How Can I Improve My Food Photography?

How Can I Improve My Food Photography

Do you love capturing pictures of delicious food? Are you the one who turn on their camera after seeing some tempting food? If yes, then you are absolutely in the right place as I am going to discuss some amazing tips and tricks to enhance your food photography skills.

Photography is one of the most admiring and amazing skills, especially for today’s generation when every other person is showing and improving their skills on several platforms like Instagram. Food photography is another level of passion and enthusiasm. Once you have started it as a hobby eventually, it will turn into a habit.

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How Can I Improve My Food Photography?

An expert food photographer can make a person hungry and can convince the viewers to order cuisine. Food photography requires a lot of knowledge and expertise as it can make a dish look extremely delicious or extremely terrible. There is no rocket science in making amazing pictures of food, you just need to keep in mind some basic practices.

How do you stage Photos for food?

When you are starting food photography, you don’t need any expensive equipment or costly tools, if you have a basic phone with a good camera, it’s enough for a startup. The first thing that matters most is lightning, you must have decent lightning to generate an image of good quality and standard, or it would be more effective if you use a professional ring light, as it will provide a perfect amount of brightness and luminosity that is required to gain a flawless outcome. Sunlight also plays an effective role in capturing ideal photos. We can also say that natural sunlight is the best friend of a photographer. If you are low on budget and cannot afford expensive lights, then you can utilize this tip.

The next most important feature of fine food photography is developing a perfect stage or platform for the representation of your dish. Now it completely depends on yourself. How efficiently you ornament it. If you have a sufficient budget, then purchase some pretty decorative items like fairy lights, candles, or beautiful table cloths of light color contrast, so that you can use them for several pictures.

However, if you are out of your budget, then you can use items that are available at your house, as everyone has some decorative items settled in drawing rooms, so you can also utilize them. Attractive and delightful backgrounds also help in boosting and enhancing your picture quality. This background may include a beautiful kitchen scenario or maybe an aesthetic outside area.

Photography angles also play a vital role in developing attractive food photos. To make your photos look tempting and irresistible, you need to focus and play with the angles of your camera. You can test different levels of closeness and sides according to the requirement of your picture.

Generally, food photographers use the above angle to click photographs, as with this point, the picture looks exceptional, and the whole dish is exposed. Some food photographers also tend to click full close-up or zoomed-in shots and the viewers love them because these pictures provide complete details, including the food’s texture, color, and shape.

How Do You Master a Food Photographer?

You cannot expect to get exceptional photographers, from the first day you start food photography, and it is a steady and slow process. You will gradually acquire experience and expertise in it, just keep in mind to improve yourself after every picture and remain consistent with your passion. You need to practice some important skills to master food photography.


A tripod is beneficial to create enchanting photographs in low light conditions. If your arrangement is dull and your camera doesn’t deal with high ISO efficiently, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to get a tripod. When you are shooting in low light conditions you must know ISO, and take shots at a lower f-stop if you need your screen speed adequately quick to prevent hazy pictures.

Because no one likes grainy pictures of food. If you are shooting at high ISO, then you can probably get more noise in the detail and color of your picture. In this situation, tripods play an effective role in solving your problem as you can set your ISO at a lower setting (preferably 100-200) and you can pull off low shutter speeds particularly if you pair your tripod with a remote.

Editing your photos is also an essential element of food photographs. No matter how great a camera or lightning you use while capturing a picture, still come contrast, brightness, and other characters are left which can only be adjusted through editing. Now, this depends on the app which you consider for editing, as there are a lot of remarkable applications available to enhance your picture. Some important features that you need to make sure of while editing your food pictures include color contrast, temperature, shadows or highlights, and vibrance.

Some essential tools are required, if you want a more productive result from your picture and want to master the skill. These accessories include paper towels, tweezers, and brushes. Paper towels help in removing minor spots or remains of the food from the dish while tweezers help in the placement of small and fine objects with precise detailing, however, brushes also play a vital role in applying oil or water to the object, to make it look glossy and shiny.


If you are a food blogger and at an initial stage of food photography, then you must concentrate and focus on your skills while recognizing your talent and passion for this field. Once you have made up your mind and begin to take baby steps forward, then you can surely succeed and master the skill. Just grab the essentials that are required for food photography and get the game on.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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