Zomei Z699c Carbon Fiber Tripod Reviews

The Zomei tripod Z699C is made of carbon-derived materials, in a way that resists different external and climatic environments.

It is a perfect tripod for outdoor use, photographs of nature, landscapes, animals, among others that are developed in open areas; not being a heavy team.

Z699C can happen to be a monopod with a quick configuration of its legs, which could be considered a two-in-one rather impressive.

Zomei Z699c Tripod Review

Zomei Z699c Tripod reviewsZomei Z699C has a diameter of 2.5 millimeters maximum and 1.3 centimeters at least in its legs, placing the maximum in the upper part and the minimum in the lower part.

These legs have a firm locking system; they will not fail under pressure unless you exceed the amount of weight you can really bear or the high or low temperatures; to unlock them is also extremely simple, which will not take much more than a few seconds and the legs will have room to move freely.


The tripod can be adjusted to multiple surfaces, the legs will be secured so that if the cameraman wants to install the Z699C edges from somewhere high, such as a bridge or building, there will be no doubt that he can do it perfectly.

It reaches a height of 35 centimeters minimum, with a height of 1.51 centimeters maximum if the central column is fully extended.

The total weight of his head is 408 grams, with a full tripod that weighs in total 1.47 kilograms, with the head included.

It supports a weight of 15 kilograms.

It is extremely light therefore it is easily transportable even with one hand. The fact that even its central column has five sections gives the tripod simplicity in order to reach a good number of angles in different shots as required by the photo section.

Zomei Z699c Tripod Parts

Both its three legs and the central column are divided into five different sections, capable of retracting and releasing quickly.

It has a very firm ball head made of aluminum, which can be kept in its same position and still has the option of the panoramic view.

It also has a mounting plate belonging to the style called Arca-Swiss and its spirit level is covered, located forward, allowing correct alignment at all times.


It covers a dimension of 46.99 x 13.462 x 13.462 centimeters


  • Buying a separate monopod will be completely unnecessary, as the Z699C can easily be transformed into a monopod if the central column and detachable legs are removed.
  • Thanks to the materials with which it was manufactured, it is a very durable and certainly robust tripod.
  • It supports a total weight that will keep the cameramen without any concern, as it is quite difficult to reach over 15 kilograms.
  • In this way, it is stated that Z699C is perfect for a large number of cameras.


  • It is not a tripod that has a very impressive or very professional head.
  • It does not reach even 1.60 centimeters; therefore it does not cover much height.
  • The legs do not have anti-slip.


A professional tripod with a head included maybe not as professional as the tripod itself. It has many options of achievable angles to not cut in any way the creativity of any project in mind and to execute. The Tripods for DSLR is also available.

Earn much fame and is recognized for being a quality team, assembled with the best materials, allowing it to last a long time and resist various factors that may damage it and is extremely easy to transport in an arm bag of 40 centimeters or more without effort any.

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