Best 360 Degree Cameras for Virtual Tours

Following the new trends in terms of virtual views, having a 360 ° camera is providing the customer with an expectation of virtual reality. Where the world is not seen in 2D, but rather they are immersed in an experience where the videos are seen in a 360 ° turn. Giving the total client control of what they want to see during their virtual tour, interacting with their environment.

The purpose of the functions and features that 360° cameras provide is to put you at the forefront of bloggers and creators of audiovisual content. Giving the feeling and freedom to move down a predefined path to where we want to go. With these cameras, we can simulate the journey through our future home to any landscape with the most tangible reality and interaction possible.

One of the applications of this technology is to simulate the route in predesigned environments. This allows the architectural design area to avoid errors and interferences in the development of the project. This allows reducing costs and working hours, making the construction business more profitable. Check more on the cameras list to pick the best camera.

Best Cameras for Virtual Tours 2021

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5 Best 360 Cameras for Virtual Tours Reviews

Best 360 Degree Cameras for Virtual Tours

Before we talk about our top 5 picks you have to keep in mind about features, pros, and cons because it will help you out to pick the right one.

1) GoPro Fusion – 360 VR Camera

GoPro Fusion - 360 VR CameraThis is our first pick in Best 360 Degree Cameras for Virtual Tours and With the Go Pro camera, you can capture 360 ​​° videos and photos, recording everything in the best quality. With this camera, you can have a professional type of experience. Take video in 360 ° high defined 5.2K and 360 ° photos up to 18MP.

They can convert 360 ° shots into traditional photos and videos. Compatibility with Android smartphones and iPhones. Having compatibility with Android smartphones and iPhones, you can edit the videos and photos directly on the mobile and share them quickly. OverCapture allows you to create traditional photos with perfect quality and ease. Capture videos seamlessly.

Waterproof up to 5 meters deep. Consists of image stabilization and a built-in tripod.


  • This camera has is its versatility when editing videos and sharing them.
  • It is waterproof providing security in humid environments
  • The image stabilization system that gives us videos with optimal stability


  • Its size makes it big when it comes to being maneuverable.
  • When taking high-quality videos, the battery life is very short and must have high internal storage. For this reason, it is advisable to have an additional SD card.

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2) Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera

Ricoh Theta S Digital CameraWith this camera, you can have pleasant memories of trips and virtual views. Offers 12 Mpx 360 ° photos and 4K 360 ° videos at 30 fps.

It has a live camera function that can be synchronized with your mobile. It has WIFI communication which gives access to the cloud quickly and easily.

Transfer videos directly to your mobile. It has an image stabilizer. It has an internal storage capacity of 8GB. Capture Full HD videos compatible with YouTube. Charge the battery directly with the computer.

Allows continuous recording of 360 ° 25min videos. It has an API 7 open chamber compatibility.


  • This equipment is that it is light and easy to operate, it has a led that indicates its mode
  • You can upload to the cloud without any additional equipment as it has a WIFI connection
  • Directly compatible with mobile
  • Charge the battery directly with the computer.
  • It has a rubber coating that makes it shock-resistant.
  • Records seamless


  • It’s level of internal storage
  • The battery life is short giving us only 25 min of 360 ° recording
  • It has a FAT 32 file system that only allows us to record 4GB video files.
  • It has a short recording time for the videos.
  • It is not resistant to water and humidity

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3) Ricoh Theta SC2 BLUE 360° Camera

Ricoh Theta SC2 BLUE 360° CameraIt has a new enlarged video sensor that can take better 360 ° videos and photos. Take images with a resolution of 12 mp and seamless videos of 30fps. It has a 14MP output. You can record in full HD.

It has USB / HDMI connections. It has a WIFI connection that has been improved to 8MPS. The duration time has been extended to 25min.

It has the latest video and image stabilization technology. It has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand.


  • The advantage that stands out in this equipment is the 14MP output it has, such as USB and HDMI connections.
  • With the improvement in the WIFI connection, they have a high-speed data transmission. It allows us a good time to record videos.
  • Another considerable advantage of this equipment is that it has night vision making it ideal for places where lighting is absent.


  • It is not waterproof so care must be taken when exposing it to humid climates.

