How to Set Up Camera For Cooking Videos?

Are you planning to create a perfect cooking video? And you are not sure how to set up the camera for the video? We are here to teach you some steps to set up your camera for the shoot of your food. In this present age, the world is going towards online business.

Among those businesses blogging and vlogging is on top trends. Blogging includes much more than just a piece of written information; it has now evolved into video blogging. Video blogging by your cooking skills is much easier and more monetized than others.

How to Set Up Camera For Cooking Videos?

How to Set Up Camera For Cooking Videos

Making a perfect, clear, and quality video of your food while cooking it on the stove is a real challenge, as it can be a hazardous task. Many video bloggers have hilarious bloopers when shooting as it can be a difficult task. There are some tricks and figures to fix your camera at a perfect angle from where you can get everything in one go.


Overhead videos are the most engaging for the audience. You will surely watch a cooking video which is shot overhead whether with or without sound. If you know already how to cook that dish, you will still watch the video because of its graphics and perfection. You can buy the best tripods for overhead shots here.

It would be best to have two or three C-stands, sandbags, a tripod, and some little pieces for an overhead video. Now you may follow the steps: 

  • Place these C-stands across the counter.
  • To weight them down, hang the sandbags. 
  • Direct them at the center.
  •  Connect a tripod to one of the ends. 
  • Next, you must attach the camera to the tripod stand and directly above the stove.
  •  Be careful, and the overhead camera should not be too low, it must be some feet below the ceiling.
  • To set an angle of the camera, you will need some more pieces and connect them. 
  • The C-stand arms help you to position the camera in any direction you want. The light must be set only from one or two directions for best lighting. In this way, you will also get some shadows which makes the video good.
  • Before starting, make sure to have a walk through the whole scene. Make some small clips of your ingredients and check them. If all is ok, then here you go. Start filming!


Don’t you have a camera? No worries. Just grab your smartphone, and you can shoot a good video. By following the given steps, you can set your smartphone for your food filming.

  • Set the tripod in front of the working counter.
  • Place a smartphone tripod attachment over that tripod.
  • Connect the smartphone to the attachment tripod.
  • Shooting with a smartphone, you will need more lights than shooting with the camera.
  • You should also prepare a script as you will do stand-up cooking rather than just pot and ingredients.
  • Do a walk of the whole scenario. Check out the angles of lights. Also, make sure your smartphone is fully secured on the tripod and do not fall.

Oh yeah, one more thing you can also shoot a “fly on the wall” view from the smartphone. Here are some tips on the thing:

  • All you should have is a smartphone, a tripod, and some lights. Stretch the tripod’s legs to the highest length, or you can make an angle of below 90⁰ by the floor. Place some books to add extra heights. 
  • Bend the head of the tripod down to the table. In this way, the tripod can get better visibility of the view, and your phone will be directly above the center of the table.
  • Again, as mentioned in the above methods, have a walk through the studio. Make sure your smartphone battery must be full. It would be best if you used a long battery life smartphone for the shooting of the video.
  • Check the stability of the tripod and smartphone. They must be fixed properly else will fall on the food. You can hit or kick the tripod or the phone during the shoot. It is likely to happen as you will be paying attention to your cooking.
  • Be conscious that your phone is not too high or too low. The too low height of the phone above the counter can be dangerous as it can catch fire. On the other hand, you would likely have a blur video because of steam. 


You can also use a flexible tripod for an overhead shot from the smartphone that can be wrapped around anything. You can wrap it around your ceiling fan, curtain rod, cabinet handle, or anything above your countertop. Flexible tripods help a lot for this purpose. They are affordable, easy-to-handle, and very flexible. 

Before starting, make sure your camera or the smartphone is secured. As you can bend the tripod as you want, you may have done the wrong one. So, it’s necessary to check.


Here’s the end of the tips and figures to set up the camera for cooking videos. You have a variety of options as nowadays multiple styles of filming and shooting are seen. We have provided you with three different methods to set up your camera or smartphone for the cooking video. 

Shooting a food that is in the manufacturing process can be cautious sometimes. The smartphone method is all about what you have around without spending some extra money on the camera. Lighting, audio, and camera quality are the most important factor for the filming of the food.

As per reviews of the bloggers and social media artists, setting up the camera is the most challenging and the most important step towards making a video. It needs expertise and should be done carefully, as these gadgets easily get the fire or damaged easily.

A fascinating method, in my view, is the flexible tripod method. This method has given much more flexibility to the work as it can be bent on anything around you. What’s your idea?

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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