Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro

Whenever we are going or thinking about photography the first thing that came into our mind is “Camera”. Because a good camera is playing an important role in the field of photography. And today, we are going to discuss Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro. I will tell you which action camera is best for professional photography.

Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro

Why You Need a Good Camera For Photography?

Before going towards our review, first, we need to know why a good camera is important for you for photography. There are many important things or reasons which you agree with. If you have a good camera then you can easily do wild photography. You can go for nature photography. Some people also like to do animal photography. Read tripodsdslr for the latest reviews about photography.

All types of photography you can do only when you have a professional camera. This is a field which you can choose as a passion and keep following your dreams through it.

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It is time for you to see the camera review to bring you the best action camera. You must discover what the characteristics of the camera are in terms of its performance and image quality. Discover how good your video resolution is and what is the correct handling you should give it.

Learn the most common problems that occur in the action camera and discover how to solve them are. You shouldn’t let a card error in the camera jeopardize your photo shooting expertise.

In this short guide, we are going to explore the features which play an important role in every kind of photography.

As we all know that prices play an important before we are going to buy a decent camera. Everyone tries to buy a cheap camera but that camera also has great features so they easily do photography work. Sad! But it’s true that DSLR cameras have high rates but not in this case. In the end! I tell you how you buy a good camera at a cheap rate.


When you have a mindset that what features of specification you required then it’s easy for you to choose. We are going to wrote down features and specifications so you can match them with your mindset. See Akaso V50 Spaces as well.

  • Akaso Brave 4 camera has 2.32 x 1.57 x 0.91 inches Dimensions
  • Its weight is 5.6oz
  • A healthy field of view is 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70°
  • 20MP resolution for photos
  • You can use 10 Micro SD
  • Video resolution is 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p
  • It has a Mini USB, micro HDMI, and MicroSD memory card slot ports
  • Single Shot, Time-Lapse, and Burst capture is also in it

Before you know the Akaso Brave 4 camera features, know that it has an affordable price with immense advantages. You can take the best product to capture your life’s best moments and always remember them. It is very good you buy the camera to save money while getting the best in technology.

With the Akaso camera review, you can see how a little gadget has incredible special features. There is no credible excuse for you not to be motivated to buy the camera; you will make a good decision. You have to include this camera in your life, fulfilling the objective of having the versatility to take pictures.

Performance and Functionality

In performance, the Akaso brave four-camera takes the best since it has a very optimal battery for its long duration. You can use the camera for photography for at least 8 hours, fulfilling this function without problems. As a 4K resolution video camera, its performance can be divided in half; it is still optimal.

When you recharge the battery, you will have it ready in less than 2 hours; it has a fast charge. You can purchase an additional battery to increase your level of experience using the camera on your travels. The camera setup process is straightforward, and this scores a plus for its overall performance.

Build Quality And Design

In its design, you can take the most resistant action camera of all, with an anti-shock capacity for your purchase. You can buy the camera today and have it for years without the hassle of hitting it. It’s so rugged that you can record your best moments underwater up to 98.4 feet deep.

Its entire casing is very resistant; it has a dark design, its small main screen, and a huge rear screen. The entire system resists a blow at a height greater than 3 meters; you must not exceed this limit.

Smartphone Application

You can pair the device with the camera through the AKASO SV App. You can pass your photos and videos to view it from your phone more clearly with this connection. You can edit all the photos you want and share them on your social networks quickly.

User Interface and Control System

The user interface in the camera is easy to use, you must purchase the camera. The integrated system has touch navigation on its screen in a comfortable size. You can find all the filming or photography options at a glance and the filters for professional photos.

For your link with the computer, you must have a port via USB to use it with the device. You have at your fingertips the photo or video folders according to the search you carry out. Pairing with your computer goes the same, available for Windows and Mac devices.

