Ravelli AVTP 75mm Camera Tripod Review

Ravelli is the probably the best brand which provides us with tripods for videos and good for DSLR. The Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod is their best made so far because people like to use this beauty now a day.

There are many reasons which I consider and I try to recommend every single person who asks me that which tripod is best for DSLR?

I always prefer Ravelli tripods because the quality of the tripod is at high-level. You can use this tripod for any kind of camera like DSLR brands Sony, Canon, Nikon etc…

You get a good tripod of Ravelli brand around $100-$150 bucks. If you do the small comparison the high price tripods you can easily see the difference.

Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera Tripod

Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Camera TripodYou know the best part about this video tripod is that you can shoot almost 100 yards plus on the range and you did not feel any maintains the problem. I consider this a heavy duty tripod because it’s legs so strong which you can adjust effortlessly by sliding up and down according to the height which you required.

The tripods are lightweight but you can use it for heavy cameras and it works perfectly. You can also travel with this tripod as it also uses for travel video shoots. You can use this tripod as a backpack and it also has quick release plates.

Key Features

  • Maximum Height 54.5
  • Minimum Height 27
  • Collapsed Height 28.5
  • DSLR video support 27LBS
  • 3-Segment Interlocking Crutch Type Legs

Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm



  • Professional & Beginner use
  • Good for heavy weight DSLR
  • Good for long range video shoot



  • Cheap rubber feet grip


Well, Buying a lightweight tripod first thing that comes in our mind is the legs of the tripods. If you get a tripod which has good and strong legs then you can use it for the long term because it’s not damaged quickly.

The legs of the tripod support the camera or DSLR so you can shoot the video easily. So, here we talking about the Ravelli tripod and you happy to know that this tripod has 3-Segment Interlocking Crutch Type Legs. Which enough for heavy DSLR because you can carry it through them. You can see that it made with great plastic and you did not lose your money.

Head of the Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm

It has Dual Handled Head which you can use for 360 rotation smoothly and you can take quick action through. The grip of the head is strong so it can easily carry all type of cameras. As I consider it best tripod for all type of cameras or DSLR.

Final Words:

To be honest, If I am looking for a tripod for my video shoot at the professional level I definitely go for it. Because it has the complete package with a bag which you can use for traveling. I hope this review will help you a lot and you grab enough information about it. Check Price Below:

Check price

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