Slik Tripod U8000 Reviews

Utilizing a tripod is fundamental when taking photographs – and not only for night shots. Nowadays Slik Tripod U8000 Reviews one of the best choices for tripods and selection and To get ultra-fresh and sharp pictures, your camera can’t move at all when the shade is open. In a few conditions, even the modest developments your hand makes are sufficient to make a marginally foggy picture. The ideal approach to guarantee your camera does not move is to utilize a tripod or other camera stand.

Slik Tripod U8000 Reviews
A tripod is wanted to help the camera at a developed stature. It will assist the photo taker with concentrating the camera on the right inquiry at the perfect time. Using a camera tripod is fundamental to make a determined stage for your camera. If you don’t have a tripod you are effectively part of the amount of picture-tolerating open entryways that you go over where an absolutely unflinching camera is basic.

An A tripod is used when taking close-up scenes, low-light conditions, direct screen speeds, long exposures, and sweeping pictures. In case you are completely serious about photography, a camera tripod is an undeniable necessity. Besides taking out camera shake and extending sharpness, a tripod will in like manner back you off and rouse you to contemplate circling, association and imaginativeness. This will suggest that you will start taking substantially more conspicuous pictures. If you have one of these cameras or are contemplating getting one, there’s less a necessity for a tripod.

In case you essentially lean toward using a tripod, by then go for the best one that you can manage. As a photo taker, you can’t stand to buy horrendous apparatus. Having your tripod mollify up the focal point of a photoshoot won’t upgrade your day.

Slik Tripod U8000 Reviews

SLIK U8000 bolsters up to 4.5 lb, measures 23.2″ when collapsed, and incorporates a three-way, container, and tilt head. Its 3-area legs each component flip locks for quick arrangement, and can be situated for a base stature of 22.0″ to most extreme tallness of 47.2″, or 59.0″ with its section completely rose. The segment uses a designed development for exact tallness alterations and coordinated focus support enables the legs to be spread at the same time and also consistently. The inside prop holds the legs set up, which incorporate elastic feet to additionally improve dependability on a wide assortment of surfaces. Cameras, wear optics, or camcorders that are good with a 1/4″- 20 mounts can be associated with the fast discharge plate, which is secured to the tripod’s container and-tilt head utilizing a cam bolt. The head can be pivoted 360°, and tilted 90° in reverse or advances, and in addition sideways for representation introduction. Both the 360° turn and in addition the 90° in reverse or forward tilt developments work all the while and can be set up utilizing the skillet bar’s coordinated curve bolt. While transforming from a scene to a representation introduction, the sideways tilt can be freely balanced and secured.


  • Double Purpose Video/Photo (Fluid/3-way) Head – The retractable camera situating pin empowers you to mount either a video or a still camera on the Quick Release Platform. Straightforward vertical situating for still cameras.
  • Double Purpose Video/Photo Quick Shoe – Attaches effortlessly onto still, and camcorders. Simply adjust the snappy shoe along the length of the camera body, and fix it with a coin.
  • Ultra-smooth Geared Center Column – Engineering plastic guarantees smooth and calm rack and pinion outfit development of the inside section.
  • Larger than average, Single Action, Speed Release Lag Locks – Easy, and snappy to work leg locks let you modify the tripod stature in seconds. Oversize bolts additionally let you make minor leveling adjustments without looking far from the viewfinder.
  • Simple To Grasp, Champagne Bronze Color Legs – Exclusive anodized champagne bronze shading legs are likewise intended to feel good in the hand.
  • Torsion Resisting Legs Brace – Leg prop adds greater steadiness to the legs and opposes torsion. It likewise joins the development of each of the three legs. Simply open or close one leg, and the rest will take after naturally.


Product Name Specification
Folded Length 595mm
Maximum Height 1500mm
Minimum Height 1300mm
Maximum Center 350mm
Leg Lock Type S.R.L
Leg tip Latex
Pan Head 3-Ways
Weight 1600g


The 59 inch greatest tallness implies the camera will be at eye-level when the tripod is completely broadened, with no twisting around to see through the camera. A smooth moving “liquid impact” container head with one handle operation makes moving the situating the camera snappy and basic and there is a pleasantly measured brisk discharge plate to make joining the camera to the tripod significantly quicker. The U8000 is the ideal esteem tripod for anybody that uses a top of the line simply to use, mirrorless compatible focal point camera (ILC) or light-weight DSLR with the unit focal point.

From the Manufacturer Light in weight, light in cost, yet substantial in esteem, the SLIK U arrangement of economy tripods have turned out to be so famous and fruitful that they have been knocked-off by many organizations, however, none have possessed the capacity to coordinate the quality and esteem execution of these flexible tripods. Each tripod in the arrangement is under 2 feet long when totally collapsed and weighs under 3.5 lbs for simple voyaging. The SLIK U arrangements have numerous different highlights that the easygoing picture taker and family videographer will come to love. The U-8000 has most extreme tallness of 59 inches, a 3-way smooth “liquid impact” dish head, a vast discharge plate for quick mounting, and speed discharge legs lock for fast and straightforward setup and overlap down. You may also check the best budget tripods for videos here.


The Slik Tripods U8000 had no cons and you buy it without any tension. In fact, many people already use this for their photos and videos.

Extra Features of Slik Tripod U8000

The U8000 is a Dual reason (photo and video) 3-way pan head with a smart shoe. The Slik U8000 is for the most part used for Long acquaintances Photography Portraits Steadiness and more. The Slik U8000 is predominant in light of the fact that customers like the going with attributes of the Slik U8000 Folds away Lightweight Stable and Unfolds quickly. More details you get from best tripods at cheap easily.


This Product has worth for user and we think with these amazing features you need to go for it and buy right now. Because of this type of product we get buy luck.

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