Manfrotto 327RC2 Light Duty Grip Ball Head Review

The Light Duty Grip Ball Head Model 327RC2 from the Manfrotto brand will allow the cameramen to have more control when capturing the most beautiful moments behind the camera. No matter what angle you look for, you will find it without much effort and regardless of whether the work is tense or not.

327RC2 is made of magnesium, therefore it is a photographic tool of the highest quality, allowing it to be durable over the years and use.

Manfrotto 327RC2 Light Duty Grip Ball Head Review

The Light Duty Grip ball head model 327RC2 has a horizontal model hand lever, which allows better and faster adjustment. It comes with a spirit level, therefore linear precision and stability will always be possible, without a doubt without an easy link port included.

This head has a friction control mechanism, which allows the cameraman to handle the weight of the camera, working with smooth movements to get the focus on the target and the shot that is sought.

It has a total weight of 614.90 grams and safely takes a total weight of 5.50 kilograms, A 1/4 “screw is attached to the upper part, its base has a diameter of 5.99 centimeters, and it has a 200PL-14 plate of the same brand, Manfrotto, with an anti-slip surface and made of aluminum.

This head reaches a frontal inclination that goes from 90 degrees upwards and 90 degrees downwards. A lateral tilt that goes from 90 degrees to -30 degrees, It achieves a complete panoramic rotation with a locking system.

It is a tool that works perfectly between temperatures that oscillate between 60 degrees and -30; therefore it is suitable for any project, resisting extreme weather conditions very well. The tripod for DSLR review here.


Manfrotto thought of this Light Duty Grip ball head model 327RC2 so that its horizontal model hand lever was fixed to its ball shape and that it is the plate where the camera to be used is fixed securely; the cameraman will hold the hand lever simply, and he will forget to have to take the own camera and give him the turns that are needed to give a shot that is worthwhile. It also has a special configuration for left-handed people.


This Light Duty Grip ball head model 327RC2 does not link completely securely with all cameras, with some will fit perfectly and ensures safety, the camera will not fall. However, there are other cameras that will not have the same stability.

The camera operators should be sure that the accessories used or the cameras are perfectly compatible with the 1/4 “screw.

It can barely support a total weight that corresponds to a range of not very heavy cameras; therefore the cameraman will not be able to abuse the use of lenses that present a lot of weight, nor other extra accessories. If you will resort to using a considerable amount of accessories or just one that weighs too much, then you will have to opt for cameras that have little weight to work quietly.


The Light Duty Grip ball head model 327RC2 is an accessory that can be added to the tripod of the cameraman, who will manage to work quickly without losing angles or take photos or videos with his smooth slide, specially designed for professional works, cameramen that require high quality and precision results, with the highest possible performance.

Manfrotto took care that every detail of this ball-style head was accurate and perfect.

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