Manfrotto 324RC2 Joystick Head Review

The Manfrotto 324rc2 joystick is head of the ball type designed to be mainly very light, light, and easy to transport while remaining durable; It is made of plastic, aluminum, and fiberglass materials; In this way, it becomes a tough and durable tool. Control by its side handle will be more than just accurate, but also safe, and you will not need to be an expert, as it is very easy to use.

Features of Manfrotto 324RC2 Joystick Head

The ball head model 324RC2 of the Manfrotto brand can be perfectly attached to different tripods with support type 3/8 ‘-16. It has the RC2 encryption as safe for immediate release, in addition to the 200PL-14 model plate also has an immediate release.

All the plates that are compatible with the RC2 encryption like this, can be removed from the heads with a single button, which is the same that allows them to be attached again.

The 324RC2 head consists of an easy-grip horizontal control. If you are looking to turn, lean, return or move in any way you just have to press the red button that is just above the handle, at a little distance from the thumb so that it can be pressed when you want. By removing the pressure from it, the position in which the head is left will remain static in its same position, no matter what it is.

Any camera that is to be placed on the head must be compatible with the screw of type 1/4 ‘-20 to be able to connect with the model plate 200PL-14. The same plate has dimensions of 4.31 x 53.3 x 10.16 centimeters with an anti-slip base included.

The ball type model head 324RC2 is designed and preset for people who use mainly the right hand, this being the recommended option for being more comfortable to use. However, it also has an available option that frees the management to people who use mainly the left hand.

It can handle a total weight of 3.49 kilograms and has a total weight of 0.47 kg.

The fact that it has a horizontal control allows better sliding for turns, regardless of their direction, whether vertical or horizontal. It has a movement capacity that covers the entire 360 degrees. It also has a spirit level with which it will be possible to maintain a stricter sense of stability and alignment for the film or taking pictures.

There will be no deceleration or adjustment that reduces the flow of work; This 324RC2 head guarantees total control to the cameraman so that he can do the job in the least amount of time in the best possible way, moving quickly between the shots and getting the angles he wants almost immediately, without losing precision and much less stability.


Because it is so light because of the materials it is made with, it is a tool that can be easily carried to any part that is needed without taking up much space or disturbing at all.


It only supports cameras that do not exceed 3.49 kilograms, including accessories that will add to it; therefore it does not lend itself to large cameras or a large number of accessories. Although its horizontal handle is comfortable, after a while of work, maintaining the position will not guarantee much comfort.


The 324RC2 head is a tool aimed more at people who dedicate themselves to photography or film videos as a hobby, and not for professionals that require a head that can support cameras.

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