Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod Reviews

The Manfrotto mt055xpro3 aluminum tripod is more current than the tripod model 055XPROB of the same brand, made with aluminum material, legs with security system clamps. Thanks to its characteristics are known as one of the most versatile when looking for comfort between the different angles that are sought for a photo or recording.

Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod Review

Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 Aluminum Tripod ReviewsThe tripod weighs about 2.5 kilograms, which comes bound to be composed of aluminum with rubber coverage at the ends of its legs and its complete package weighs about 3.25 kilograms, reaches a dimension of 61 x 12.7 x 12.7 centimeters.

The security system on its legs ensures greater stability and rigidity, as well as an easy and simple deployment, where each leg can be adjusted in the same or different way if desired while entering the possible angles, as each one is independent, have 0.89, 1.02 and 1.18 in diameter per section.


The central column is designed so that it reaches a horizontal position without problems and without needing any type of disassembly on the tripod or the camera, which not only saves time but also lengthens the list of types of photographs or videos that can be achieved perform using a tripod.

It has a disc in the upper part, where it fits a head that has been designed so that it has a free rotation of up to 360 degrees.

This tripod also has a known as easy link connector, where you can install anywhere, different accessories needed for any type of shot, either a reflector or LED type light. In this way, the tripod will be considered as a simple tool, but it will also be a kind of portable photo studio.

It manages to support a total of 19.8 pounds of weight. With its central column extended upwards, it reaches approximately 170 centimeters maximum height, without it reaches about 140 centimeters. Its legs can be configured so that it reaches a minimum height of 8.9 centimeters. The type of head mount is a tortilla of 24 “/ 61 centimeters. You can check other features of the tripods for DSLR here.


Thanks to its invaluable features and simple controls, it becomes a tripod for professional use or for those who consider photography as a hobby, perfect for closed places or open spaces.

This tripod has a mechanism that facilitates the opening of the leg locks without the use of both hands, in addition to the lock that has provided extra stability.

It has a spirit level that allows stability for photos or videos in a full 360-degree turn, so it enjoys some freedom of movement, presents prolonged durability if it is given good care because it is assembled with good materials and is a quality item.

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It is claimed that it has more weight than is possibly comfortable or desired, which makes it difficult to transport even though the space it occupies is relatively small; a tool that also presents a lot of bulging or is very bulky.


MT055XPRO3 is the updated model of the 055 range tripods; This has a higher percentage in terms of stiffness, with the new system added blocking on its legs for better results regardless of surfaces; because of the diversity of angles that it has, there is no shot that can not be achieved and that is why it becomes a very useful tool for every photographer with great ideas in mind, to which you will not have to put any limits.

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