JOBY GorillaPod 3K Review

As I am a Vlogger I know how to deal with Vlogging and how to start Vlogging. I know which problem people face where they are new in Vlogging. The main problem is how to stable their mobile phone. For This Purpose, you must have a good tripod for working as a Vlogger.

When I start doing Vlogging, I am totally new in the field and, I don’t how to grip my camera and how to stable it then I choose JOBY GorillaPod 3K, and today we are going to talk about this beauty. I explain to you why this tripod is best for new Vloggers and is it good for travel Vlogging?

Cheap Vlogging Tripod For New Vloggers

I saw that most of the time the people who start their career as a Vlogger are students and they did lot’s of struggle to follow the passion. As you know, Vlogging is love 🙂

That is the reason their budget is low in every piece of equipment and gear even they buying a camera for Vlogging or a tripod stand for Vlogging.

So, This is my second reason that why I choose JOBY GorillaPod 3K tripod for you. So further, any discussion let’s grab some important information about this tripod.

JOBY GorillaPod 3K Review

JOBY GorillaPod 3K ReviewMoving forward to our main topic, here we are and first of all, I need to tell you a little bit about the Joby brand. Joby is the brand that provides us different gears like tripods, cameras, DSLR, etc. There are in the market for many years.

When you see the rating of their products so come to know how much it is popular between people and the quality is always their first priority. Long story short, you get a satisfying Vlogging tripod which is Joby 3K tripod.

Features of JOBY Gorillapod 3K

JOBY GorillaPod 3K is a lightweight tripod and it is easy for you to carry all around the world. You can buy it if you travel a lot and make Vlogs in different countries as it has 6.6lbs weight which is nothing even you are a girl.

Mostly Vlogger Looking for the flexible tripod so it doesn’t break and remain safe even in the bag. Smile 🙂 because the Joby 3K is flexible and you can grip it easily from any angle. Because sometimes you need to change the angle and if the tripod is not flexible it creates a problem.

It is strong enough to handle the weight of heavy DSL up to 3 KG which is really good and I don’t think so any other tripod handle such weight.

Rubberized ring and foot grip give this tripod good support that you can stable it anywhere even you do hiking. You can use it even in an unstable place too.

The legs are strong so it doesn’t break and it is specially made by German TPE for the firm and have secure joints which make it more special.

JOBY GorillaPod 3K Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Low Price
  • Stable & Strong
  • Use for any camera


  • None

Final Words:

I believe that if you seriously looking for a gem then this JOBY GorillaPod 3K is only for you. The price is really low and the quality is great. One of the best-selling tripods is here. So, Don’t waste your time if you really want to start Vlogging or upgrade your skills through a solid tripod.

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