Sirui P-326 & P-326s Monopod

Before Sirui P-326 Monopod And Sirui P-326s Monopod Reviews, you just need to know When people think of photographs or videos, they usually refer to memory, capture a special moment, or fix that magical landscape.

In the past, just using the camera was enough and however, today, both amateurs and professionals prefer the use of a series of new equipment that allows for a considerable improvement in this photographic shot.

In this regard, Photojournalists are in charge of acquiring bodies of photographic cameras of the best resolution and lenses with which they can capture the smallest detail, both close and meters away.

Sirui P-326 & P-326s Monopod Reviews 2021

Sirui P-326 MonopodThis series of basic equipment to capture an image generates a series of decision-making for photography lovers, who walk through a series of brands, camera sizes, lenses, and derives in the acquisition of other types of accessories, which undoubtedly complement the image quality.

Here comes into play the discernment of the photographer to use a traditional tripod or go for a monopod, both fulfill the function of being the base of the camera to maintain balance and thus prevent the shot from being blurred or blurred, this being the main thing for Sirui Monopod.

However, it is important to highlight, and here we will try precisely to expose to you the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

For years the only option was the tripod, a tool with three vertical supports with a base that allows the camera body to rotate as needed. While at present, in the competitive market, the Monopod, vertical bar, with a much lighter and easier to use a bracket that guarantees the quality of the photo, is guaranteed.

Our goal is to be able to show the best options, and that is why we present the Sirui P-326 monopod, Sirui P-326s monopod, which has a series of advantages that will allow you to decide which of the two teams you prefer to work with.

For Sirui, the most important thing is that when it comes to doing your job or deciding to go on that tourist adventure, our brand is your best option in quality and reliability.

In the case of the P-326, it is a unique and lightweight vertical bar that allows the camera to be adjusted for a large photographic shot. At the same time, the Sirui P-326s monopod is the well-known tripod with three vertical supports, a stable rotating base to fix your camera, and capture the image you want.

Sirui P-326 Carbon Fiber Monopod

Sirui P-326 Carbon Fiber MonopodWhen specifically speaking the Sirui P-326 Monopod refers to a carbon fiber rod, marked for sale as the Sirui P-326, this is an extremely lightweight camera mount

This equipment is ideal for all those options that require movement, for example, for interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR), which can be used with a point-and-shoot camera, or a small and practical compact camcorder.

In some situations, the advantages and disadvantages of this product are discussed. It is that precisely when we want to visit a tourist place where the use of tripods is prohibited, a monopod is the smartest way to go unnoticed before the Rules and thus comply with the task, which among other things, can be the taking of constant photographs.

Those who decide to purchase this product also have accessories such as the Wrist Strap package, as well as the Sirui P-326 carbon fiber monopod.

Sirui P-326s Carbon Fiber Monopod

Sirui P-326s Carbon Fiber MonopodAnother of the options of the preferences or beginners of the audiovisual world is the Sirui P-326s, it is a carbon fiber mount, called in English “Monopod” for photos/video with three folding support feet to achieve stability additionally.

The P-326s being the most traditional has a valuable friction control mechanism, it is adjustable. it has a structure at the base of the Monopod and a hand-grip sweep that, according to its description will allow the user to achieve that their equipment Smooth 360 degree movements and a 20 ° tilt.

The three foldable support feet and lock in position against the Monopod and can even be completely removed and used as a tripod. A large rubber footbed is available for conventional use and can be removed and replaced with the included spout for use on soft or slippery floors.

This Sirui equipment, when purchased, has a series of accessories such as the wrist strap, removable rubber foot, removable aluminum stake, custom padded cover, shoulder strap, all with the best quality on the market.

Sirui P-326 Vs P-326s Monopod

After learning about the benefits of the Sirui P-326 monopod, the Sirui P-326s monopod is important to make a small but interesting comparative analysis, as the products we refer to are a fundamental part of the lives of fans of the audiovisual world. However, it is not false that they can capture the best moments with just the pulse of the reporter.

The detail of the best decision will be in the type of images that they want to capture according to job responsibilities, if they are professionals or if they are those people who are entering the magical world of photography.

When we talk about the need to take photographs or video recordings in long exposures, the most recommended, according to the professionals consulted is the Sirui P-326s, because thanks to its large size and weight, it has the best stability.

With this type of equipment, the reporters or the user will not have any type of setback in the event of a breeze or winds, since thanks to its three vertical supports, it remains intact without moving and thus avoiding vibrations.

For its part, the advantages of the Sirui P-326 are that since it is lighter equipment, containing single vertical support, and made of carbon fiber, it allows the user to move more easily and quickly.

They are usually used in coverage of sports games or places of difficult access, such as mountains and rivers. In the case of sports coverage, using this particular equipment saves space between reporters, it is not the same to have a large three-tube tripod that you must assemble to use this single-tube tool and a small base bracket.


Those who know the most explain that Sirui has dedicated itself to conquering the audiovisual world by manufacturing this high-quality equipment such as the Sirui P-326 monopod, the Sirui P-326s monopod made of carbon fiber, which makes them lighter. And attractive for those who are dedicated to the world of photography and video.

The great advantage of these teams is that those who acquire them are convinced that they will obtain the best results in the scenario where they operate.

Either with the Sirui P-326s monopod or the Sirui P-326 monopod, the investment is guaranteed, since they are professionals using professional equipment and no matter what your choice, the image results are guaranteed with the use of this modern brand.

Sirui made its way among the most recognized brands to make it clear that they must update their products and adapt to the new demands of the best professionals.

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