Akaso V50 Pro 4K Action Camera Review

Before buying Akaso V50 Pro you just need to know how this camera works. Will it be a good pick for you? This review of Akaso V50 is all about it. We cover Akaso V50 pro specs, accessories, quality of pictures, etc.

Akaso V50 Pro Camera Review

Akaso V50 Pro Camera ReviewFor amateur photographers and photographers by profession, a good camera is an instrument that makes the difference between optimal or deficient work. Although the skill of the person who executes the shot is also indispensable, the art of a good image includes technical elements that cannot be – and should not – be ignored.

In that sense, it is worth asking: which camera has to be chosen? This decision is influenced by certain aspects. There will be those who take more into account the visual capacity, focus, memory, resolution, or manufacturing material. Everything is valid and exponential when the qualities merge into the same device.

Fortunately, cameras exist by quantity. From recognized brands or small manufacturers that, little by little, managed to gain a place in the market. On this occasion, there will be an Akaso V5O Review to evaluate the features of the Pro 4K Action Camera version.

About the signature, you know enough. Although they have been immersed in the photography industry for just over 5 years, this company is dedicated to the assembly of action cameras of unsurpassed quality, with very affordable prices that allow its customers to capture and share the most important events of their lives.

In these times, AKASO has considered a leader in all branches that it expands around the world, and has managed to sell more than half a million units per year. Their growth prospects impel them to make an effort in the manufacture of new models, such as IP cameras, baby monitors, GPS, and the popular drones – for spectacular resolution aerial shots.

As for Akaso V5O Pro, it is one of the most recent and popular action cameras of the company. Its launch was made just a year ago, but for his exploits has already managed to accumulate a lot of good reviews from the users. Akaso Brave 4 also the latest model of this brand which you buy too.

Due to its condition of “Action camera”, the boom of buyers runs from athletes and individuals who need a modern, compact, and light device to capture the most transcendental adventures of their lives.

Initially, GoPro stepped firmly into this modality of cameras, but little by little, companies like AKASO are reaching the stature in professionalism and resistance. There is no drastic and dynamic picture, with a succession of images everywhere that the V50 Pro does not achieve. And for that, precisely, it is worth emphasizing its qualities.

AKASO V50 Pro Camera – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Akaso V50 Pro ReviewThe first action that corresponds to the purchase of a camera is, of course, to unpack it, and to the surprise of the customers, once they are done with a copy of Akaso V50, they notice that they receive a product that goes far beyond what could be expected from one whose price does not usually rise too much.

The package is large, strong, and solid, very similar to the GoPro Hero. However, to this are added accessories, as useful as compact. Those who have faced unboxing – that is, taking their product out of boxes – agree that the result is first class. AKASO does not do anything wrong: its box is elegant and functional, with its waterproof cases, frames, frames, spare battery, and remote control to use as a wristwatch.

The above is summarized in a camera that can reach the most intrepid angles and still capture a gleaming image, with the appearance of having been through and squared for many hours, everything that an action camera should represent.

User interface and control system

This stage corresponds to one of the most important after unpacking. It is, nothing more and nothing less, the first meeting between the client and his camera. The visual part, recognized as an interface, narrows the idea of how the relationship between the photographer-device will be from then on.

For this Akaso V50 Revision, the first thing you notice about the interface is its input and output ports. Indeed, USB and HDMI connect the camera with computers, laptops, cell phones, and other smart devices. For this, of course, the box is accompanied by their respective cables.

The screen, two inches, is tactile, LCD IPS. When turned on, it shows the company logo and goes directly to the configuration area. Everything depends on the preferences of the photographer, but the truth is that for those who acquire the product and do not have any notions about the technical issues, it is better to automate the camera.

Another great feature – more inclined towards the control and design system – is the depth at which the Akaso V50 can be submerged. With its protective casing, it reaches 30 meters underwater. Therefore, it is ideal for divers and lovers of capturing marine life.

On the other hand, following the line of technical aspects, the sensor of this camera is Panasonic 32114, with a wide-angle G6 lens. It is armed with a viewing angle of 170 degrees, but this configuration can be modified as often as the buyer decides.

