How to Record Top-Down Art Demo Videos?

Artistic demonstration videos for YouTube and Instagram have become very popular recently. Many users would like to make such videos, although they don’t know the best way. It does not require a lot of steps or elements. So the following procedure is done.

Equipment You need:

There is a wide variety of equipment options that can be used. Here we mention the equipment most used by experts.

  • Camera: An iPhone S6 or an iPhone 8 Plus are some of the most recommended options by experts. You can also check some best options here.
  • Audio: Apple AirPods, Apple EarPods
  • Lighting: Light Stand and Diva Ring Light
  • iPhone stand: iPhone Lazy Arm desk stand is good or goes for any normal range tripod.
  • Audio recording: iPhone audio recording app or iPhone voice memos
  • Video editing software: Avidemux for Windows and Mac, or ScreenFlow for Mac

How to Record Top-Down Art Demo Videos?

Making art demo videos for YouTube or Instagram can be very easy when you perform a few simple steps. Once you have the above elements in place, the following steps should be followed.

How to Record Top-Down Art Demo Videos?

1. Check the Lighting

In most cases, people prefer to use a Diva ring light. This ring light provides dimmable led light that will allow the user to get the proper lighting according to their environment. This should be combined with a suitable light stand that is easy to move according to the film set. 

The lighting ring has this circle-shaped design to provide excellent diffused illumination. This lighting manages to spread throughout the entire environment in a uniform and balanced manner. This is why this is a set of essential accessories for this type of art demonstration video.

2. Positioning the iPhone Holder

The iPhone stand can be placed on a desk or a table. This stand is one of the most recommended ones as it provides the proper resistance to set up the position in the right way. This means that this mount can obtain the ideal height by modifying the work according to each user’s video.

This bracket can be poorly adjusted to a table to avoid any movement or fall of the iPhone. Once correctly adjusted, the stand can be rotated on its axis to provide a more comfortable final position. 

3. Check Battery and iPhone Configuration

Lastly, the battery level of the iPhone should be checked to avoid running out of video and complete recording. Some people may choose to plug the iPhone into a power outlet along with the battery charger. However, it is always best to only have a full battery charge.

Once this step is done, choose the best settings for the iPhone camera when recording. Choosing a high-resolution video recording also requires adequate storage space. So it may be advisable to incorporate a Micro SD memory card if you do not have enough storage space.

How to Edit Videos for YouTube?

You don’t need a lot of specific knowledge to edit a video for YouTube. Using ScreenFlow, you can perform excellent video editing by following the steps below.

  • Create a document in ScreenFlow with the specifications 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Remove the cuts at the beginning of today in the end properly.
  • Export the video with H.264 video encoding at 5000 bits/sec
  • Choose AAC audio encoding at 256 k bits / sec

Choose to output branded intro music or B footage as additional effects using edits and splices with YouTube videos.

How Do you Film the Above Drawing?

Following the steps below will be very easy for novice and inexperienced users. 

  • Choosing the Right Location

First of all, it is necessary to choose the most suitable place for video recording. It is not required to have too large a site. Here only a perfect and white space will be more than enough. Filming downwards allows you to get much better lighting without too much additional equipment or accessories.

  • Setting Up the Front Camera

The front camera is a standard camera with a tripod as the primary support. The user should ensure that the tripod is of excellent quality and provides proper operation. Tripods, in general, usually offer different heights. So the ideal size should be considered depending on whether the user will be shooting at a desk or if the person will be standing.

  • Checking the Top Camera

The top camera should be pointed downward and should also have a sturdy tripod. The difference, in this case, is that the tripod does not need a great height when the person is at a desk when drawing. What will be helpful is to have a combination arm and the tripod. 

This is the best way to get an excellent downward shot. Along with the tripod, the arm should support the total weight of the aerial camera. For this type of camera and the above camera, it is recommended to have a power cable connected to the battery. This cable can be connected to a power outlet for constant power.

  • Check the illumination

To have excellent illumination, you should have two softboxes located at the sides of the front camera. This should be combined with a ring light and the above items. The ring light is one of the most valuable objects for illuminating the desk or the central part that the user will use. 

This provides the necessary illumination despite whether it is day or night. The softboxes are responsible for reflecting the light produced by the light ring. In this way, it is possible to obtain an excellent light organization throughout the film set.


By performing just a few steps, any user will demonstrate their art skills for YouTube and Instagram. At the same time, few elements are required that are available on a low budget. Once the user learns these steps, they will have the ability to specialize with other advanced techniques.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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