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4) Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera

Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical CameraHigh image quality in a compact size. This camera records 360 ° videos at 30fps and up to 4k. It has SmartDragon video processing. It has a built-in noise reducer. High-speed data transfer up to 24mps. Lightweight and compact in size that fits in your hand.

High battery life that guarantees 300 photos and more than 80min of video. It has a gyroscopic sensor, which detects the slightest of movements, stabilizing the image obtaining smoother and less blurry videos.

Easy to use has an Android-based operating system, which makes it compatible with most of today’s mobiles. It has a continuous shooting system and in time intervals.


  • The advantage highlighted in this camera is its Android-based operating system, which gives us high compatibility with the largest number of mobile devices on the market.
  • Another advantage is in the gyroscopic sensor that it has, this guarantees us cleaner videos.
  • In addition, with its high durability battery, it gives a long operating autonomy.


  • You have to take into account the quality in which this camera records since for this you must have a good level of storage.
  • We must prevent running out of it. Another disadvantage is that this camera does not have native waterproofing; this means that for our camera to be waterproof it must have an additional accessory.
  • The time of the shooting intervals has been reduced to 4 seconds; this provides little time to focus on our target.

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5) Samsung Gear 360 4K VR Camera

Samsung Gear 360 4K VR CameraThis is the last pick of Best 360 Degree Cameras for Virtual Tours and Capture 360 ​​° videos in 4K resolution which can be shared instantly. This camera can take 180 ° photos with a 15MP resolution. It is made waterproof. Easy and light to hold, you can take it with you wherever you want. It has a preview of the videos for editing.

Videos can be easily shared with the Samsung Galaxy S range of phones. Another appreciable advantage of this camera is its small screen which provides autonomy when changing settings and configurations. It is only compatible with Samsung mobiles and not all.

Only high-end mobiles enter which are series A, this is at least officially. Those who do not have a mobile in this range will settle for plugging the camera into the computer. This disadvantage can be solved with a modification to the Samsung administrator, but still, in certain cases, there are compatibility problems.


  • The advantage of this camera is its size and video quality.
  • It can take 15mp quality photos, which don’t take up a lot of internal storage.
  • Its resistance to water makes it attractive for outdoor walks.


  • The battery life does not last if we abuse the 360 ​​° recording.
  • The heating of the equipment by the continuous use of this, so we must be careful when using it.

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What is a 360 Camera?

As the name implies, they are a special type of camera, which covers different angles. Therefore, this type of camera can obtain a complete image of the entire contour. They can take a photo or video with 360 ° vision

In this type of camera, each lens is responsible for taking an image at a certain angle, which is completed and overlaps having a complete image. Depending on the number of sensors that the camera can contain, the photos or videos may be larger or smaller. The quality of photos and videos may vary depending on the number of sensors.

The 360 ​​° camera is presented as an excellent option when making virtual tours or visits. They make it possible to capture the environment in a real, simple, and comfortable way.

What should I look for in a 360 camera for virtual tours?

To choose the best 360 ° camera, we have to take into account, like any audio and video device, certain characteristics that we name below:

1) Ease of Work Flow

To satisfy this parameter, we have to take into account memory and storage capacity, size, battery weight, and connectivity. By having these aspects balanced, we can count on an agile and high-performance 360 ​​camera for continuous work.

The storage capacity of the camera is what tells us how many photos and videos we can store in it. This number may vary according to the size and quality of the photos and videos to be taken. The higher the resolution and the quality of the audiovisual content, the greater the storage capacity should be so that you can run out of internal memory.

To ensure a good internal memory capacity, today, there are SD cards, typical and that can be used in most 360 ° cameras on the market. With these cards, the storage memory capacity of the cameras is extended. This is important since if we record in 4K, hundreds of MB are used, in short, recording time; for this, we will need this type of card.

Today, there are cards of this type ranging from 16GB to 128Gb, and with a high data transfer rate (write speed).

Regarding the size and weight, we can limit that it is an important factor when making an outdoor recording. Because if you record while traveling or on location, it can be difficult to do it with a large or heavyweight. Therefore, most of the cameras on the market can be held in one hand, being light and compact.

The battery plays a key role when it comes to long recording periods. When this happens, it is necessary to take into account the battery capacity. Some models of 360 ° camera have rechargeable batteries and others interchangeable of long duration so as not to depend on cables.

