Akaso Brave 6 Review

If you want to get the best photography experience, know the Akaso Brave 6 Review camera and decide to buy it. Discover the camera’s unique characteristics in performance, user interface, design, resolution, and way of using it. Know what the most common problems are that you will find in the device and what the correct way to solve them is.

You will make a great decision to discover the action camera’s pros and cons for your constant use. With the camera, you can be surprised in variety and quality at an affordable price, get to know it, and buy it now.

Akaso Brave 6 Review 2021

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Every action camera has special features with which you can get the best results when capturing photos. With Akaso Brave 6, you can optimize the Akaso line; in this version, all its performance and design quality were improved. Each Akaso camera meets the necessary specifications that you need to get the most experience in photography.

You will be amazed by the camera’s performance, its simple interface, and all the quality of its coating. This camera is on par with the last generation in technology, proving that the quality does not have an exaggerated price. From its appearance to its operation, the Akaso brave four-cameras is unique in every way; it knows other characteristics:

Performance and Functionality

With the functionality, you will be surprised since it is very varied. You can set a wide video resolution to your liking in 4K 30fps, 1080pm, and 720p. The camera shot has a maximum resolution of 4K that you can also calibrate at lower resolutions.

You can configure all this with a simple system in which you have everything at a glance in the interface. It is very good that you read the instructions for use to get 100% of the camera’s potential. With some practice, you will know how to configure the camera depending on the moment or the environment to which you submit for the photos.

You will take photos like a professional in no time, knowing in detail the 4K resolution and its stability. The whites on this camera are incredible, and its focus makes you remember those wonderful moments with a sharp photo. You can be suspended high up in a crosswind, and the camera will still take a great photo.

User Interface and Control System

You must acquire the camera with the utmost confidence to know how to use it and get its full potential. Among its innovations, you can have a very good voice control to capture photos quickly. If you are into an extreme sport, you will love this voice sensor, so you will take an incredible picture while flying through the air.

In general, the interface is very easy to use; you can link it to your available Android or IOS mobile phone. This system works by Bluetooth; it is very stable and efficient for you to do all kinds of things. You can add filters to the photos already captured or export them directly to your social networks.

The action camera’s control system is divided into a common system with a manual or voice trigger. You have to say “capture” or “photo” to get the camera to start working, very useful for extreme sports. If you find yourself where you cannot move your hands, say the word out loud.

The camera is programmed never to fail when it detects your voice; it has an efficient and innovative technology. Due to the control system, it has been the best action camera for 2021.

Build Quality And Design

Akaso Brave 6 Review

Again you can see that quality does not dictate an overpriced price, and it is for this camera so good. Although it has an affordable price, you will be taking a high-quality camera with water and shock resistance. As it is an action camera, its resistance is essential because you can use it in various extreme sports.

The action camera supports more than 98ft of depth if you want to take incredible pictures at sea. Optimal strength is due to its double action casing, which is 10mm thick across the entire surface. This case also does the job of giving you a professional-looking camera for you to show off with your friends.

You can launch the camera at a height of 10 feet, and nothing will happen to you, although you don’t need to test it. One of the big problems that arose after the construction of Akaso Brave 6 was the coating of the screen, but it was achieved. You can see 3mm of the shell around the screen that adjusts for you to put pressure on it in a fall.

All the camera components are of quality; its battery has a maximum duration of 8 hours for photographs. You can take a battery for the extra action camera to maximize your experience. It would help if you carried the camera charger with you at all times to use it throughout your trip.

Video Resolutions

Like the quality in photographs, you can record videos in 4K quality with more than 30 FPS for every second. You can set the recording for two or 1-second delay to get the detailed view. The camera has proven to be very stable when recording videos; you can attach it to your helmet or a drone.

You can lower the video resolution to 720p or 480p with a frame quality of 40-60 FPS for your tastes. This is optional if you want to get a low weight video that you can watch from your mobile. Whatever resolution you set, you will always get the best results from the Akaso line, whether in the air or underwater.

With slow-motion, you can genuinely capture the tricks you want to do in your favorite sport. This action camera will accompany you in the best moments when your adrenaline is at the maximum level. You can see in detail how you do the trick or see your friend doing it on a slope or any area depending on the sport.

After quickly recording, you can give final details on the mobile after passing the recording and becoming famous. You can upload your videos to social media or other online pages to gain recognition.


