Gitup Git2P Action Camera Review

During the Gitup git2 review, you will know the characteristics that make this camera ideal for all your photographs. Finding a versatile camera is not easy, especially when there is so much competition to choose from in the markets. The Gitup Git2P model has a 90-degree lens that allows you to take very good photographs on recreational trips.

Gitup Git2P Action Camera Review 2021

Gitup Git2P Action Camera ReviewThe action camera offers several advantages that will be reviewed in detail later to find out by comparing the weaknesses. The Gitup Git2P version is an improved version of the GitupGit 2 model having several fixes that will surely impress you. The price of this particular model makes it very profitable because it is very affordable in the market.

Suppose you have taken the trouble to read this content because you are interested in knowing each of the characteristics, being this ideal camera to make your sports recordings. In that case, it is ideal for you to get your best moments on video. The Panasonic sensor is one of the strengths that accompany this camera, giving you angles up to 90 degrees.

Depending on whether you choose the normal version or the GoPro, you can get a better angle by having videos at 170 degrees. By evaluating what this camera hides, you will know its design in detail and the accessories that accompany it. Do not miss the Gitup git2 review the quality that its case presents to last for many years in a row.

The quality of the images represents one of the main reasons why this camera model should be purchased. On the other hand, since it is designed in a waterproof case model, adventurers see durability in the use of the camera if more preamble is prepared to know everything hidden in the git2 model can choose it as an option.

What’s In Box?

When you buy this camera, you are probably interested in knowing the specifications of what it contains for your daily photos. The accessories that this camera contains are complete, so you will not need to buy anything else for your photographs. The accessories that come with the box necessarily depend on the type of package that the buyer needs.

The standard package is made for beginning photographers who need a good camera to cover their events. On the other hand, there is a professional package, better known as the Pro package, which has an additional cost.

  • Package for Beginners or Standard

It consists of a total of 5 essential accessories for daily use to take your pictures. The difference between getting a basic shopping box is that you limit the camera’s protection with the use of the protector. The waterproof protector does not come in the standard package, so you will always have to take special care of your camera.

If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, the standard package ensures the following accessories:

  • The camera
  • Camera Battery
  • Cover to protect the lens
  • USB cable to charge the camera
  • Instructions manual

As you can see, the standard package is a basic package where you only have what you need to take your favorite photographs.

  • Professional Package or Pro Package

The cost of this package is slightly higher, although not too much is still very affordable for its purchase. In the pro, pack come all five standard accessories using a higher quality USB. Additionally, this package has several accessories that serve to better manage the camera by taking care of it at all times.

Those who like to have the best with the Pro package will receive the following additional accessories:

  • Waterproof case
  • Camera frame holder
  • Camera mount designed for bicycles
  • Quick start guide for easy understanding of camera operation
  • Adhesive backing with a curved design
  • Adhesive support with flat design
  • Adapter for mounting a commonly used cold type shoe
  • 2 x Connector, one long and one short
  • 2x Screws, one long and one short

The pro package is much more professional and has everything you need to keep your camera safe. After figuring out which is the ideal package for your purchase, you can search for the best price. Other packages can come with much newer accessories, such as a remote control to manage your camera and microphone for external use.

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Many new things seemed hidden before the Gitup git2 revision that will blow your mind. Thanks to the fact that it is a 2k camera, it can be said that its images are excellent, adapting to various circumstances. You would never think that the company would make this camera unique to replace Git1 in its entirety. The most outstanding features of this camera model are:

  • Resolutions

The Git2 has several resolutions to take good quality photos during your sports or other extreme activities. The best resolution of this camera is 1920×1080 at 60fps, which means that its lowest quality is very good. Likewise, the maximum resolution is 2880×2160 at 24 fps giving impressive photos to share.

The video resolutions of the action cam are the following:

  • 4K – 24fps
  • 2K – 30fps
  • 1080p – 60fps
  • 720p – 120fps
  • Protective Water Protection

It is a camera that perfectly survives any spill accident while you take your pictures. The camera housing is waterproof designed so your camera can survive water. It has Diversity in its connections

There are three ways to connect to the Git2 model, which means that it presents several options. The connections it has are:

  • USB
  • HDMI
  • Wifi

With these three connections, you can perform many functions depending on the improvements of the images.

  • Stabilization

The sharpness of the images has a lot to do with the type of stabilization that the camera has in extreme circumstances. Thanks to its gyroscopic stabilization design, it allows the camera to detect its movement. When you are making your videos, gyroscopic stabilization can cause a little deterioration in the optical field of vision. Without a doubt, when you walk and use the camera, it is easier to achieve greater stabilization.

  • Recordings

Even if the camera is not in use, you can start a quick recording if you deserve it. Activate a setting so you can make recordings without wasting time turning on the camera regularly. With the shutter button, you can start recording in seconds

In another aspect, if you want to have a quick photograph, you must constantly press the shutter button. By doing it this way, you will be able to shoot photos repeatedly according to what you have previously configured. As for the G sensor, this is the one that internally allows the camera to have a quick start.

A practical case is when the sensor detects an unexpected force movement and starts recording immediately. This camera is designed to be evidence of the best moments of your life.

  • Additional Accessories

Additional accessories provide the camera with unique concepts for taking your sports photos. With the external microphone, you can have an improvement in the sound, leaving the vibration on one side. On the other hand, wearing the wristwatch provides you with appropriate ways to take pictures without holding the camera.

  • Excellent display

It has a 1.5-inch screen so you can see your images once taken. Although the screen is not tactile, it is perfect for taking photos and seeing them with quality later.

  • Lightweight

It is a very light camera that you can use to take on your far-off adventures if you prefer. It weighs only 66 grams, so you don’t have to worry about always carrying it with you.

Pros and cons


  • It has a 950 mAh battery to ensure prolonged use
  • The images have a quality of 16MP
  • Provides excellent colors almost to the perfection of the human eye
  • You can choose between 90 degree and 170-degree angles
  • It has a low price in the market
  • Gyroscopic stabilization makes you take your recordings perfectly
  • It is used to make both videos and to take excellent photos.
  • You can remote control it for long-distance photos
  • The battery lasts long enough to record your performance
  • You can have stored up to 64 GB
  • Improve the sound with the external microphone
  • It is ideal for professionals and photography beginners.
  • You can choose between several packages
  • It has buttons for easy handling.


  • Some accessories come for an additional payment
  • To protect against the water, you will need an additional protector
  • The camera sound is not that good
  • Pro accessory boxes must be purchased to get all useful accessories


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Thanks to the Gitup git2 review, you can see the importance of this camera for extreme sports practitioners. This camera is ideal for taking to many places and obtains professional images even if you are not a photography expert. By capturing sharp images, this camera satisfies buyers looking for quality cameras at a low price.

With the concept of having gyro stabilization, you will have good images, even if there is a bit of turbulence on the road. This 2K camera is all you need when you’re short on money and want more professional results. The camera is not perfect, but its low price will still be a great purchase option.

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