Its entire system is friendly for you to use whether or not it is your first professional camera. You can lower or raise the resolution of your camera without problems; it will never fail. Among customers, you can see how pleased they are with operating the device; they have no complaints.

Video Quality & Footage

Well, Two things are common in every camera and that is video quality and photo quality. In this section, we are going to explore the video quality. So, you come to know how it performs with light time and dark time. A good photographer does not compromise on the quality whether it is videos or photos. He or she need perfect quality in both things.

It’s a good fit for you if you do traveling and also do vlogging because it is a small handset which you can carry easily. We add a short video in which we did a test ride. You can watch and see the footage as well. You can see the different angles and qualities in this video.

Underwater & Waterproof

I use many cameras in my life but not all provide us this feature that you can take your camera into the water without any problem. The best thing I like about this model is you can take it into the water without any problem.

Like, You do snorkeling and swimming and you want to take some good pictures of underwater things. Then this works for you better than other models.

Many experts when they go snorkeling they take their cameras under the water and capture those moments. They also record videos of underwater things. For me, This is a big advantage if you pick it.

Audio Performance

You become happy to know that the microphone is good as compared to other models. It does not make trouble when you record things or do work. The audio is perfect and you can record clearly even you have sound near you which you think makes trouble for your video.

You can use it for recording even in windy conditions and it works for you perfectly. Trust me you can’t get better than that in a performance like this one.

Batteries and Helmet Accessories Kit

You do not get only a camera but perfect accessories. I am amazed to see that at this price how many things are offered. Because the price and the accessories are totally amazing.

It has great battery quality and timing you can use to recording your things for a long time. They are providing 2 batteries pack with an action cam. The battery has 1050mAh and it is also rechargeable. You may take an idea through it that how much it goes for one time.

You can record with one battery for up to 90 minutes which is incredible.

Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro Review 2021 – Which Brand Is Better For You?

GoPro is a brand that provides us quality cameras with full accessories but the problem is they are expensive. That a normal person can’t afford especially when you are a student or a man who wants to start photography work.

GoPro will continue to be a leading brand in the action camera market; they took over the entire business when they were first launched. These were very innovative models, and they were action cameras that have never been seen before. However, all things have changed since 2002, and cell phones’ evolution has been very challenging.

More than a decade ago, the GoPro might have been the only option on the action camera market; currently, it is no longer. Now people are much more open about wanting to try something new and allow new international brands. Akaso is a brand with much more affordable cameras on the market and therefore attracts a new audience.

For the first time, those who are exploring the world of action cameras and do not want a professional, Akaso is the ideal brand in this regard. This brand allows people not to spend a lot of money in stores for an action camera. A small amount of dollars is enough. Besides, it has one of the best quality/price ratios to familiarize action cameras’ operation.

When it comes to the product range, Akaso leads the way in this area because it has many more casual consumer options. It has three camera ranges (2-3 options) in each of the ranges for seven action cameras. In contrast, GoPro only has four options. Akaso cameras take the victory in this technical and quality/price comparison; they are the best against GoPro.

You can see the features of the camera in which you can observe that fine and it also has a cheap price. So, my vote goes towards Akaso Brave 4.

Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro Hero 5

When people want to do sports or motion activities, they usually choose one of these cameras. Both cameras do not provide the same features as there is a big difference between them. So below, we should consider all the differences as the most significant budget Akaso Brave 4 needs.

General Differences:

Considering the quality that can be obtained from images, only Akaso Brave 4 incorporates a CMOS sensor. This same sensor is not included in the GoPro Hero 5. So we can also get a resolution of 20 megapixels on the Akaso Brave 4, while we only have 10 megapixels on the GoPro.

Akaso Brave provides a zoom that accompanies the video resolution. This is the possibility to obtain recordings and zoom with a quality of 2k. GoPro can offer video recordings in 1080 pixels or 720 pixels.

