Mactrem Q666 Tripod Reviews

When you go on a travel and you have a camera and want to shoot some good moments but you don’t have a tripod. We are here to give you a full review of Mactrem Q666 Tripod. We consider this tripod is the best travel tripod. You can carry it with the help of you your bag and it is lightweight.

What are your dream tripod:

  • Lightweight
  • Good Looking
  • Easy to carry

Yes! I am right. So, Let’s start towards your dream tripod.

Mactrem Q666 Tripod Reviews

Mactrem Q666 Tripod ReviewsMactrem is another good brand of tripods which provide us a travel tripod. They provide us with different types of tripods like travel tripod, backpacking tripod, Best DSLR tripods, and low-level tripods, etc. You can expand its legs according to your requirements. You can use this tripod to store it in your bag.

It is also used for 360 degrees shoots.

Key Features of Mactrem Q666 Tripod

  • Aluminum tube and lightweight
  • Fit into the bag so you can carry
  • Quick-release plates
  • Lever lock legs
  • Max Height is 61
  • Collapsed size is 13 3/4

Mactrem Q666 Tripod



  • Low Price
  • Good For All types of Cameras
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Free Shipping



  • Not Good For Heavy Cameras


You consider this tripod is best for your self if you want to carry it throughout the travel and enjoy your traveling too. The Mactrem Q666 and Mactrem Q666c are two different tripods but the working of them are same and you can pick one of them for your camera like Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.

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