Can You Use GoPro While Charging?

Nowadays a lot of people ask themselves: Can you use GoPro while charging? We will now provide you with the answer and all the steps necessary to perform this procedure. Many people wish to obtain more extensive and high-quality recordings with the same camera.

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about this topic. So, we recommend that you read on before using your GoPro camera again. This will allow you to optimize the use of your camera and capture unforgettable moments.

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Can You Use GoPro While Charging

First of all, it is necessary to consider that the time of use that can be provided by such a camera is about 2 hours. However, there is an effective method to achieve a longer usage time in a few simple steps. Here the short answer is that you can use your GoPro while the battery is charging.

In turn, you will need to choose the most appropriate power source depending on where you are. Here most of the options will not be very useful if you want to use your GoPro in an outdoor environment. Even if you are walking somewhere you will need to have a portable power source.

This way, we should rule out a power source such as an outlet or USB cable next to a PC. Fortunately, the vast majority of users know what a power bank is. In particular, it is a device that allows you to charge the battery of your GoPro without the need for an outlet.

This same portable battery can be used to recharge the battery of other devices. So, you will be able to use this same accessory to get more time for graduation. Below, we can name the necessary steps you must take if you wish to use your GoPro while the battery is charging.

Having all the elements

Of course, you should not only count on your GoPro camera to get more recording time. Here it would be convenient to have a tripod to keep your GoPro fixed. You can even use this same accessory to give the right support to the external battery. In combination, you should also have an external battery that provides proper operation.

Today there are a variety of external batteries that provide you with different features. In this case, the mAh capacity will provide you with a certain amount of battery charge for your GoPro. Therefore, as this capacity is higher, then you will have more power available for your camera. Along with this, the portable battery should offer a set of USB ports.

In particular, these USB ports are 5 watts and a different number of amps. To get continuous use of your GoPro you should have a USB port of at least 1 amp. When you want to get a quick battery charge you can use a USB port with 3 amps. However, a USB port with 1 or 2 amps will be more than sufficient.

Also, you should not forget to have the USB cable to connect your GoPro to the power bank. Once you have all these items you will be able to get more time out of your GoPro. Even this is very used by those users who want to obtain recordings of certain natural environments for several hours.

Connecting the Elements

To begin with, you should note that most tripods used to fix the GoPro camera have a frame. In particular, this frame is often used so that the camera can be fixed in one place. Therefore, you will need to remove the camera from this frame to also remove the USB port cover. Here we are interested in removing the USB port cover which is used to charge the battery.

You should try to completely remove this cover and then insert your camera back into the tripod frame. If you do not remove this cover permanently, then your camera will not fit into the tripod frame. Once you have managed to remove the cover, you can then return your camera to the tripod and set it up to continue recording.

In this case, you should mount your power bank somewhere safe on the tripod. This accessory must be near the camera at all times for this procedure to work. We recommend that you use adhesive tape for added safety. This will be very useful if you decide to move your camera to get better recordings.

Once you have fixed your power bank near the GoPro you can make the connection. Here you simply use the USB cable to connect the power bank to your camera. At this point, you will be done, and you will get an extended recording time. As mentioned, many people use this method to obtain continuous recordings in certain natural environments.


  1. Can GoPro operate without a battery?

You can use your GoPro without the internal battery of the device. To do this you must connect your camera to an external source using a USB cable.

Here it is recommended to use the USB cable type C and connect it to a computer, a car adapter, a USB power adapter, or a wall adapter. Of course, the GoPro must be connected at all times because it does not have an internal battery.

  1. Why does the GoPro battery drain so quickly?

In many cases, a GoPro camera that is connected to WiFi uses much more battery power. This is one of the most common reasons why the battery runs out too fast. So, you should always consider this aspect to optimize the battery.

  1. How many mAhs does it take to charge a GoPro?

The official GoPro accessory which is a power bank has a capacity of 6,000 mAh. Here the manufacturer claims that a GoPro can be recharged four times with a single charge from this power bank. Thus, there are also other external batteries with higher capacity and performance.

Final Words:

If you ask yourself: Can you use GoPro while charging? The answer is that you can and you must have all the right elements. In particular, this is an excellent way to get more extensive and high-quality recordings with your GoPro. So capturing the best moments will be much easier.

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