Another difference is that Akaso Brave has one type of lens while Gopro has a Prime lens. Finally, both cameras have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Akaso Brave 4 has a capacity of 1050 mAh. GoPro has a similar ability incorporating 1000 mAh.


The Akaso Brave 4 incorporates USB, HDMI, and Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the GoPro only provides Wi-Fi and classic USB connectivity. So HDMI connectivity cannot be obtained using the GoPro.

This tells us that the first of these options is much more prepared for high performance in any situation. Additionally, neither camera incorporates NFC or PictBridge connectivity.

This must be considered, along with the lack of exposure lock on both cameras. Go Pro does not incorporate any exposure mode. Akaso Brave offers an auto mode and a programmer mode considering the camera’s exposure. So this makes it perhaps a much more versatile and flexible camera in different situations.


When it comes to building each of these cameras, the manufacturer of each of these cameras has done an excellent job. They both have a housing that is highly resistant and allows to take care of the lifespan of each of the components inside.

They are also a set of cameras that are fully waterproof. GoPro can withstand water, although the camera is only submersible to 10 meters or 33 feet without a housing. Akaso Brave, on the other hand, can provide resistance to a depth of up to 100 feet or 30 meters underwater. That’s another notable difference for those who enjoy diving.


Akaso Brave incorporates a 2-inch IPS display. This provides a nice preview of each of the videos taken. GoPro also includes a 2-inch touch screen here. The quality of the screens is similar between both cameras. Or that you don’t get significant differences in this aspect.


When considering the price, we must assume that Acaso Brave can provide somewhat higher quality. This could generate the need to have a higher budget when deciding to opt for this camera. Anyway, each can offer a great result, only with some minor differences.

Akaso Brave 4 Vs GoPro Hero 6

By comparing each of these cameras, we make a much more balanced and similar comparison. These cameras can also be an excellent utility for recording action and sports of all kinds. Both cameras are widely used today due to their popularity and their features which we mention below.

General Differences:

Each of them incorporates a CMOS sensor to provide high quality. On the one hand, Akaso Brave offers 2k resolution and 20-megapixel resolution in photos. GoPro can provide 4k video resolution along with 12 megapixels for prints. So Akaso Brave is a much better choice for good images.

Another notable difference is that Akaso Brave provides 60 frames per second recording at 2k. GoPro Hero 6 also provides the ability to record with 60 fps, Although it provides other possibilities. You can also choose 30, 25, 24 fps with the latter camera. This can be much more suitable for those who want to save some storage memory when recording.

Both cameras have a slow-motion effect. Akaso Brave incorporates a zoom lens type. GoPro has a prime lens type instead. The result of both is excellent quality videos and photos of all kinds. The slight differences may make the Gopro Hero 6 6 a bit more versatile.


First of all, it is essential to note that NFC or Pictbridge connectivities are not available on either of these cameras. Additionally, each of these options features the same connectivity. This means that both cameras offer USB, HDMI, and Wi-Fi connectivity. So connectivity and versatility are available on either of these cameras.

About the exposure of each camera, both options provide the same capabilities. Neither has an exposure lock. Instead, only a programmed exposure mode or an automatic exposure mode is built-in. So there are no significant differences here.


GoPro Hero 6 has a high-quality microphone. Akaso Brave does not have a built-in microphone, nor does it have an hdr shooting mode, as does GoPro Hero 6. There is also no touch focus incorporated in Akaso Brave, a feature available in GoPro Hero 6.

The build is highly rugged in either of these options. Each of these cameras has a somewhat similar design that varies in some respects. Most importantly, any of these cameras are fully waterproof. So shooting underwater here won’t be a problem.


The GoPro Hero 6 features a 2-inch LCD quality screen. Akaso Brave 4 incorporates a 2-inch screen with IPS quality. Many people might claim that the latter screen usually provides a better experience. GoPro Hero 6, however, includes touch capability on its screen, which makes file management more effortless.


There is not a huge price difference between each of these cameras. This may be logical because each of these cameras provides very similar features. When it comes to getting photos.

