Ivation 20MP Camera Review

Being an Underwater photography person you always excited to show underwater life to other people. Because a lot of people did not aware of underwater life and they don’t even want to see it. But Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera is the one which you can use to show what you see and what you want to show to other people. In this short guide, we explain all the features of this underwater camera and also explain if it fulfills your requirements?

Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera Review

Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera Review

This is not only an underwater camera but you can use it for travel purposes, it helps you to take pictures with great quality without any problem. You can use it for underwater selfies as well. There are a lot of features and qualities of the Ivation 20MP Camera which you can use and just flow with the journey of taking pictures.

Without any further discussion let’s talk about what package you get:

WaterProof & DustProof

This is our simple and basic need being a photographer, especially while we doing it under the water. The Ivation 20MP camera is specially made waterproof so the user did not feel any tension about it.

Another feature of having this camera is, it’s dustproof as well. That means you can take this camera on hiking and trekking type of place where you think have a lot of dust. Sometimes dust can ruin your gears and maybe you end up doing nothing. So, this one is dustproof and you can clean it within seconds.

Battery Life

While buying gears we also notice what kind of battery life it has and how long it’s battery life goes. This is a simple question for every person. That’s why the Ivation brand makes this is an important feature in the camera. The battery quality is great you get an AAA battery for this model.


Almost every person has a habit to click photos in quantity because we want to capture every moment of that time and save it for our whole life. But the camera’s memories are not enough for this purpose. So, we have to make sure the camera we are going to buy has a place to insert MicroSD Cards. The Ivation 20mp underwater digital camera allows you to place a MicroSD card of 32 GB which is enough for every person to store the picture data.

Image And Video Quality

This is the main purpose of having a good camera. What if you purchase a camera and it doesn’t provide you quality images/pictures. The money is wasted. The Ivation 20mp underwater Captures 20MP Photos and it has Sports 4x Digital Zoom Which allows you to capture the perfect picture with good direction.

On the other hand, talking about video quality then this camera allows you 640×480 (VGA resolution) Videos. With Perfect Display: Standard 2.7″ Display + Front-Facing (Selfie) 1.8″ Display.

It’s 4X Digital zoom and built-in flash allow you to capture still images as well.

These are the dimensions:

  • 20MP (5184 x 3888)
  • 14MP (4320 x 3240)
  • 5MP (2592 x 1944)
  • 3MP (2048 x 1536)

Other Qualities

Ivation 20MP camera makes sure that they provide the camera which doesn’t have any extra things just to the point things are attached. When you carry it you can’t feel that it’s heavy or something which adds weight to your gears bag. It is a Rugged, Slim, Compact camera. And you get it in the color of blue which also shades with the water of the sea. Trust me it makes a great combination for you.

Pros & Cons


1) You get build-in filters that allow you to captures pictures and selfies

2) You don’t require any extra editing for your pictures

3) It is dustproof and waterproof too

4) 4x digital zoom available for playback and preview modes

5) A Perfect flashlight for taking selfies at night

6) A perfect display to record the videos


1) Battery can be a problem for you but if you care about it then it’s not a bad choice for you.


Well, that’s our top-notch guide which will help you a lot according to our best research. We recommend you buy this camera. You can also gift it to your baby or you can use it for your self being an adventure person.

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