AKASO EK7000 4K Camera Review

When talking about low-cost or low-budget action cameras, many options of different brands, sizes, and styles come to light.

However, in the middle of all this agglomerate of products, the firm AKASO innovates and takes a position in the photography industry thanks to its capable, compact, and comfortable devices.

AKASO EK7000 4K Camera Review

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One of its most recent models, the AKASO EK7000 camera is everything a fanatic of a sedentary lifestyle and camping is looking forward to. Attending the GoPro systems, this device qualifies among the 12 most economical ones that, in turn, can perfectly record in 4K and capture moments in a maximum of 1440 pixels.

However, in this AKASO EK7000 4K review, the main features that surround this camera will be evaluated, providing the opportunity to know which advantages and commitments go hand in hand with a low-cost product. Get a tripod for the camera as well.


User Interface And Control System

If there is something that defines the cameras of the AKASO brand, it is the ease and dynamism with which it works. However, although its design can be considered generic among its type, the interface, and control system is a pleasant surprise for customers.

The first virtue of the EK7000 4K model is its multifunctionality. Record and photograph with the same precision and is capable of capturing 25 frames per second in maximum quality. When the resolution is reduced, the maximum fps it captures is 60. This is for the videos.

On the other hand, the camera includes wireless operation functions with a range of up to 10 meters and remote control. Likewise, it has all the necessary ports to access photos and videos from another device as soon as possible. Example: the HDMI cable or the SmartTV.

The design of this camera is designed to withstand different temperatures and environments. For aquatic contact, includes a waterproof housing that resists up to 30 meters deep.

As minor details, the AKASO EK7000 4K attaches to its physical characteristics: touch screen, manual buttons, and a weight of just 360 grams.

Performance And Functionality

As mentioned earlier in this revision AKASO EK7000 4K, the camera handles several levels of resolution, so it can perfectly adapt to the needs of the customer and the expandable memory -SDCard- necessary.

The performance, in general, is good. The device has a good battery life, incorporates EXIF ​​data and manual buttons to control the actions, and configure the type of shot, which is distributed between video, still image, burst capture, and time-lapse.

One of the most commented features of the AKASO EK7000 is that, although it works with 25 fps in its standard configuration, it is capable of being extended as the user decides. How good the quality of the shot should be and the accuracy of the frame will also depend on whether the owner is sharing the images electronically.

On the other hand, the camera includes a single visual field, the standard width. Here it is important to stop because, although this brand does not know a distention as perfect as with a GoPro, customers are quite satisfied with this function.

As part of the minor functionality, it is worth mentioning, in addition, that this camera is armed with a button that alternates between photos and videos in a dynamic way and designed especially for people who enjoy the action.

Audio And Video Quality

A reality that does not always please the clients is to find out that the AKASO EK7000 does not have a too special range with its video modes. In fact, those that characterize sports cameras so much are not available for this version.

Even so, between the sizes and speeds, their users can be considered well served. This device, to start, attracts by being economical and entering the selection of cameras that record in 4K, despite its price.

In that sense, conventional videos are recorded at 25 fps, but if what you want to capture is slow-motion, it has to be configured to assemble a sequence of 120 frames per second. Of course, when recording in slow motion, the resolution adapts to the size of 720 pixels.

The AKASO EK7000 handles a single angle, a benefit for some and defeat for others. Although, frankly, the comments suggest that it offers optimal and functional service.

In technical terms, 4K corresponds to the maximum size. This offers a resolution of 3840×2160. However, as it adapts, this camera decreases in this way: 2.7K quality, with 30 fps and a resolution of 2704×1524; 1080p quality, 60 frames per second, and by resolution 1920×1080 and 720 p, whose resolution is adapted to 1280×720.

With respect to the audio of the videos, the camera does not do anything wrong. However, the recommendation to use a microphone, if possible – and according to the circumstances – does not go unnoticed. Logically, you cannot cover the AKASO EK7000 4K review without mentioning the particularities that exist for the sealing of photos.