In a 360 ° camera, good connectivity is essential to have WiFi or Bluetooth connections. This makes the camera very versatile when it comes to broadcasting live and having a fast and wireless connection to transfer files from the device to your computer. As well as countless applications and amenities when it comes to the production of virtual visits.

2) Stitching Quality

To obtain high-quality virtual views, we must have a 360 ° camera, with the ability to record without stopping. This is accomplished by having a camera that records frames per second at a high level. There is a camera that records 15 fps, is ideal to have a high-quality video of 30 fps.

When buying a 360 ° camera, you have to take into account the resolution, since in some cases that feature goes up, but the frames drop per second. This affects the fluidity of the video. It is important when buying a camera of this type, with 4K resolution, to make sure that the fps are not affected.

3) Image Quality

Another important factor in the production of a virtual tour is the quality of the image. The number of pixels will determine the quality. The higher these are, the better the image quality of the equipment will be.

The aspects that come into play to determine this factor, is the lens and the internal hardware that the camera to buy.

The image stabilizer is another determining factor when it comes to video quality that can be obtained in a 360 ° camera. The purchase of such a camera without an image stabilizer is not recommended. This causes the slightest movement. The video quality will be affected. This is because the image vibrates, and the continuous rattle will lose definition.

4) Viewing Footage

Another predominant factor that must be added when deciding which 360 ° camera to buy is the display of images or resolution. The older this is, the better the videos will be. There are already many 360 ° cameras that feature high definition or HD resolution and 4K or more, making them true professional cameras.

It should be mentioned that to edit the videos in 4K; you need a computer with enough power in the data processing.

5) Price

When defining which 360 ° camera to buy, you must take into account the economic factor, since there are cameras that have the best value for money and be careful since it is not a rule that the most expensive camera is the best.

Frequently Ask Questions:

  • How do you shoot a 360 virtual tour?

These tours are taken with cameras that have two or more lenses; these are placed in positions that allow you to record at a very wide angle. The team’s internal software automatically overlays and joins images to create a truly unique 360 ​​° virtual tour.

  • What is the best virtual tour software?

The virtual visit must be done with a professional application, which provides the best video editing and production tools. That is why there are many applications and software on the market, capable of giving excellent results.

One of them is the Virtual Tour of 3D Vista, which presents two versions. Virtual Tour Standard for amateurs and beginners and Virtual Pro for professionals, this is a standalone tool that provides a perpetual license. And it creates impressive virtual tours for the most demanding clients and an own property portal.

Virtual Tour is perfectly compatible with a 3D tour made in CAD software. Creating animated landscape visits and tourist videos. The virtual views created with this software can be hosted on the user’s servers or the 3D views server. It is also compatible with Oculus, Vive, VR Box, DayDream, and Google Cardboard Headset, among others.

  • What is the best 360 camera on the market?

Well, it should be noted that in the market for 360 ° cameras, there are good brands that offer the best balance of tools, quality, and price. To get straight to the point, we can mention the Ricoh 360 ° cameras.

This camera has sensors of more than 12 megapixels synchronized with lenses that exceed 240 degrees. Thus they can create 360 ​​° videos with vertical and horizontal axes. These cameras are capable of capturing 1080p quality videos, thus achieving videos with the highest quality and definition.

This camera can be easily accommodated in your hand, making it versatile and easy to carry on long recordings and in outdoor locations.

  • How do you take good 360 pictures?

For taking good 360 ° photos the following must be taken into account

  • Always keep the camera in an upright position.
  • Make sure that the camera is never tilted so that there is no ripple effect.
  • Never point the lens directly at a light source.
  • Light up space as much as possible. It is very difficult to take a beautiful 360 ° photograph in dark places than in well-lit ones.

Admittedly, this technology has been around for a few years. But it had not been popularized for two main reasons. The first was the economic factor; it was a very expensive technology than they are now, therefore it was not available to many people. Secondly, we have the separation of files, which made the production process of virtual views more tedious, and therefore, there was more work.


Due to the advancement of technology regarding the 360 ​​° camera, the previous obstacles were disappearing. The costs and work when making a 360 ° video or a virtual view have dropped. In addition to this, cameras of this type have the most versatile tools and software, so that the virtual views are as real and interactive as possible.

It should also be noted that thanks to the rise in interest, for this technologist, we are witnessing an immense fascination not only for the audience but also for the companies in charge of creating this equipment and accessories.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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