Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Vs 264AB Tripods Reviews

Vanguard is the best brand that provides us with tripods. Today we are going to review the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Vs 264AB tripod. So, you basically get an idea about both tripods.

The tripods of Vanguard Alta Pro have flexibility that characterizes them as unique in the market; they have very good stability and allow the buyer to get more possibilities of range and angle that are not seen in any other tripod on the market. These tripods have a new multi-angle central column, so the system allows individuals to move the central column from zero angles, up to one hundred and eighty degrees in any of the horizontal and vertical positions, to take pictures frame as well as the more special shots obtained thanks to the wide angular range.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263ab Vs 264ab Tripods Reviews

The Vanguard Alta Pro tripod has a locking system that operates instantaneously in a rotating way, this can be easily stopped and locked in such a way as to ensure that the central column is positioned with a simple movement and the desired angle is adjusted to obtain the best shot. To achieve the best stability of the tripod you just have to wait a few seconds, because it is easy to use to reduce any inconvenience to the users with the device. The tripods for DSLR having the best choice of this tripod.

Features of the Vanguard Alta Pro 263ab Vs 264ab

These tripods are of very good quality and contain multiple features to make it easier for users to use it. They are made of a light material such as aluminum with the head made of magnesium alloy, have three legs that ensure its stability which can be adjusted up to about one meter and seventy-five centimeters in height the Alta Pro 263 AB, while the Alta Pro 264 AB up to a height of one meter seventy-three centimeters, with a central column that can be extended and a minimum height of one meter and fifty centimeters, with the central column, folded.

These weigh about two and a half kilos, so they can be considered light compared to others in the market. Like most Vanguard tripods, the Alta Pro 263 AB, like the Alta Pro 264 AB, also has its own case so that it can be transported lightly and safely to any location where you want to install it. Similarly, the two tripod models include a spare shoe. The legs have a special support system capable of adhering to any surface on which you want to make the shot, from places with land to urban centers.

Vanguard Tripod Pros & Cons

The new Vanguard tripods consist of several parts, as they have a ball head that can achieve angles of inclination of thirty-five, ninety and forty-five degrees, a light ball with very good precision for the use of mono feet Like tripods that can rotate up to three hundred and sixty degrees, it also has an anti-shock ring in case the support mechanism comes off. The legs are adjustable in three sizes, in fifty degrees, in twenty-five degrees, and in eighty degrees to achieve the desired stability.

These tripods can support up to a maximum of seven kilos, that is to say, that it can support the weight of a professional camera without any inconvenience because it is designed for the best comfort and safety of the user.

Vanguard Tripods



  • Multiple Colors To Buy
  • Quality
  • Great user experience
  • Good For all cameras



  • None


The Vanguard Alta Pro 264 AB tripod is considered the most suitable at the time of making an investment since it has a greater range and adjustability and is designed for any type of environment and space.

Its price makes it desirable for any photography lover. There are many who say that you must spend large amounts of money on a tripod of good quality but this tripod is the opposite.

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