Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod Reviews

Manfrotto 055XPROB is a tripod design considered lightweight and versatile belonging to the brand called Manfrotto and obtaining its place within the family group X, of the same brand, where at least 12 different models enter. This camera tripod was manufactured for both amateur photographers and professional photographers. It is so convenient to use that it can work in outdoor areas as well as in interior areas.

Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod Reviews

The 055XPROB tripod is robust and comes in black; it is mainly made of aluminum, with a total weight of 5.29 pounds.

The tubes that make up the legs can be extended or reduced with the levers that serve to adjust them safely. They can fit perfectly in an area that presents irregularities, which is beneficial when you need to capture certain types of photographs.


055XPROB tripod is easy to transport thanks to it has a folding capacity that reaches about 65.53 centimeters long, which will help to not cover many places in a backpack or purse, in addition to having strips on each side of the legs for so, you can hold them more comfortably.

This wonderful tripod has a special configuration, which is the horizontal type configuration for photographs that you want to take down, which is possible thanks to the plate that holds the camera safely.

This plate supports a maximum weight of 15.43 pounds, therefore it is perfect for average weight cameras or even heavier cameras. The latest tripods for DSLR is here.


055XPROB was designed specifically to maintain a proper balance between its size, weight, and stability against the uneven ground.

When the center column of the tripod is below, it can reach a height of 1.42 meters; but it reaches a height of 1.82 meters if said central column extends upwards, to which must be added the height of the head that it has included; therefore it can be affirmed that it is a tripod that can reach a quite comfortable height for the taking of photos.

Their legs achieve different angles, from 23 degrees, 45 degrees, 65 degrees to 88 degrees; and this is why he gained a reputation as a truly versatile tripod, which supports the creativity that the photographer can have when working, allowing him to achieve the perfect shots he needs without restrictions.


055XPROB is considered a tripod a bit heavy, because 2 kilos and a half can be considered a bit too much for some photographers and if compared to other tripods of Manfrotto.

In addition to this, the leg locks or clamps that allow the legs to unfold inward or outward are certainly solid but a bit hard when looking to open and close, which should be treated with utmost care. Therefore, for the adjustment of terrain, the folds can present an annoyance in certain occasions.


  • This tripod has a dimension of 14.2 centimeters x 17.8 centimeters x 10 centimeters. By having a 055 range, it reaches not only greater height but also resists greater weight.


  • It has a totality of three legs and its central column, which are those that have aluminum and some plastic material at the ends of each of them. Each leg has different sections.
  • Which are divided into a section of 29.4 mm, another section of 25 mm, and the last is 20 mm, whose measurements are in diameter? In addition to the adjustable plate to the camera that will take the photos.

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