Dolica ax620b100 Vs gx600b200 Tripods

In 2018, Getting the best tripod for your camera or DSLR is pretty tough for you because you don’t sure about that specific one. That’s why we did the comparison of Dolica ax620b100 Vs gx600b200 tripods to make sure which one is the good one for you right now. We did the best comparison something like a review that helps you to choose a tripod.

These are the most outstanding features of the tripod models for cameras or video.

Dolica ax620b100 Tripod Reviews

The AX620b100 tripod is also made of an aluminum alloy, but has a height of 62.2 “, weighs 2.9 pounds. This model has a remarkable feature since it can rotate at an angle of 360º in a horizontal position and 90º in a vertical position, which provides more field of action and freedom of movement. It can support photographic equipment with a weight of 13.2 pounds. It has interchangeable legs with non-slip rubber, to prevent slipping.

Pros of the Product


  Rapid Security Focus

  Good Height

Cons of the Product

It can’t handle heavy cameras

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Dolica gx600b200 Tripod Reviews

The GX600b200 tripod is made of aluminum, which makes it easier to carry. It has a height of 60 “ideal to have a comfortable position for the photographer. Includes a ball head, to better fit the camera and give greater security. The complete piece has a weight of 2.5 pounds and can support cameras weighing up to 15 pounds, which makes it more resistant. The legs can be placed in 3 different positions.

Pros of the Product

Ball Head

  Rapid Security Focus

  Good Weight lifting

Cons of the Product

Not For Mobile Users

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Special Note:

Both have legs that can be divided into 4 parts and are practical for use in closed or outdoor areas.

Final Words:

The comparison is done each and everything in front of you. If we give our suggestion Dolica ax620b100 good choice because you can use it anywhere and anytime. When we talk about the best tripods for cameras then I consider it because I am using them for my own purpose.

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