Campark ACT74 Camera Review

For lovers of adventure, whether inside or outside the water, there is no better tool than an action camera that immortalizes landscapes, creatures, and those moments full of tremendous adrenaline.

However, the device selected for these feats must be practical, reliable, and durable. And the photography market meets these demands so effectively that choosing between a common GoPro and many others in stock can become a nightmare.

Campark ACT74 WiFi Sports Camera Review 2021

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Fortunately, the selection according to the brands lightens the process. In this review of Campark ACT74, the most prominent features of the device will be evaluated so that customers can conclude in an accurate and faithful manner what they can or cannot expect from this device.

In that sense, the first thing that can be said of the Campark ACT74 is that, as an alternative to the GoPro -and for a much lower price-, it records in 4K and captures in the timeline and burst shots. It also highlights the versatility of accessories that, besides being included in the package, are practical at the time of the adventure.

True to its class, the action camera Campark ACT74 is usually a bit disappointing to capture sudden or too abrupt shifts. However, and by popular vote, this negative aspect is more than compensated by the quality of his photographs.

Pro Tip: Use Tripods For Camera For better angle.

For those interested in learning more about this camera, just keep reading.


Audio and Video Quality

The most prominent advantage of this camera is its 4K recording capacity. With a built-in Sony sensor, it is capable of capturing sequences of 30 frames per second (standard), as well as shutting photographs to a maximum of 16 megapixels.

The Campark ACT74 model is armed with a 170-degree eyepiece. That, together with its two-inch HD screen, allows its users to absorb as much background detail as possible, as well as being compatible with storage cards of up to 32GB, to store a lot of images and videos.

Being a low-budget camera, some people will argue that the audio quality, on the other hand, is poorer. Logically, if compared to a GoPro Hero, for example, the printing may not be the best.

However, when compared to those in its category, it goes hand in hand with AKASO or Drograce models: color chords, adequate processing, regular stability, and general ability.

As far as the audio is concerned, it is worth saying that it is subject to fuzzy sound when sudden movements occur. Still, it is not a problem that you cannot find a solution with a microphone. For the image, it is also recommended to use a sturdy base.

Underwater, the movements also tend to bother the audio, but since it includes three waterproof casings to submerge with total security, most customers say that using the slotted compartment reduces the muffled sound of the videos.

Battery Performance

When it comes to action cameras, one of the most important points to deal with is related to battery life, especially since most users need a device that can withstand outdoor activities. For more, you can check ThiEYE T5e Action Camera as well.

In this aspect, the Campark ACT74 model does not disappoint. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery whose duration usually extends -in normal conditions- up to 90 minutes.

Within the arsenal of accessories, the package includes a spare battery, a charger, and an instruction manual to learn everything the owners need to know about the use of the camera underwater. This guide has the benefit of being translated into 11 languages, so it is just as practical in the United States as in Japan.

In any case, and if the 90 minutes of both batteries are added, it unlinks in the full duration of 3 continuous hours. Of course, in the cold or heat, these conditions can fluctuate – read the manual for more information.

Image Quality

Campark ACT74 WiFi Sports Camera Review

The biggest image problem which should be included in this revision of Campark ACT74 is related to the lack of a stabilizer. In fact, for some customers, it is decisive when buying it.

This mishap, however, does not alter the general qualities of the camera. For example, its resolution of 16 MP can be adapted up to 5, according to the demands on storage capacity.

As already mentioned, to save photos in maximum quality, the most recommended is a 32 GB SD, although a 64 GB is also supported with the same ease. Everything depends on the usability and the level of storage required by each user.

As for the physical parts, the Campark ACT74 has the shutter button to capture the photos but also serves to start, resume or stop recording, as well as the selection that is included in the configuration menu.

A very practical aspect of the camera is the alternator that is included to switch from conventional video to photo mode, to burst shots, and to the timeline. This lightens the work and turns the dynamics with the device into a much more enjoyable one.

Performance and Functionality

This action camera adds the quality of being compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. Thus, users can control the captures from their mobiles in real-time, through a wireless connection (WiFi) and send them immediately by email.

In a society dominated by social networks, showing the great moments of life is, for some, a necessity. The adventurers who in parallel have an audience that enjoys their exploits are those who enjoy and take advantage of this function.

With regard to functionality and performance, and going along the line that models of its class, the Campark ACT74 resists water up to 30 meters deep, as long as it is infused into a special casing.

This quality makes it possible for swimmers, divers, and people interested in aquatic activities to make use of it with full confidence.

In the same way, shooting times, specially designed cases, accessories, and games available are also available for this device.

Adhering to the action camera standards with stock in Amazon, the ACT74 of Campark is an economical, feasible, and durable action camera, with answers and user reviews that evidence this fact.

Pros – Things We Like

The culmination of this review of Campark ACT74 takes us to this point, which meets the precise characteristics that will make the customer appreciate and thank for having made the decision to buy this camera.

The first thing to point out, in this sense, is the weight, lightness, and compatibility that tune with the resistance of a GoPro of the best quality. Its owners value that and do not hesitate to express it through the comments.

Appreciatively, the camera does not look or feel cheap or of poor quality. The multiple accessories that accompany it either and, as an additional advantage, all the ornaments included in this device have the ability to adapt to other camcorders – whether they belong to the Campark brand or not.

On the other hand, distinguishes versatility. This camera is perfect for hiking, mountaineering, and hiking activities as well as those involving water. In both scenarios, they are fully aware that a quality tool accompanies them.

To prove it, it is enough to evaluate the outputs of the camera, excellent in the illuminated spaces and, although with some stumbles, more than acceptable for dark scenarios.

Another point in favor, of course, is related to wireless connectivity, which allows uploading photos directly to networks or sending them by mail for the editing process. WiFi is perfect and, as a dressing, is a less expensive alternative to GoPro action cameras.

Cons – Things We Don’t Like

Although there are positive comments about the quality of the photos and videos, the biggest drawback in this regard is that the quality is not high quality. Also, in closed spaces with low lighting, the image is slightly deficient.

Previously it was mentioned that the batteries offer a performance according to the action cameras. However, a problem that users observed with the Campark ACT74 is that the cover of the battery compartment is not held from any side with the camera, and can be lost at the slightest carelessness.

On the other hand, and appealing to the wireless connection function, the use of the application can be complicated – even for those who master the technology. At some point, they will, of course, but that is no excuse to stop mentioning it in this Campark ACT74 review.

Finally, the last common complaint that surrounds this camera has to do with its manual. Yes, the 11 languages ​​in which it is translated are great, but the specifications are often vague and unintelligible.

Campark ACT75 Vs EK7000

Both cameras belong to the same type and style, therefore, the comparison does not a loose advantage for either of them. In any case, it is not a competition, but rather a guide so that customers can understand what they can expect from a Campark in front of an AKASO model.

The most obvious is the arrangement of the buttons. On the EK7000 model, the ignition is located on the upper front, while the Campark ACT74 camera is operated on a front button.

As minor differences, LED lights are added for night shots and what benefits above all things to AKASO, the image stabilizer that is sorely lacking in this Campark model.


Campark ACT74 is a chord device designed for people who enjoy the outdoors and action activities; but that for reasons of economy, cannot be done with a higher picture system in price and quality.

This assessment does not underestimate the work of these devices. In fact, what the company offers is not at all distant from what customers receive, so that point favors the brand in the reviews found on the web.

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