Drift Ghost X Action Camera Review

Today we can talk about a new generation of action cameras that cover the best tastes among the users of these teams. Within this new generation is the Drift Ghost X Action camera, an affordable and economical action camera. It is used to record sports activities that are done outdoors or simply a pleasure trip.

Today there is an in-depth review of the Drift Ghost X Action camera and thus provide the best information to dispel doubts and make this camera your next choice. In the review that is proposed in this article, we will talk about the characteristics, performance, advantages, and disadvantages of this camera.

This review of the camera was made for sharing the information with the users of this type of equipment. Through an investigation of the opinions of the clients of this camera, objective opinion can be based on it. This article aims to review this camera by giving useful and revealing information about it.

Drift Ghost X Action Camera Review

Drift Ghost X Action Camera ReviewIt is an excellent alternative so that you can record instantly and never miss a moment. You can record it with a single touch thanks to Instant-On mode; you have to turn on Ghost X and start recording automatically with just a press of the button. You can capture that moment with the car DVR’s loop recording mode. The tripodsdslr is covering other action cameras too.

You can also get the shot after the fact with Drift’s exclusive video tagging. Enjoy 5 hours of battery life, so you never miss the best events and moments of your life.

It has a unique and elegant design; thanks to its modular design, you can change the lens covers or battery packs to suit your needs. Align the mounting position by simply rotating the lens up to 300 degrees. This makes your life much easier when setting up your machine. It is compatible with all Drift mounts.

What’s in the box?

Before reviewing the Drift Ghost X Action one has to talk about the contents of the box and the parts that comprise this camera, Parts that come in a protected form inside the box. It should be noted that apart from the content of the box, the opinions expressed in this review may be incomplete.

Below is what to expect upon receipt of the package. The camera has a mounting bracket that you can use to load the Drift Ghost X Action camera, on a bike helmet, skateboard helmet, or the like. This camera comes equipped with a charging cable and a portable cable that allows images to be transmitted to a screen or television.

The Drift Ghost X Action Camera comes with a standard 1/4-inch set of tripods. It also features a universal clip that can be used on all types of clothing, giving the customer an ultimate experience never seen before when using the Action Camera.


In this Drift Ghost X Action Camera Review, one of the most important parts is the features. The ones that provide a clear idea of ​​what this team can do. These characteristics are mentioned below:

  • This camera is composed of a rotating lens that can be adjusted up to about 300 degrees. This means that you can add effects while walking or moving.
  • You can change the lens set to a different angle if necessary.
  • The Drift Ghost X Action camera already comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than five hours of continuous recording. Which makes it advantageous compared to its closest competitors that the battery alone lasts up to 2 hours.
  • If you want to play videos with voices with the Drift Ghost X Action camera, you can do it well since it has a microphone. It also has the option of placing an external microphone for better audio perception.
  • It has a function of cloning footage, which makes it possible to clone videos simultaneously. With different resolution settings and frame rate per second.
  • It has a high definition recording, 1080 Dpi full HD, and a 12MP photo capture, with Timelapse and Fotoburst modes.
  • Apart from the high battery life of up to 5 hours, this camera can be fitted with a 1500 mAh long-lasting battery module. That gives this camera an operating autonomy of more than 8 hours; this module is sold separately.
  • It has a tagging model that can capture an event after it occurs.
  • With the cloning option, you can record up to 10 cameras simultaneously via WIFI. When a camera starts, the other cameras on the network are started. Pressing the grenade option on one camera starts recording on all other cameras.
  • It has an instant start mode.
  • This camera comes with a memory that is a bit limited. It has 8 Gb of internal storage, a slightly small memory for cameras of this type. But it should be mentioned that this camera has internal storage that can be expanded using a 64 GB micro SD.

It is also necessary to highlight an important characteristic: the quality of the design and construction of the camera, which has adopted a very different approach from its competitors when it comes to safety and exterior design. The Drift Ghost X Action camera gives a professional look due to its jet black cut.

With the curved design of the Drift Ghost X Action camera, it makes it very easy for users to use. This differentiates it slightly from similar-looking cameras within this broad action camera market. There is also an important feature, which is performance, which makes this an excellent entry-level product for beginners.

It should be noted that the Drift Ghost X Action camera has the option to record videos at 720P up to 60 frames per second. However, the quality of the footage is not the best, but it is still excellent content for people who enjoy riding motorcycles. With all these features, this camera is a good option for recording unforgettable trips.

Video Quality

Pros And Cons


  1. Affordable price. Due to the great features that this equipment offers, it is one of the cheapest on the market.
  2. Good video quality offering clear and precise details. With its adjustable lens, this camera gives an excellent shot, and with its 1080 dpi resolution, it gives some of the best video qualities on the market.
  3. Flexible, it can be mounted on anything from the helmet to the table of a stake. With the position it adopts in the helmets, it has versatility in the shots.
  4. Curved design to aid handling. With its curved design, it gives users comfort and easy handling.
  5. Super streamlined and simple design that makes it easier for beginners to learn how to use it. As it is one of the simplest cameras on the market, this may be the best option for beginners.
  6. Incredibly long battery life. With its lithium-ion battery, it can last up to 5 hours, with the adaptation of an external battery module. It can be extended up to 8 hours of continuous recording.
  7. With rotatable lenses, you can easily align your shot regardless of the mounting position.
  8. It has a DRIFT Life application that includes a WiFi connection to view, edit, share, and control.


  1. This camera does not have 4K resolution.
  2. It has some limited features. For an excellent quality camera, it has some limited functions.
  3. You have very little internal storage memory. Although it can be expanded with a micro SD memory, this camera has little internal storage.

To conclude the Drift Ghost X Action Camera review, this is one of the best action cameras for beginners. It is inexpensive and provides excellent video quality, offering an amazing combination of features. This camera has the best battery life of any action camera on the market.

Suppose you are looking to start a video content without spending too much money with very good performance, quality of shots, and video resolution. This action camera is a good option as it does not cost too much money and is very easy to use.

The action camera can be defined as a high-quality action camera with an impressive frame rate and videos per second. With an affordable price tag and rotatable camera lens, it gives you great flexibility, Allowing full customization of any travel experience.


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This action camera can be used as a still camera, further enhancing its usefulness for a wide range of video recording purposes. Overall, the Drift Ghost X action camera is a good entry-level camera for beginners.

Giving versatility and comfort to users without affecting the shots and video quality, Giving versatility in high-tech shots at a low price.

In addition to the above, this camera can also be specially used to share moments on social networks, making this camera the best option on the market for all types of users.

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