to glide and easily fix with each other. The legs are capable of rotating up to 25,50, and 80 degrees. Furthermore, it comes with different height ranges that are mostly from 22.7-62.5 inches. You can also fold the legs back to 180 degrees which will give you a close look.

Light In Weight:

The body and legs are made up of aluminum and alloy. It is genuinely lightweight, approximately 2.9 pounds which is equal to 1.32 KGs. But it doesn’t mean it has no strength because its spring hook supports the stability at the center column for hanging equipment. Moreover, its loading capacity is 8kgs or 17.6 pounds. 

Different Leg Angles:

You can adjust the tripod’s legs at three different angles, which means you can fix your professional camera at different ground levels. Plus, the pad at the end of each leg provides feasibility while working on a slippery surface. However, the legs have four-section, which means they can extend up to four different levels.


  • You can use it for any camera
  • A ball head with 360-degree rotation
  • Legs Lock
  • Lightweight


  • Do not use it for a heavy camera

Zomei Q666 Vs Zomei Q555 Tripod

Well, you read all the objectives of both tripods and if I am at your place and want to pick a tripod from both then I go with Zomei Q555 Tripod because it’s best and you get extra things in it as well.

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