Akaso Brave may be a more proportional choice. GoPro Hero 6 proves to be a superior option for high-quality video. This is included, among other additional aspects that are positive.

Akaso Brave 4 Vs V50 Camera

In the comparison, We also look towards Akaso Brave 4 Vs V50 reviews. This is also another great model which you can look for at cheap rates.


  • Video Resolution: 4k/30fps
  • Photo Resolution: 20MP
  • An angle of view: 170 degree
  • LCD display: 320*240
  • Image sensor: Panasonic sensor

Akaso Brave 4 SD Card

Some people may become stressed about the purchase of SD cards since they can be very large or small. The value of each of the brands of the SD card’s size must be its own, and this is because there are many manufacturers today. These come to offer unique sales proposals that contribute something different from what the competitors offer.

People get what they pay for with the size of SD cards. Sometimes it is less to more. The strength and durability of an SD card for this type of Akaso action camera indicate how long it will work. This camera has adjustable visions, with waterproof housings, WIFI control, loop recordings, sound recordings, time-lapses, and much more.

This action camera also offers dive mode, motion detection, car DVR mode, anti-shake, and micro USB ports. According to each 1080p battery, the recording times are about 90 minutes; if it’s 4K / 2K, about 60 minutes. Many experts advise that the cards be formatted in the camera or the FAT32 format through a computer before using the action camera.

The best SD cards recommended to be used in the Akaso brave 4 4k are the 64 GB micro SD (class 10). These micro SDs are the most ideal and perfect for all video recordings and image captures to be very well stored. A micro SD is more than enough to store ultra HD 4K video recordings at 24 fps and 2K 30 fps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect my phone to this cam?

You can connect your camera with your mobile phone by downloading the App quickly. This application may use; you can find it available for your Android or IOS devices. You must configure the application with its use in Akaso Brave and then link it with the action camera.

Within the application, you can add filters to photos or professionally edit your videos. You must download the latest version of the application to enjoy its new features.

  • Is Akaso as good as GoPro?

This action camera has been the GoPro alternative only that it has a more affordable price on the market. You can take all the features of a professional camera and capture amazing moments on your screen. Something that Akaso brave 4 4k and GoPro has is not their resistance to water at a high depth.

You can buy both cameras and be amazed at the superiority Akaso has over the competition. You must see the advantages of this action camera, with a small size and built with the highest quality. This may surprise your product that evolves everything you have known in the technology.

  • How do you use it?

Using the camera is simple; you turn it on, focus the lens, and take the image capture you want. The amazing camera setup is its voice sensor so you can take your shots quickly. As it is an action camera, it is assumed that you will have unwell hands, hence the sensor’s importance.

You can configure the camera in its resolution; by default, you will have integrated 4K for photos and videos. You can lower the image quality by looking to save energy and storage in the SD memory. Among smart settings, you can add filters to your photos to have a more professional view.

  • How do I connect my Akaso camera to my phone?

AKASO SV is your quick answer to connect your camera to the phone, and how to do it is:

  • Download the AKASO SV application on your mobile phone, no matter if it is an Android or IOS device
  • You must create a username and a unique password to enter the system in future visits.
  • You have to link the camera to the device by a Bluetooth connection, you have to activate it on the camera. You can find the Bluetooth name in the default camera.
  • When you pair both devices, you have to search for your choice’s image or video and send it immediately. This sending photo is fast, and it will not take you long to do it.


Long story short, You can’t find better features than Akaso Brave 4 camera and this price range because if you get these features then the prices are high.

It is time for you to make a great decision and buy a professional action camera. You will take the best in technology to capture images in all the extreme sports you practice. With its incredible housing, you will have a camera that will last for years without scratches.

Do not miss the water resistance that the action cam has, be part of the experience with an affordable price camera. You can achieve the unthinkable with this device; it will be easy to pair it with your phone.

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