Campark ACT74 Vs GoPro Vs Akaso ek7000

In the market, there is a wide variety of cameras that offer the user a range of options when choosing. Here is a guide that can help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Campark ACT74 Vs GoPro Vs Akaso ek7000 Camera Reviews

Campark ACT74 Vs GoPro Vs Akaso ek7000You will get guidance on the Campark vs. GoPro Vs Akaso model features, in addition to presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Taking into consideration the information provided by the manufacturer, as well as the opinion of the user public.

Currently, camera users want to be able to get impressive images of their best moments. Make them compact, light, and shock-resistant. Check the latest camera reviews which you must like.

Among the number of models to get, those of the Campark ACT74 vs. GoPro, Campark ACT74 vs. Akaso ek7000, which have great acceptance, will be detailed. Customers who enjoy outdoor sports or simply enjoy traveling look for many of the specifications that will be found below.

Campark ACT74 Camera Review

This model weighs 500 Gr and dimensions of 15x10x5 cm. This small Camera has excellent acceptance. It is ideal for recording the best moments while enjoying a sport or just going on a trip

Due to its compact size, it is easy to take anywhere, with a menu that is easy to use and practical for anyone. It has a variety of accessories that allow optimizing the functions in any situation that is used.

Its characteristics give the acceptance of Campark ACT74 vs GoPro currently within the market of users who love external or outdoor sports.


  • 4K Ultra HD that allows you to take video frequency in 4K / 30fps and take 16mm photos
  • 170 ° lens with a 2-inch HD screen that supports micro SD memory up to 32Gb, which allows you to store a large number of shots and videos.
  • The rear screen allows you to view photos and videos before saving them.
  • Wifi remote control of up to 10mt compatible with iOS and Android that allows you to control the camera through the phone with up to 10m separations. Allowing to send photos, videos instantly to social networks
  • Two batteries that last up to 90 minutes of 1080P / 60fps video recording
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters (90 feet) due to the waterproof casing that makes it ideal for those who enjoy diving
  • Record in slow motion and loop
  • The two batteries are rechargeable in a short time, with only 3 hours already charged.
  • Accept charging with micro USB chargers
  • Ergonomic and light


The disadvantages that can be found would be in the following cases

  • Micro Sd card not included
  • Battery charger not included

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GoPro Hero Camera Review

Write about Campark ACT74 vs. GoPro, talk about GoPro cameras that keep their market position well-rooted. Designed to be used in extreme conditions, it adapts very well to water sports.

Due to its versatility, it is easily adaptable when used in extreme sports; on the networks, you can find spectacular shots made with this Camera.

It is widely used in extreme sports that are practiced in water such as surfing, diving, motorsports as well as skydiving, mountain biking, among others

This model has an application that helps connect with the PC, mobile phone, or tablet, allowing you to transmit your photos and videos in real-time to different social networks.

A GoPro Hero camera has evolved by improving the quality of its shots and features that meet the demands of modern man. Each GoPro Hero Model has the characteristics that set it apart from the others.


  • 2×4.4×3.2 cm size that makes it portable and manageable
  • Very light with a weight of 118 to 220 Gr
  • Resolution up to 18MP
  • The GroPro Hero 7 Black Has a HyperSmooth system that makes it stable when using it
  • The HDR in the HERO7 Black and HERO7 Silver models, in the first one it allows us to act with the super photo mode, in addition to having local tone mapping or noise reduce
  • Capable of making various types of videos, in the case of the GoPro Hero 7 Black, it allows us to make live videos with Facebook Live and videos with a time jump.
  • Each GoPro Hero camera has its resolution where we can highlight for the Hero 7 Black Video of 4K at 60 fp and photographs of 12 Mp. Slow-motion at 8x
  • In the case of the GoPro Hero 7 Silver, 4K videos at 30fp and photos with 10Mp resolution. 2X slow motion
  • GoPro Hero 7 White 1080p video and 10 Mp photos. 2X slow motion
  • Its bursts reach 15 shots per second. They have short clips of 15 or 30 seconds that allow faster sharing.
  • The three models include, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, touch screens
  • Taking photos and videos vertically
  • Built-in zoom and timer that allows you to program the camera shutter.
  • Group Selfies can be taken
  • It uses RAW format photos and HEVC format videos that provide high-efficiency understanding. Allowing reduction without losing the image quality of the files in half.
  • Waterproof without the waterproof casing up to 10mt. They have a voice command that allows you to take shots just by saying them.
  • The Overcapture function allows you to record 360 ° videos, and the content is fixed as if they were traditional videos.


  • As it is a high-end camera, it is not accessible for all types of budgets.
  • It does not have a stabilizer, as it has a feature that replaces it, but for some users, it is worrying.
  • HyperSmooth function cannot be adjusted in all recording resolution
  • Easy-to-use front screen underwater unlike the rear screen that makes it difficult to use

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Akaso ek7000 Camera Review

Made in China, with a weight of 340Gr (2.25 oz) and a dimension of 2.3x 5.1x 3.8cmt (2 inches) wide With a resolution of H.264. The MPH G4, in turn, provides a crisp shot.

