Zomei Z818 VS Z888 Tripods Reviews

We all know that we use different types of tripods for our DSLR or mobile phone for capturing the best view and at a right angle. Every person has a different choice so we don’t say that only some tripods are good and others are not.

Here we discuss two tripods Zomei Z818 And Zomei Z888 and I mention that both tripods are good but we need to look at their specifications and then decide which is best for us. So, Let’s Start:

Zomei Z818 Tripod Review – Good For Hiking

Zomei Z818 Tripods ReviewsZomei probably was known as a perfect brand that provides us tripods for hiking and hunting and some other purposes as well. When we go hiking we need a strong tripod so we follow it even we run fast so it should be not heavy.

Zomei Z818 good for hiking and you can use it with your DSLR and other cameras like Canon, Nikon And Sony as well. Its color has Blue which looks so cool.


  • You can rotate its legs at 180 degrees.
  • This tripod converted into full size and small size as well.
  • Column Hook And Stable
  • Easy Setup with quick release plates


  • Lightweight
  • Multifunctional (2 in 1 tripod)
  • Stable
  • Easy To Setup


  • Don’t work for heavy Cameras

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Zomei Z888 Tripod Review – Good For Traveling

Zomei Z888 Tripods ReviewsOn the other hand, we have Zomei Z888 which also has a good specification and you can use it for DSLR And SLR as well. If we talk about the specification then it’s different from Zomei Z818 because that one you can use for hiking purposes and if you need tripods for normal use then you can go for it.

You can buy this tripod in different shapes like one leg tripod or a 3 legs tripod. It has black in color and made of Aluminium. It also has Ball Head Portable Compact which is good for its support. This tripod is a better choice for you if you need a tripod for travel purposes. You can use a beg which helps you to carry anywhere you want to go.


  • Four Extendable Legs
  • Height range 18.1″-66.3″
  • Its legs can be inverted and folded back 180°
  • It is smaller, lightweight, suitable for travel.
  • Pen Lock


  • Good For travel Purpose
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The separate ball head and pen lock


  • Not good for hiking purposes.

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So, here you see our review on Zomei Z818 Vs Zomei Z888 and we almost provide you all information about it. Both tripods are best at their own place now It matters what’s your purpose and why you need this tripod.

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