Lightweight and Cheapest Gitzo Tripods

Gitzo is one of the companies with the best trajectory in the manufacture of accessories and photographic clothing. Since 1940, it specializes in the manufacture of camera covers, tripods, and tripod heads. The corporation, which originated as a producer of wood and metal cassettes in the early twentieth century, in 1992 partnered with the Vitec Group, which also owns the manufacturer of accessories Manfrotto.

The Gitzo tripods have always been characterized by their quality, functionality, and good finishes. The originals – tripods and monopolies – were built with aluminum alloys coated in hammered gray powder, very characteristic in the 70s. However, from 1994 onwards they incorporated tripods made of carbon fiber into their catalog. These, due to the lightness that they offer as an accessory, became the only material used in their tripods since 2015. The top 10 best tripods are here.

The practicality of the Gitzo tripods makes it, together with Manfrotto, the most acquired accessory brand by photographers. Their designs have all the characteristics that adapt to any style of photographer or lover of the visual arts that uses them.

As of 1999, Gitzo handles the following models in the market:

  • Explorer: Introduced in the 2000s- characteristic of the blocking of its legs and the inclination of its central column, which gives the “spider” effect. It is one of the most used for close-up and macro photographs.
  • Traveler: Added in 2004 to your stock -: it folds easily; it is excellent and very light to travel due to the 180º rotation of its legs.
  • Leveling: In its stock since 2004 -: the design of the central column is the charm of this tripod, which allows leveling the cameras in two by three.
  • Ocean: The most recent, added to its catalog in 2009 and discontinued in 2015 -: made of stainless steel, with hermetic locks for the legs, which protected the intrusion of corrosive materials. They were not made more because of the company’s decision to use only carbon in their tripods.

The rise of the Gitzo tripods, although they are not characteristic for their low prices, lies in the durability and quality of their garments. However, for photographers, there will always be a doubt: which is the best to use? Next, a selection of the best based on two criteria: price and lightness.

Cheapest Gitzo Tripods

There are so many options for tripods that it is difficult to know which one to buy. However, in terms of prices, the “standard” or simple model will always be the cheapest. Gitzo, on the other hand, has a price range that goes from 100 and goes up to 1,000 dollars. Therefore, the accessibility of these is not a problem. You can buy a quality product at an affordable price. Check Zomei latest tripods here.

Classified by model, the cheapest Gitzo are:

  • Monitor Gitzo Monotrek Aluminum G1650: This perhaps the cheapest of this company, and one of the few models that are still manufactured with aluminum. However, after the decision to increase its catalog with carbon fiber accessories, this issue is difficult to achieve. Stores like Amazon only have it in stock occasionally.
  • Gitzo Reporter G220 Tripod: Its cost is about $$$ at stores like E-bay and Amazon. It is light, weighs only 2 kilos, and its legs, made of aluminum, spread easily. It is designed to withstand heavy cameras, approximately 7 kilograms. This Gitzo model is characterized by its durability and functionality in closed spaces.
  • Tripod Gitzo Inter Pro Studex G340: The price ranges between 350 and 395 dollars. This product, made of aluminum and carbon fiber offers firmness and excellent grip of the legs, in addition to flexibility. Despite not being the newest models, is one that resists a good proportion of weight, about 10 kilograms.

Lightweight Gitzo tripods

In general, the Traveler line – that is, for travelers – is the one that offers the best options in this case. The Gitzo tripods are characterized by not weighing too much, especially those made with carbon; these are the lightest Gitzo tripods, ideal for people who need to move their equipment from one place to another.

  • Mountaineer GT0532 tripod: The lightest in the Mountaineer carbon fiber range. It has an angle selector for quick and ergonomic operation. The central column is easily removed to make land-level captures. The price is $$$.
  • Tripod Traveler series 1 GT145TUS: It is carbon fiber and portable, therefore, it is saved very easily. It includes a strap to move and, although it is very flexible, it offers a decent height for the photographer. The cost is $$$.
  • Traveler Series Tripod 0.4 GK0545T-82TQDUS: This accessory is incredibly light and resistant. It has 2 leg angles and a short column for ground-level captures. The complete kit, which includes all the surrounding areas, costs $$$.

Gitzo GT1544T Traveler Tripod Review

This traveling tripod, of medium size, reaches about 142 cm with the column extended. It was manufactured for the first time in 2005 but discontinued in 2015. However, it is still available in stock at online stores, such as Amazon.


  • It is incredibly light, weighs 0.98 kg, and can support up to 8 kilograms.
  • It is removable and brings its cover to the store.
  • The legs are extended and fixed in different types of soil with ease and firmness.
  • It is flexible and can be fixed in different positions, according to the angle of the camera you want to achieve.
  • Its central column allows taking photographs at ground level.
  • Its 4-section legs are compact and can be loaded anywhere.


  • The price: has a cost of $$$, not affordable for all. There are products of the same range that are more economical and offer similar characteristics.
  • The legs, despite being resistant, can slide when the ground is soft or when too much weight is placed on the structure.
  • It slides sideways when the air currents are very strong.


It is clear that if you are looking for quality, durability, and excellence, Gitzo is one of the most optimal options on the market. Currently, with the photographic boom, it is vital to get functional accessories, and this brand is deployed with a wide range, intended for professionals and amateurs.

Although their prices may not be the cheapest in the market, the options are diverse and can be adapted to any pocket. In addition, it has the guarantee, the seal of quality, and trajectory that this company holds.

For travelers, climbers, photographers of interiors, outdoors, parties, YouTubers, or bloggers, Gitzo has an ideal model that adapts to your requirements. Currently, the stock can be obtained on their official website, although they are also sold with greater affluence in online stores.

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