Manfrotto 322RC2 Vs Manfrotto 327RC2 Reviews

Today We are going to review Manfrotto 322RC2 Vs Manfrotto 327RC2 Tripods and here you get the comparison so you come to know which is best for you.

Manfrotto 322RC2 Joystick Head Short Reviews

The head of the ball type model 322RC2 has an immediate release system, visually it seems that its handle is flat. The material with which it has been manufactured is magnesium, it has a total weight of 649.2 grams and has a spirit level incorporated in the base where the camera will be connected to use. It only supports 4.98 kilograms and 3.17 kilograms when the grip control is in a vertical position. The lightweight tripods guide here.

This 322RC2 head from the Manfrotto brand is compatible with those tripods that have model 3/8 ‘-16 support.

322RC2 has the option to transform into a head with grip control for people who use the left hand preferably, without losing the option for people who use the right hand preferably. This is easily achieved in a configuration system that is attached to the head.

Every camera with its built-in accessory should have compatibility with the support of type 1/4 ‘-20; If so, then they can be attached to the head plate with the immediate release system consisting of a simple button. The plate covers measures of 43.18 x 53.34 x 10.16 centimeters with a lower anti-slip rubber.

You just have to press the button and the ball system will allow the manipulator to move it in a full range of 360 degrees and get up or down at a 90-degree angle.

Manfrotto 327RC2 light duty grip ball head with Quick Release Reviews

The Light Duty Grip ball head model 327RC2 is based on a horizontal model handle. Includes a spirit level and does not have an easy link for accessories.

It has a total weight of 614.90 grams and safely takes a total weight of 5.50 kilograms. The material with which it is manufactured is magnesium, making it durable and very resistant.

The plate model 200PL-14 has a 1/4 “screw to which the cameras must be compatible to fit well, has anti-slip rubber, and is made of aluminum. The base has a diameter of 5.99 centimeters.

You can reach a complete 360-degree turn, tilt up to 90 degrees and still have the locking system available at all times.

The friction control is what will leave the free handling of the head with the camera included. The cameraman will manage to move the camera to his own taste without having to touch it, just taking the horizontal handle and unlocking with the main red button, and when releasing it, the head will not move, it will be blocked until the button is pressed again and it comes out to look for another position.

Manfrotto 322RC2 vs Manfrotto 327RC2

Both heads are made of magnesium and belong to the family of ball heads, in addition to having many other similar characteristics.

The ball type head 327RC2 has a weight of 614.90 grams, while the 322RC2 ball head has a weight of 649.2, slightly heavier.

322RC2 can reach a maximum weight of 4.98 kilograms, and the weight must go down if the position is vertical since the support will be lower, it will only be able to handle 3.17 kilograms. On the other hand, the model 327RC2 can support a total weight of 5.50; slightly more than the previous model, but the grams make the difference.


Both head models do not support a large amount of weight; therefore they can only be used if the camera to be used is lightweight. They are easy to transport, weigh almost nothing, and do not take up too much space. They are tools that should preferably be used by enthusiasts and non-professionals, and even then they are useful and very versatile.

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