This is an action camera with easy handling; its settings menu is not difficult to understand. You can find many options within the camera that meet the goal of giving you professional photos. Both the Akaso interface and the official App have everything you need to have an incredible experience using.

With the voice sensor, you improve your experience; you no longer have to operate the camera with your hands. You must know all the commands that the camera gives for the voice, learn them, and use them at the right time. The entire Akaso operating system is stable; it does not suffer from drops or updates after its purchase.

You must read the entire user manual of the camera to learn how to operate it 100%. It is an inexpensive and very easy to use a camera with which you will not regret buying it right away.

Discover How To Solve Common Problems

There are some doubts or problems that may arise after purchasing your action camera. You have to learn how to solve all these common problems and have the most experience in photography:

  • Akaso Brave 6 Remote Not Working

If you have problems with voice control or shadowing on your Akaso camera, you have to go to its settings. You must locate the system option and see if voice control is active for you to use. If the system is disabled, you have to activate it, then reboot the camera and enjoy it.

These problems sometimes occur because the system is misconfigured or has suffered from an error. It is unlikely, but if it happens, you can quickly solve it; it does not detract from your experience. If you have constant problems of this type, you can also contact support to exchange the camera or solve it.

  • Akaso Brave 6 card error

It would help if you verified that the card you use for your camera is compatible with the Brave 6 camera. You must buy a micro SD card, preferably the one that Akaso promotes after purchasing the product. Some pirated storage cards stop working; the problem is not the camera but the card.

You don’t just have to remove the card, clean it, and then insert it back into the dedicated card opening. You must restart the camera every time you do the procedure for a better result. Your camera should automatically detect the micro SD card, in case you should not contact technical support.

So that these problems do not happen to you again, you have to buy a special card for Akaso Brave 6. With a quality micro SD, you can use it in your action camera without problems or in other devices in the future. This product is affordable, and you can buy based on how much storage you have to use.

  • Akaso Brave 6 Manual Setting

To manually adjust the action camera, you must go to the upper-right edge of the screen. You will appreciate an icon in the shape of a gear; clicking on the settings’ image will expand. Among the settings, you can configure the photo or video resolution and the viewing modes you want.

You can place a vision of summer, night, with low brightness or high contrast among some features. You can place a focus radius for your photographs in the future to make them look more professional. These settings are very easy to see, and you can use them until you find the ones you like.

The brightness is essential for you to take good photographs; if you take photos in the day, you must lower it. You have to increase the brightness and contrast for a better adjustment for the night; these are professional tips.

  • How to connect with the Application?

To connect to the App, you have to download AKASO SV on your mobile devices immediately. This Application is available for your latest generation Android or IOS devices; there is no cost to obtain it. You have to enter the Play Store or iTunes, download the App, install it, and link it with your camera.

The pairing of devices proceeds by Bluetooth connection; you have to activate it in your action camera. After linking the camera to the phone, you can avoid the photos or videos that you recorded in the day. Already having them on the phone, you can add extra filters or upload them to social networks.

All the application’s use is simple, and it will not take you 10 minutes to download and configure it with the camera. You can download an android emulator on your computer to send all Akaso photos and videos. With this option, you will save storage on your mobile device, and the variety of filters to add to photos is expanded.

If you have problems linking the camera to your device, you should contact the Akaso provider now. Sometimes, your mobile operating system is not compatible with the Akaso system, so you must inform yourself. You can solve all these problems by contacting the brand’s support; they will solve it quickly.

Pros and cons

Among the pros that you can see are:

  • Waterproof action camera
  • It has a good resolution in camera and video with 4K
  • Good white stability for professional photos
  • Heavy-duty anti-shock high-rise casing
  • After your purchase, you can get various useful accessories
  • You can place it on a drone with the integrated holder
  • Affordable purchase price

Some cons of the action camera are:

  • Its compatibility with devices is very limited
  • Lacks filters in-camera settings


If you are looking to save money and take a very resistant action camera, buy the Akaso Brave 6. This camera has everything you need to record the best moments of your life at professional resolution. You can use the camera to record or take pictures in extreme sports; its resistance makes it very functional.

As the camera has a good link with your mobile device, it will not be a problem for you to upload photos to social networks. You won’t have to use your hands with this camera since it has voice recognition to shoot photos. Join the technology with Akaso Brave 6 and get the best tool to take photos while traveling.

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