The maximum for this camera is the 12MP photographs, that is, 4680×1592 pixels. To this quality the 16: 9 aspect ratio is introduced, mostly used in video recording. Each burst that captures a moment, is saved in JPG format and will be maintained once it is stored in a device.

Fluctuating in quality, three other adaptations are extended: photos with 8MP, width 3760×2120; 5MP, of width 2976×1672 and, finally, 4MP of width 2648×1504.

Battery Performance

Typical in its kind, this action camera does not have a spectacular battery life, but it is a pleasant surprise for its customers when they realize that their device does not disastrously either. For example, in 4K, this model is able to last an average of 100 minutes.

Logically, when the resolution of the video decreases, the extensibility of the battery is much greater – but users prefer not to sacrifice a good shot for saving in this aspect.

In short, a little transcendental duration but compensated with its spare battery, which will expand the possibility of recording for at least another hundred minutes. A trick that customers have discovered about the battery is that if it is used with disabled WiFi, its duration is maximized.

A particularity to which those who buy an AKASO EK7000 must adhere is that the lithium batteries -which belong to this camera-, do not resist temperatures that are not too hot or too cold. Considering this, it is likely that when recording in winter, the battery will last less than normal.

In no case should the camera be brought near furnaces, flames, or fires too brisk? Although the structure of the device can withstand it, the lithium that is stored in the batteries is highly flammable. Also, check Best Cameras For Skateboarding for quick help.

Dimensions Weight And Touch Screen

At the beginning of this AKASO EK7000 4K review, some of these features were mentioned. As is known, the action cameras are small and this model does not escape the norm.

Their dimension extends 0.9 x 2 x 1.5 inches and, with respect to the price, only reaches a little more than 360 grams. Either way, these indicators are not a reflection of the performance of the camera. Technology has shown that it can distribute tiny devices with a fascinating capacity.

Adhering to the standard, this camera also includes a highly sensitive LED touch screen. Thus, it will be easier to program your functions and adapt the device to the photographer’s requirements.

Electronic Image Stabilization

For a camera whose launch corresponds to this year, is a finding that the AKASO EK7000 is absent of image stabilizer, typical in the Premium that GoPro and SONY have brought to the market.

Some users may not perceive this affectation, but a medium or highly experienced photographer may immediately notice that their shots are not being made as smoothly as they wish.

However, the photography industry has endless tools and accessories to improve the experience of its customers. In this case, AKASO invites you to use a gimbal and make technical corrections once the photo has been taken.

Pros and Cons

Obviously, you can not start this section without mentioning the strongest of the AKASO: it’s economy. It is what characterizes this brand, but it has also shown that it was able to establish the price-quality relationship without flinching.

The clients arrive for the price, but they stay and multiple thanks to their resolutions, adaptable to the client, and the capture modes -spectacular for being an action device-.

Adding to the list of virtues, there is its WiFi Remote Sensitive system, the plurality of accessories that include the camera, and, as expected, its TimeLine and Slow Motion functions.

However, no device is perfect and, when buying an action camera that is too cheap, there are some concessions to be accepted and accepted without question.

The most common problem among user ratings is the muffled audio that is especially perceived when the camera has its protector shrouded. On the other hand, another one is added against its waterproof system.

While it is true that the 30 meters depth that this camera resists is more than acceptable, is minimized because of the image quality with the protector. Instead of being directly submersible, housing must be placed that not everyone appreciates.

Finally, it is the stabilization and the impossibility of changing the field of vision which reduces quality in the eyes of its clients. However, they are so imperceptible details that do not drastically change the positive opinion towards this device.


If you are looking for a fused economy with quality, any model of the AKASO brand can be a more than acceptable prospect. They are multifunctional, durable, include a lot of accessories and the life of your battery amounts to the average of its kind.

This imaging tool is the perfect choice for hiking and risk sports fans, but it is also the right choice for family picnics.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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