Best Benro S2, S4, S6, S8 Tripods

Best Benro Tripods ReviewsThere are occasions when doubts arise about which best Benro tripod should be chosen. The main point that must be very clear when choosing a tripod is to know what it is going to be used for and of course, it adapts to the kind of camera you have.

When you have some experience shooting with the camera, you should continue to experiment, risking a little more with the approaches, the game with the various diaphragms, and the ISO, as well as with the shutter speeds. To carry out all this, you can have confidence in having a good pulse and excellent body position, regardless of the type of photo you want to take.

To achieve all of the above, nothing like having a Benro tripod, among which the Benro S2, Benro S4, Benro S6, and Benro S8 models stand out and are listed as one of the best quality tripods that exist in the market. These have the guarantee that a brand that has an excellent track record and history can offer, in addition to a very affordable price, and adapts to the tightest budgets.

The Benro house has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of all types of photography material, being widely valued, both the most demanding fans and professionals in the field. If you are looking for a reliable brand with a capacity for innovation, Benro is the ideal option for the best tripods in 2021.

If you are looking for a quality and reliable tripod, you must purchase one of the Benro brands. These tripods are the best option for long working hours, in which you are required to carry a large amount of equipment.

Best Benro S2, S4, S6, S8 Tripods Reviews 2021

Apart from being a brand that has very light tripods, the Berno brand also mounts excellent kneecaps with very high functionalities, so these can be used both for taking photos and for filming.

Similarly, Benro tripods have excellent stability, their design is impeccable, and they have great extras, in addition to having a price that is well below their competitors. Likewise, its great robustness makes it the perfect companion for those who want to record high-quality images in conditions that do not make the shot very easy.

If you are one of those photographers who like to go out with all their photographic equipment on weekends, there is no doubt that the various models of tripods that the Benro brand has will become your most faithful companions. Thanks to their strong structure and high-quality materials, these tripods can ensure optimum stability.

Benro S2 Tripod Review

Benro S2 Tripod ReviewBenro S2 Tripod offers an adjustment in the angle of each of its legs, which makes it much easier to deploy it, having three positions (30º, 75º, and 90º). It is distinguished by having a locking system on the legs for faster action.

Also one of the legs has a grip section made of NBR, to achieve more comfortable transport and support. This also gives a much firmer and more comfortable grip, which is resistant to cold that manages to act as an insulator between the temperature between the operator’s hand and the pipe.

Its support legs can be exchanged with stainless steel spikes, which are included, to have a better grip on different types of terrain. In the central column, it has a slit that prevents it from rotating when the head is adjusted or panned.

Benro S2 Tripod has three bolts based on allowing the head to be locked, giving it more stability and prevents slippage. It also has 1/4 ”and 3/8” adapters to anchor the head. It also has an accessory to hold parallel cables.


  • It has aluminum alloy legs and an S2 video head.
  • Its maximum height is 157cm.
  • It has a QR bar plate and bar handle.
  • It has an anti-rotation leg system.
  • It has a built-in twist and tilt lock levers.
  • It can load up to 2.5 kg.
  • It comes with three adjustable leg angles.


It comes in a very strong case that has two outer pockets. It enters the tripod along with the pen included.

The best in terms of quality/price of robust tripods. Its finishes are of quality.

Very good tripod and perfectly supports the camera, the grip, and the telephoto lens without moving even an apex.

Its adequate size, because it is not very large and can be easily transported.

It has very good quality finishes.


It is a bit heavy

Benro S4 Tripod Review

Benro S4 Tripod ReviewBenro S4 Tripod is combined with a video head, with a removable flat base, and its legs are made of three stages made of aluminum and magnesium.

Its 165.6 cm system has an extended central column that has a reverse folding leg design, to achieve a storage length of 55.5 cm.

The head has tilt and turns independent controls, to achieve much smoother and more precise camera movements. For greater versatility, its legs can be locked independently, which allows it to be used at ground level or on uneven surfaces.

It has integrated a leveling platform in its vertical central column, which makes it possible to achieve a very fast leveling of the video head. It has a hook placed in its lower part so that additional weight can be hung, to have much more stability.

Benro S4 Tripod Review height can be easily adjusted by being able to turn the levers of the locking leg very quickly, which, combined with the anti-rotation legs, make commissioning very easy and fast.

It has a thick NBR (butadiene-closed cell) nitrile rubber layer, which gives it a fairly comfortable and firm grip to transport it. It can easily be converted into a camera monopod, combining the central column with the detachable one. Its legs are equipped with threaded rubber, which is interchangeable, and the feet have stainless steel tips.


  • It has a maximum height of 165.5 cm, closed at 55.5 cm in length.
  • Supports a weight of up to 4 kg.
  • It can fit in any backpack since it has a reverse folding system.
  • The legs can be fixed at different angles.
  • It has a quick lever extension locking system.
  • It comes with a rubber and double metal finish to adapt to any terrain.
  • It has one of its legs with a neoprene coating so that it can transform into a monopod.


Highly recommended product of excellent good quality that meets all needs.

It is extremely comfortable, lightweight, and very easy to transport. This makes it the most suitable to carry all the recordings.


The head tends to stay halfway to get perfect.

