Akaso V50 Camera Review

You need to have a sports camera when you going out to practice a sport or simply go out to enjoy the outdoors. Being able to record those unforgettable moments thanks to the new cameras that adjusts to each person’s needs.

Currently, there is a variety of models; it is about being able to obtain the best Akaso V50 Elite Review and having a quality team. Each Akaso V50 camera has the best accessories.

With reduced weight and size, it can be taken anywhere, since it does not take up much space being of many benefits for those who enjoy hiking, traveling, surfing, cycling, or any other extreme sport.

Akaso V50 Elite Touch Screen WiFi Action Camera Review

Akaso V50 Elite ReviewOne of the qualities that give the Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera versatility is that it can easily be used on the helmet, on the chest, or on the surfboard Being able to catch those unique and unrepeatable moments that are experienced when enjoying your favorite sport.

Another feature that makes it indispensable when enjoying water sports is its wide field of vision. It allows you to capture shots that are compared to the human field of vision, providing immersion shots with optimal quality.

The high performance of its battery is another advantage of this camera that makes it perfect.

Features and Performance

The Akaso V50 Elite Review has various features that make it useful when recording that one shot that can be viewed over and over again.

  • Video Quality:

Be able to record videos in HD with a video resolution of 4K / 60fps, 4K / 30fps, 2.7K / 60fps, 2.7K / 30fps, 1080p / 120fps and 720p / 240fps. They make it an action camera worth taking to any sporting event.

In still shots, it has a 20Mgp photo capture that captures the moment in detail. Each photograph can be saved in JPG or Raw format, making it compatible with the PC or mobile device when it comes to playing them.

The details of light, color, shadows, brightness, contrasts are perfectly captured in each photograph, whether the Akaso V50 Elite shoots in burst mode or frame by frame thanks to its 170 ° angle.

  • Image Quality:

It has an image distortion option that reduces the impact of the 170 ° angle. It is not recommended to use it with the zoom either while recording or taking pictures.

Another option used either to take pictures or videos while practicing any extreme sport is your voice command. This allows you to activate the camera up to 1 or 2 meters away by saying, “Start action video” and “Action photo.”

Nothing is more comforting than being able to record or take a clear photo even when you are in motion. This is another of the functions of the Akas V50 Elite, having a 6-axis gyroscope.

The gyroscope offers enough stability so that the shots are stable even when in motion. This ensures the sharpness you want when shooting in action.

The angle of view of the camera can be adjusted depending on the type of shot you want to take. With the Akas V50 Elite you can adjust it in three different modes, Super Wide, Wide, Medium, and Narrow.

Each angle will provide a wider or narrower shot, depending on what you want to capture Offering a moderate distortion of the objective to focus.

Being able to photograph underwater is a unique experience; it is another benefit that this equipment offers. It has a waterproof Ip68 casing that makes it submersible up to 40 mt, making it much more versatile.

It has an iOS and Android application that offers the possibility of seeing what is happening in real-time in addition to transferring images to the phone at the moment and being able to post them on the networks.

2″ LCD touch screen that offers convenience when accessing the menu, making it functional when programming. It also provides convenience when playing recordings or photographs.

The fire button is located on the top of the camera that also works as a wifi connection Side slot to place USB memory up to 128 GB, ​​which offers a performance to record in 4K.

It also has a micro HDMI port and a micro USB charging port. It also has a battery trap on the bottom that also counts as a ¼ international tripod mount.

It also has the function of being anchored to the wifi of the mobile device to send videos and photos in real-time being able to get on the web instantly.

The remote control allows you to record or take pictures from a distance by simply using the remote control that the camera has Offering another option when taking any image capture.

  • Performance:

It has a high performance when recording in native 4K, with a high definition resolution in HD, achieving quality in the video. Its high performance allows it to reach from 4K / 60 to 4K / 30fp and from 2K / 60 to 2K / 30fp.

Being saved in a .mov format, this can be decoded in two codec modes:

  • H 2.64 codecs used in all cameras and
  • Innovative 2.65 h codec in this Akaso V50 Elite model, allowing you to better understand video without losing quality. Which also translates to battery savings

Another advantage that offers you better performance when using this model is that you can record classic videos that are the most common in every camera. It also offers the modality of recording in TimeLapse that is done through a succession of photographs.

Last but not least, its best performance is to record in fast motion, which allows video acceleration in 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 15x.

Likewise, for taking pictures, it offers high performance when saved in JPG format. The capture of each image is 210Mp, offering sharpness in each shot.

It can be set to take photos in classic, TimeLapse, and burst modes. Likewise, it can also be programmed to take photographs with a delay.

  • Battery:

Its 1100 mAh lithium battery gives a recording or photography performance for 90 continuous minutes, which translates into an hour and a half of images recorded unforgettable moments.

Pros and Cons

This versatile, lightweight, and compact camera offers many advantages for those who want to enjoy quality videos and photos, even in extreme situations of movement.


  • Thanks to its Ip68 casing it can submerge up to 40 mt
  • The wide and varied menu is easy to use through its touch screen
  • 2″ touch screen
  • 170 ° lens angle
  • 8X zoom
  • Compact size and lightweight to be carried comfortably
  • Can be attached to be used on a tripod.
  • Adaptable accessories to use on helmets, dolls, surfboards, among others.
  • Connectable via Wifi to other devices
  • Application for iOS and Android that allows receiving images in real-time
  • It is accessed through voice command
  • Usable by remote control with a range of up to 2 Mt away.
  • Image stabilization thanks to the 6-axis gyroscope.
  • Rechargeable batteries with a duration of 90 minutes


  • it cannot stabilize the image when it is used in 4K mode at 60fps.
  • Small touchscreen


Opting for the best action camera is living the experience of having an Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera, which offers you versatility and high performance. It can be used while practicing water or land sports, enjoying optimal quality shots.

Thanks to its 6-axis gyroscope, this camera, even if it is turned or turned, has the characteristic of automatically stabilizing the shot to allow greater clarity. In burst mode, it allows a single shot to take a sequence of photographs.

As simple as issuing a voice command, the Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera proceeds to either record a video or take photos. It gives the user freedom to continue with what they are doing and capture the moment they want.

Having a wide range of accessories allows the user to connect it either to the helmet, to the surfboard, simply hang it on the chest, or put it on the wrist. It can be used either on land or in water.

Thanks to its IP68 housing, it can be submerged up to 40Mt, guaranteeing sharp shots with a wide range of vision. But the viewing range can be adjusted from the menu depending on what the user wants.

It has sharpness, quality in the shots, using the light perfectly, and enjoying the colors, shadows, and details that are sought in a good shot. Perfectly compatible with iOs and Android that allows you to receive images in real-time through an application.

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