ThiEYE T5e Action Camera Reviews

The ThiEYE T5e Action Camera Reviews 2021 has an elegant and sophisticated design, In start definitely with a good foot in the technological sense. If you thought about seeing everything about this company that is called Thieye, then I tell you that with its new T5e camera you will be surprised.

ThiEYE T5e Action Camera Reviews 2021

ThiEYE T5e Action Camera ReviewsThis model has a video of up to 4K, a very beautiful design, and voice control that many cameras today lack. The most amazing thing is that it not only retains good quality, but its price is very accessible.

Just a few days from this year 2021, this type of camera of the Thieye company has revolutionized the technological world, among its benefits is an image stabilizer that is very convenient for photographers and you can buy tripods for cameras too.

So far, it has been the complete camera in remote or voice control, so they make it a very attractive sports camera in particular, and how could it not be? If your distance in voice is maintained by 1 or 2 meters, so you can run quietly and capture those beautiful countries just by saying the sentence “ActionPhoto.”


Among the main features offered by the T5e action or sports camera, it can be seen that it has a resolution of 14 MP, 10, and 8 Megapixels respectively, of the resolution to be used.

Among the main photo, settings are manual, exterior, landscape, portrait, or night scene modes, ideal for any time that requires use. It has a perfect white balance, as well as an exhibition that makes it the ideal sports camera for 2021.

It is waterproof, has a Wi-Fi connection, and has ports for insertion into computers, a micro SD card slot, and an HDMI port.

It has a very sophisticated voice sensor for conventional cameras, without its easy handling using the voice or by a wristband, in one way or another, it is very easy to use and handle anywhere.

  • Design

It has a unique design that is in black, has several flat-resistant plastic finishes on the top, but the sides; it is rigid for a better grip. On its front is the lens, as well as its “Thieye” brand with a very beautiful design.

On the top of the camera is the shutter button that, in turn, serves to connect the wifi in your options; there is the microphone.

On the right side, two buttons serve for easy mobility in your menu, and on the left side, you would find the slots explained above.

These ThiEYE T5e Action Camera Reviews 2021 have a 2-inch Ultra HD display that is non-touch.

  • Accessories

Among the accessories that accompany this wonderful camera is one waterproof housing, one quick start guide, 2 1100mAh batteries, and a windshield wiper that are used to position the camera on a helmet, bicycle, car, or any surface to which you won’t use it

It also has a spare back cover, one micro USB key, one carrying bag, one remote control with wrist strap, and flat and curved stickers.

  • Settings and Menu

Its menu is somewhat interesting; it has options to take a photo or video with the desired resolution, you can also blur some things you want as well as add filters, all that, and more through its menu.

Among the menu, it is worth mentioning that there is the range to the sensor or voice control present, as well as the pairing with your wristband. They can also stabilize the video or photo you wish to obtain.

  • Video Quality

It has several video modes, from a simple recording to the timelapse mode that generates a simple sequence of photographs; it also has a fast mode which speeds it up from 2x to 15x. It has an excellent stabilizer which decreases the deformation at the time of recording; it automatically has a “fisheye” correction which is very common in sports video cameras and the most important thing is that it has a closed circuit to avoid wind noise that It is another problem in cameras of this nature.

You can reach a video resolution at more than 4K or 30fps, so in this particular camera, the least you need is resolution complaints as it brings us the most advanced technology. More you can check Campark ACT74 for better video quality.

  • Battery life

Its battery cannot be left behind as it supports up to 120 minutes of recording at 1080p FHD or 4K, as long as your options such as Wi-Fi and the screen are turned off.

Its battery is 1100mAh 3.7V, nothing from the other world, although knowing that this particular camera does not have a very sophisticated screen and a front LCD panel, it allows battery-saving because it focuses on the main objective that is to capture Good photography or video.

  • Price

Currently, its price is maintained at one $$$ through the Amazon website, which makes it a very accessible camera knowing what benefits and accessories it brings us, without a doubt, causes running and acquiring it to capture those moments doing our sports that we want to remember so much.

In part of Europe, its price has remained at approximately $ 170 so, if you can buy a camera, then the T5e is the best option.

Benefits of Using ThiEYE T5e Camera

The T5e camera is one of the favorite products for sports consumers and not affected by it. The combination of its large video camera and its excellent focus on photographs make it a very advanced camera for the time. Sure, all that without counting its so accessible and cheap price in the market.

Another tangible advantage is the remote control and voice because with just talking or pressing a button from your wristband, you can take a picture or record a video at ease. It has a maximum range of 2 meters.

Thanks to wifi connexion, the thieye T5e could maintain a link with the app from your Smartphone (Android and IOS) to take photos and videos.

Another outstanding advantage is its impermeability to water, which makes it much more resistant compared to conventional cameras. So being in any place or situation, this camera will guarantee that it will not leave you bad.

You get an impressive sound currently only in Mono; the microphone menu allows its setting to off mode, as well as a 50-75 and 100% mode, respectively.

The quality of photography offered by Thieye is amazing, with its 14 MP camera the quality can be defined as normal, fine or superfine. It also has a scene mode option such as: normal (no effect) art, negative, vivid, sepia, and black white.

The T5e camera has an image stabilization system or EIS that works by aligning the pixels; this system can be when recording videos so that the movement does not deform. An action camera should take great care of this aspect so the T5e keeps it perfect.

The Thieye company is responsible for not leaving customers dissatisfied, so it has a special app for the T5e in which through the Wi-Fi connection that it has you can enter, send and receive photos, you can edit or make it easier its manageability through the Smartphone.

Its price is very low for all the benefits it has, and despite being so cheap, Thieye makes it easier for you to acquire your T5e for your gifts in accessories or multiple offers that you take with this camera from the website. It is a renovating chamber that unconditionally supports users who live to the extreme. Thieye is pure innovation.

Pros and Cons

Among the pros of the t5e camera is that it has a video recording capacity of up to 4k, although against its audio sound only in Mono, which gives it a disadvantage for those people who enjoy the Stereo sound.

Another positive aspect is that it has a small format, a beautiful and very solid design, but it does not have a touch screen.

  • It has a remote and voice control, but it is very limited.
  • Its storage with a microSD memory is up to 128 GB.
  • The camera does not have the option of inverting the image (even) which, for many people, becomes stressful.
  • Its battery becomes very limited to only having 1100mAh.
  • It has very good water production.

And so are the pros and cons that many users have expressed on their Website, but on a personal basis, the T5e camera is not perfect but it comes close and by far, so those minimum cons that it has are scarce to see the multiple benefits that have and that has been explained in the course of this article.

It only remains to say that you buy a T5e camera and see how good or bad you think.


You could say that the ThiEYE T5e Action Camera is a very innovative and accessible sports camera in the current market, it contains many functions well above the time, it has very good capture stability and with that sensor and control that without place no doubt they place it in an excellent position in the technological market.

This is a very sophisticated camera, beautiful aesthetically and resistible, first and foremost. Ideal for an excursion or a trip that requires the duration and power that the T5e has, if you doubt its quality, I invite you to buy it and judge it for yourself, I am almost certain that you will not regret it and you will have at your hand a quality product and very good functionality.

It is not a perfect camera, but if it is good enough to want to have it and enjoy its benefits, 2021 began with good footing and perhaps with excellent photographs or videos if you already buy the T5e camera from the Thieye company.

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