Corresponding to the rest of the interface, enter the hardware that accompanies this device. It has already been mentioned before that it has a waterproof case, but it is also armed with a rear protector, X10 frames, a bicycle kit, another for helmets, two adhesives, the same amount of supports, some bandages, ropes, and cloths cleaning, it’s a dual charger and, finally, a predetermined manual in the language of the country that is acquired.

Performance and functionality

If a person goes directly to an establishment to buy his camera, the workers will insist again and again that the selected model is the best, and that probably there is nothing more than that. For a person who will use the camera for mere hobbies, the optimization of this will not be worth as much as for someone familiar with the language and the qualities that are supposed to correspond.

What is the best way to read objective opinions? Consulting on the Internet, for the advantage of the Akaso V50, the experience is summarized as pleasurable and profitable.

According to the customers, most of the impressions are excellent. In fact, they acquired this camera with apprehensions from past experiences that were not satisfactory. The surprise, needless to say, was more than pleasant.

First, all the settings of this camera are made in a couple of seconds. The system is programmed to perform efficiently and functionally. The menu is grouped into small sections. Therefore, when there is something to look for, users should only press the touch on the option they prefer.

In the same way, the video configuration allows modifying the resolutions, shooting modes, and codes. In that sense, the camera supports h265 / HEVC to stay in top quality but uses less storage space.

The H264 settings, however, are adapted to the best functionality for a longer time. Regarding the stabilization of the image, there is nothing to worry about; it is equally optimized in each of the resolutions.

Akaso V50 Pro Spaces:

On the other hand, “frame per sec” (frames per second or fps) reach 720p. Also, for sharper objectives with high levels of detail, it is possible to seal in FULLHD, with 60 fps.

For video, on the other hand, the 2K and 4K options are available; both record 30 fps and stabilize the image with the same precision as if it were a photograph.

Build Quality

As this section covers many aspects, the Akaso V50 Review covers the most important ones. Those that, manufacturer and user, agree, is why it is worth getting a copy of this camera.

  • Intuitive IU touch screen: with its two inches built-in, the response to touch is not only direct but instantaneously more. This makes the camera a compact but very powerful artifact, ideal for developing capabilities in photographs. With Akaso V50 configure, previewing is extremely simple.
  • Solid materials: one of the most outstanding qualities of the Akaso V50 is its impermeability. This is thanks to the composition of its battery, the carbon, and the lightness of its texture, and the compact screen. All materials are designed to take full advantage and offer an unparalleled experience.
  • Stability: Advanced electronic image stabilization, or EIS, provides uniform 4K resolution frames at 30 fps. Thanks to this, the obturation experience is of better quality, achieving professional results.
  • External devices: In addition to the cables and all the arsenal of accessories before exposed, the microphone is part of the kit, becoming – due to its optimal sound sensitivity – one of the elements most valued by buyers. It captures the sound of all directions, eliminates the echo and noise of outdoor spaces, and becomes, in its own way, an integral part of the camera.
  • Configuration underwater: It is the domain among the users of the Akaso V50 its resistance to water. But despite favorable reviews, future users of this device do not become aware of how good quality is.

In the first place, what is most striking is the resolution it handles despite its waterproof lining? Those who use it, agree that the image closely resembles what the human eye could capture by itself. It is an experience so overwhelming that some do not finish believing it.

On the other hand, the Akaso V50, for its constitution and materials, does not sink so easily. The lightness that builds it helps to avoid accidents related to the submerged intake.

  • Connectivity: Another quality of this camera is its connection level. It not only captures wireless signals but can be operated remotely or from a mobile device. What users should do, in that sense, is to download the application from the virtual store and configure it with the help of package information that all copies must bring.

Finally, in spite of not being a characteristic of construction itself, the customers opt for the guarantee system used by a camera whose affordability is not questioned. This helps them feel more confident and confident about the equipment they are buying. Also, it says a lot about the company that distributes them.

Video and audio quality

In this world dominated by the visual, a camera that offers optimal resolutions leaves excellent impressions. These, later, are reflected in what people say in blogs and conversation forums. Even in the social networks of the firm.

From this perspective, Akaso V50 is armed with a good record. If already its previous cameras stood out due to the strength of its image, the stability of the frames, and the frames per second, with this Action camera the positive response is overwhelming, praising the sharpness of the photos with the same enthusiasm of the videos. See the latest reviews of the Campark ACT74 camera here.