It is another model that meets modern needs when recording videos and photos have raised its standards. This Campark ACT74 vs. Akaso ek7000 model that fits them well is taken into account.

This sports camera allows you to collect unforgettable moments with Ultra HD 4 video resolution; it has a 170 ° angular lens. The 12Mp photographs have a sharpness accepted by the user.

Its size and weight make it ideal to be carried on the wrist. This wireless Camera features a 2.4G remote control system what makes it popular with people who love to record either video or photography each moment differently.

It has a Wi-Fi system that makes it practical when using it together with the PC, Tablet, or mobile phone. It can be controlled by remote control to record videos, take pictures, or make burst photos.


  • Ultra HD4K image quality providing treble recording and high resolution. 4K 25fps and 30fps 2.7K speed
  • 1080P / 60fps videos, 16Mp photos
  • Intuitive user interface design. A touch screen that allows you to change settings, change shooting modes, preview, and playback sequences.
  • Integrated electronic image stabilization that records smooth and stable videos
  • 170 ° angular vision
  • SD memory card compatibility
  • Battery keeps face up to 90 min of continuous recording
  • Four shooting modes, burst shooting, video, Camera, time-lapse.
  • 2 inch LCD screen
  • 4G remote
  • Waterproof up to 40 Mt thanks to its wider waterproof housing
  • Compatible with GoPro mounts


  • Lack of image stabilization
  • SD card not included

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Can we compare the Campark ACT74 vs. GoPro vs. Akaso ek7000 Cameras models to find out which one best suits the user’s needs?

Yes, it is good to be able to review and compare what each of the Campark ACT74 vs. GoPro vs. Akaso ek7000 cameras offers, which is the best they offer you, the best of each, and the summary of its main feature.

Campark ACT74

The Best:

Wide range of accessories that make it more versatile, 4K Resolution, lightweight and ergonomic, shock and drop resistant, fast battery charging, 170 ° viewing angle, slow motion, and loop recording, charging with micro USB chargers, display 2.0 LTPS display on the back, good video resolution in the dark and underwater, touch screen.

The Worst:

  • Black and white screen

GoPro Hero

The Best:

Touch screen, Waterproof case, Excellent resolution, supports shock, high-quality audio recording with wind sound reduction, light, takes up to 3 frames per second with panoramic vision, Built-in Wifi to be controlled by remote control, adaptable to tablets, PCs, and Phones, battery with a duration of 90 minutes to 3 hours

The Worst:

  • High cost

Akaso ek7000

The Best:

Compatible with GoPro equipment, good resolution, ergonomics, recording format up to 4k, 12 Mp photography, 170 ° wide-angle lens, 2-inch LCD monitor, touch screen, easy to use allows you to see what is going to be recorded, 1080P and 60FPS video format, Camera with four burst shooting modes, video, time-lapse, the accessory pack included

The Worst:

  • Does not include an SD card

Final words:

Each Camera has differences that make it unique within its range. For example, the Akaso ek7000 has a camera with four different shots that are shooting mode, burst, and time-lapse video.

These characteristics of this Camera offer the user the ability to shoot their Camera and get the best shot they want at the right time.

While the Campark ACT74 offers the best quality video footage that makes it easy to transfer to any laptop or PC. Its sound and video quality are high, satisfying user expectations.

We can say that although the Campark ACT74 and the Akaso ek7000 are compatible with the accessories of the Go Pro. The latter has a greater range of accessories that guarantees a better quality in the final recording product.

  • Wrist straps
  • Car supports
  • Helmet mounts,
  • Pet harness supports,
  • Bodyboard support,
  • Microphone stand,
  • Articulated arm

That makes it more versatile when you want to capture unforgettable moments. Its compact and light model makes it an excellent travel companion.

Although its price is higher, the Go Pro camera offers greater quality and clarity in photography and videos. Thanks to having a 4K video resolution in HD, a camera of at least 12 Mp.

It uses a format that stabilizes the shot when it is picked up by the camera lens. It is remotely manageable from the mobile phone through an application. Thanks to this application, you can program your equipment to start or end a video recording, modify the settings, take pictures, and upload everything to the networks in real-time.

Another thing that makes the GoPro Camera better than the Campark ACT74 vs. GoPro, Campark ACT74 vs. Akaso ek7000, is the battery runtime. Depending on the use of the Wifi remote control, video recording, being well charged can be from 90 minutes to 3 hours

Taking into consideration all the above described, we can say that any of the Campark ACT74 vs. GoPro, Campark ACT74 vs. Akaso ek7000 models offer a resolution, compatibility, and beauty when recording. To acquire and know what to look for in a sports or action camera, you must be clear about the use it will be given. Not any camera offers resistance to water, shock, or falls.

Cameras have been created that offer these characteristics: Durability, resistance, and excellent resolution when capturing an image. The cost to pay for each one is different, as well as the demands of those who want to obtain the best quality at the best price. To know that you will be able to record unrepeatable moments with a quality team is to win.

Understanding that cameras have characteristics that make them unique in how you record or take a picture is important when comparing equipment.

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