Gimbal VS Tripod

Many people still do not know what a Gimbal is and what it is for. Generally, a Gimbal is known in the market for being an important motorized platform controlled by a board with sensors. The Gimbal is responsible for keeping a specific object stabilized at any time necessary by the person.

In most cases, the objects held in a stabilized manner are cameras or smart cell phones. Thanks to the Gimbal, objects can be moved by people regardless of movement since they will always remain stable for capturing images or videos. The aforementioned allows users to have much more optimal recordings and image captures.

On the other hand, a “tripod” device consists of three legs and an upper part that is triangular or circular. A tripod allows objects to be stabilized and avoid any sudden movement, offering firmness to cameras or cell phones. This appliance offers the main advantage that it uses three legs, and no matter what surface it is resting on, the legs will always provide stability.

The shape and the three legs make this device highly adaptable and stable on any terrain. A tripod offers people great portability to any place and surface where they want to take photos and record videos. The Tripod has a great variety of utility in various situations, such as on stools, tables, holding cell phones, cameras, among many other things.

Gimbal VS Tripod – What Are the Differences?

Gimbal VS TripodAlthough both the Gimbal and the Tripod work to capture images and videos, they have important differences. The Gimbal is a comfortable and small device that anyone can manipulate with easy transport. Besides, this device stabilizes all the videos by counteracting all the vibrations and movements that smartphones produce at the time of recording.

The Tripod is a device that can vary its size in small, medium, or large; depends on the size chosen, the comfort will be defined. Unlike the Gimbal, the Tripod allows greater stability on any surface thanks to the three legs to support itself. The Gimbal is a device that can be carried in one hand since it only has one leg; however, the Tripod has three legs and a central column.


All the movements that a tripod can make are thanks to the “ball joint” or “head” that allows them to make a camera movement in different directions. There are currently a wide variety of tripod heads that allow these devices to achieve a more effective movement. Through a ball head or rocker, people will be able to have greater flexibility faster, and, besides, it is ideal to be used for telephoto lenses.

A three-axis head allows a tripod to have horizontal and vertical movement (perfect for landscape photography and in studios). The joystick head allows people to move the Tripod in all directions they want and is rated the most comfortable. The panoramic head allows people to the pan, and the movement allows 360 ° photo capture.

On the other hand, the Gimbal provides excellent mechanical stabilization in each movement that people make. However, the Gimbal is not effective enough against sudden movements, but for reducing these movements. The Gimbal has total freedom of movement in three different axes that allow it to take any orientation.

People can handle the objects that the Gimbal has placed, and motors control the rotations. Thanks to the independent motors, people will obtain the necessary and more comfortable recording or image capture movements. With all Gimbal’s independent engines, a smartphone’s typical movements are subjected to when people make a video recording are corrected.

Types of Shot

A Gimbal is perfect to be used in productions that require running or shooting for all those filmmakers and normal people who shoot a video. There are many types of film-style image captures and shots that people can do when using a Gimbal. One of the main shots is a Steadicam-style follow-up. This one is in charge of capturing all the follow-up shots.

Gentle pans and tilts without tripods, still photography without any Tripod, and crane shooting are types of shots that people can make with a Gimbal. On the other hand, a tripod will cause inconvenience when capturing documentary work or conducting interviews. The shooting types with a tripod through a high-resolution camera are much better for people to achieve autofocus.


Every person who owns an average tripod knows very well that it weighs much more than a portable gimbal. The different shots and captures that can be done with a Gimbal are much more monotonous than tripods. Perhaps with a tripod, people will not need to change or restart the device. The aforementioned allows great ease when shooting an image.

If people want to shoot and capture an image outdoors with a Gimbal, they will need to take a power bank. People should frequently keep a backup for each of the different videos that they record with Gimbal. If people restore Gimbal data, all data will likely be deleted and not saved.

Video Quality

With a tripod, the video quality is defined if people use DSLR to allow the videos to be recorded in HD. Besides, the quality is given by all the camera movements that give dynamism in certain video and photo shoots. Although a Gimbal offers many more advantages in some areas than a tripod, this device does not record in excellent HD quality and does not work in medium light.


All people can capture different images with a DSLR without necessarily having the help of a tripod. However, the same does not happen for all those who want a different alternative with a Gimbal. A Gimbal can only replace other gadgets concerning sliders, dollies, and jibs.

Wide Variety of Motions

With a Gimbal, people will be able to get various actions when recording a video and capturing images. The design of the Gimbal is designed by several axes and fits perfectly in the hands of the people who use it.

As far as the Tripod is concerned, all pictures can be taken normally in different camera positions in the fixed state. A tripod gives people a wide variety of advantages and motions and economical at the time of the shooting the purchase.

Vertical Movement

A Gimbal generally has three important axes; however, these do not help people in being able to control vertical movements. Therefore, it means that a Gimbal alone can easily capture the vertical directions that people need. In addition to a vertical movement, a Gimbal offers a special swimming movement (although it is not pleasant to the eye).

With a tripod, the stand cannot generate many expectations and versatile features for people. All the movements generated with a tripod are horizontal sweep, vertical sweep (tilt), or panoramic. The tripod accessories only help the DSLR to move or flexibly balance.


Before buying a tripod or a Gimbal, people should consider the confidence and security that it can give them when capturing images and recording videos. Not everyone should pay for new technology and do not know how to handle or do not know about the product. People need to check a Gimbal or Tripod’s reliability and know which one suits their different needs.

A Gimbal is portable, it is very easy to use, there are different models, and people can use it for long-term projects. On the other hand, a tripod provides everyone with stability thanks to its three legs on any surface. Besides, there are various types of tripods of all sizes that adapt to people’s needs.

Final Remarks:

Despite the big differences that a Gimbal and a tripod have, neither are winners of the “be the best” title. There is no clear winner as to which of these two is the best for people who need to capture images and record videos. However, both are not useless and work for different needs that people have.

Only people in charge of evaluating and scoring without a Gimbal or a tripod are excellent or good. Each of the people can decide which of these devices adapts or fully satisfies their requirements when recording, but one thing is very clear, both are perfect devices for people to record and take photos.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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