The microphone is also another event, opinions range from “good” to “incredibly good” to simply qualify as perfect. There will be some objections that, according to these users, are easy to solve in postproduction. But it offers everything it is supposed to offer and does it in a compact, light, and without too many extravagances.

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Battery Performance

When it comes to action cameras, battery life is a feature that adds up and subtracts much more. Why? Simply, because users intend to spend a lot of time with them in the open air -or failing that, underwater.

Obviously, the time of use of a camera depends on the usability, but the great advantage of the Akaso V50 is that it has a capacity of 1100 mah, positioning it to shoot for a couple of hours without a problem and to last up to a couple of hours if its use is limited to capturing photographs.

Akaso V50 is part of these cameras that revolutionize the world, demonstrating that the size is not proportional to the quality, while it is much to comfort. As a sports camera, he gives what he owes and much more, and extends his qualities to such an extent that it is done with an incredible score in sites of purchase and sale of electronics.

To be more precise, however, a variance must also be made between the pros and cons. Sometimes, the former outperforms the latter, but if there is any negative aspect that customers can not deal with, this is the most effective way to dissuade them without having to spend a penny.

It is unlikely that some disappointment after a purchase occurs with this camera, but given that this Akaso V50 Revision has the objective of evaluating the product in its entirety, it is then valid to compare its benefits and negative aspects.

Things We Like (Pros)

  • Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a Panasonic screen, this camera model will allow people to capture images of up to 20 megapixels.
  • Its angular lenses and light reflection allow taking shots in the dark with the same resolution and neatness of illuminated environments. This is especially useful for photographers working underwater.
  • The resolution and recording capacity have already been discussed, adding this to the cameras in reaching FULLHD. However, another advantage that covers the Akaso V50 is the option to record in slow motion. A quality valued by the most creative.
  • When talking about this camera being an “action camera”, it is not a euphemism. It is truly a quality product that resists riding on bicycles and motorcycles, is easily held on several surfaces, and is capable of adapting to all climates.

Of course, the recommended temperatures are included in the instructions, but from then on there is no reason to doubt the adaptability with which it is done. Also, you can submerge up to 30 meters underwater.

  • It has functions that are normally associated with the most expensive cameras on the market: timer, timelapse, video lapse, dive mode, slow motion, fast camera, exposure, and white balance.
  • It is economical compared to the other Pro models that are currently available in the market. This is doubly satisfactory because they save a significant sum of money and produce a product with usable long-term qualities.
  • It can be controlled remotely by attaching it to the mobile phone or operating it directly with the remote control that includes its accessories.
  • All the extras are included in the original box. With the exception of a few tools, there will be nothing extra to buy. They will have their camera ready for action after a brief configuration.
  • Each of the accessories that are part of the kit of the Akaso V50 is ready to be used immediately. In addition, they are made of materials of the same quality as the camera.
  • The relationship between quality and price is unmatched to other cameras.

Things We Don’t Like (Cons)

  • Some shots, despite their resolution, tend to “bend” or fade once they are exported on computers. This is a minor evil, but for those who hope to share the photos without going through a previous editing process, this is a difficult problem to ignore.
  • To achieve the configuration between the mobile and the camera, it is necessary to configure both devices. There will be those who take this as a piece of cake, while for other clients it becomes a laborious action.
  • Supports microSD card up to 64 GB, while adjacent models of the same brand support a capacity of 128 GB. To date, there is no explanation or improvement of this eventuality. Some users assume that some modifications may slow down the entire system.
  • The system also joins the capacity of the memory. As far as the Akaso V50 is concerned, there is no way to make it work optimally without the microSD being formatted beforehand. This, more than a negative aspect, is a protection measure taken by most digital camera manufacturers.
  • The remote control is not waterproof. It cannot be submerged in water, even with a shell.


Clearly, with this Akaso v50 Revision, two fundamental aspects have been made clear: it is an ideal camera for outdoor and underwater activities, and what is even better maintains a relationship of quality and price that is unmatched.

Akaso is not GoPro, but neither does he pretend to be. Their products shine for their own qualities, and their “Action cameras” were not, are, or will be the exception. If a person needs a good product and it is not made from a very loose budget, this is not only enough, it is far exceeded.

The decision, as always, is on behalf of each client. However, the qualities described above make it clear that this decision to buy is difficult to repent.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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