Benro S6 Tripod Review

Benro S6 Tripod ReviewDesigned so that your HDSLR or video camera can be much more versatile, when removed from its box, it is ready to be used and can be chosen with carbon fiber or aluminum fiber legs.

Benro S6 Tripod can withstand a weight of 6.0 kg and comes with a single level ball, which is located in its central column, which can be used when a greater height is required.

It comes equipped with a flat base with a 3/8 ”rose, which allows the head to be mounted separately on half-ball adapters, rails, cranes, or monopods.

It has been based on an eighth-generation design with very simple tubes perfect for legs and leg locking mechanisms that have adjustment lever. It is built with very well selected elements of cast aluminum with magnesium alloy.

It has the best insurances to help in the adjustment of its legs from different angles, which makes it possible for them to be assembled separately to achieve adjustments very quickly and can be adapted to uneven floors.

Its tips can be replaced with a set of stainless steel tips, which are included. And to achieve additional stability, the Benro S6 tripod review has a hook at the base of its central Columba to be able to hang another weight.


  • Includes pan and tilt lock, four-step counterweight, tilt resistance, a telescopic pan arm, an illuminated bubble level.
  • Includes a QR6 compatible plate of 501PL.
  • Base plane of 70mm diameter.
  • It comes with a Pan DragLock lever to adjust the tension and can block the head when it is in the 360º pan movement.


It has a very compact S6 two-way video head that is combined with single-leg aluminum tube legs, which has leg locks with a flip lever.

It comes with a release lever.

Perfect for taking location or for use in the studio.




Benro S8 Tripod Review

Benro S8 Tripod ReviewThe Benro S8 has been a professional-level tripod that comes in combination with a very versatile plant-based video head. It has been designed for HDSLR cameras that have the equipment and long lenses.

This model allows a weight of up to 17.6 Lb and is equipped with a 75 mm flat base that has a 3/8 ”thread. This Benro S8 can be turned into a very versatile and creative tool, allowing you to remove the 75mm.

It has a half-ball adapter so you can mount the head separately with nib, monopod, or slide controls. It includes lock and tilt and tilt drag, as well as a four-step counterweight and illuminated bubble level and has two 3/8 ”accessory mounts so that you can fix both the monitor and the audio recorders to the head directly.

All this will allow you to connect the accessories without needing a platform or cage to do so. Its two-stage, three-section tandem legs have a 75 mm bowl, a medium level separator that is height-adjustable and removable calibrated.

It comes with large, very fast positive leg locks to be able to configure it in a simple and fast way. It also has a separate adjustable and removable mid-level and its double pointed legs that have rubber pads that can be removed.

It can be extended up to a maximum height of 63 ”, being able to reach 29”. It includes a shoulder strap and a case for storage and transport.


  • It has a continuous tilt and turns drag adjustment.
  • Including setting 0, it has a four-step counterweight.
  • It has right or left sidebar mounting.
  • It has a fully adjustable and removable mid-level spacer with height adjustment.


Its head is very soft and easy to adjust, as well as its legs are quite solid.

Intermediate separators are very useful for height challenges.

The legs are very easy to assemble.

It is quite solid, and I could bear a good amount of weight. In addition to being very flexible and able to download if required.


It is something heavy but stable.

When it starts to move, it is evident that it is not centered, which means that the tray does not end straight.

Benro Tripods – A Must Read Guide

Benro has become one of the leading brands in the field of tripods, observation accessories, and ball joints. This brand offers the user the tripod they are looking for and with the best and highest quality in this type of accessory.

It offers tripods made of aluminum or carbon fiber, all according to the needs and requirements of the user. Its kneecaps can support weights between 3 and 8 kg. It also offers backpacks to store and transport both the tripod and the telescope.

Benro offers a tripod for each camera. No matter its type, it can be a small action camera, and HDSLR, or a huge video camera. This is how the S series has the most suitable product for each user with four different video heads, which cover a varied weight range.


Generally, when you need to pass a camera from a tripod to a rail, it is required to have two separate video heads. Well, with the Benro S series, this is not necessary, because you have to unscrew the head from its flat base and mount it directly on its 3/8 ”rail, on a monopod, or a half-ball adapter.

High Speed:

When you are on a set, time is always money. This is how building a tripod does not have to be a task that takes too much time. The tab insurance of the Benro tripods guarantees a quick installation when you arrive at the location.

It’s aluminum alloy or carbon fiber legs:

You can choose between the very economical and robust aluminum alloy legs and the lightest carbon fiber legs, which turn out to be the most suitable for travel.

Benro’s tripod kits for video are based on an eighth-generation design of very simple tubes on its legs and leg locking mechanisms that have an adjustment lever.

These kits also offer to have a fluid movement in the chamber, a special and exceptional stiffness, and a resistance to torsion, which is essential. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes, as well as using legs that are combined with strategically chosen elements, machines, and castings, either magnesium alloy or aluminum.

As you can see, the tripod is very useful for the photographer, but it must be taken into account what is the time that will be used to make the work easier and more comfortable. So, these are some good options of tripods for Benro which you can choose. We recommend you to use Benro S6 because of its qualities which you easily read above and make a quick selection.

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