How much 4K Video Can 64GB hold?

Do you want to know the capacity of your storage card? You might have storage issues or wonder how much 4k videos can your 64 GB card hold. We have got you covered as we are going to give a detailed description of all your queries. 

An SD card of 64 gigabyte GB can store about 1 hour and 20 minutes of 4k resolution video, and It is necessary to know how much space your storage card has to keep your flow of shooting. Otherwise, you will face interruptions. So let’s find out some of the most basic questions regarding 4k videos and storage.

How much 4K Video Can 64GB hold?

How much 4K Video Can 64GB hold?

A 4K resolution means four times 1080 pixels. 4k resolution is high-definition HD video resolution. Moreover, to run an HD video, you require HD devices like 4K television and 4K monitors. Nowadays, people are enjoying 4K videos more, and they are becoming the talk of the town. You might have witnessed that every upcoming project, either film, Netflix, or commercial video, is designed on 4K resolution.

Different screens require different resolutions. For instance, the standard for 4K videos on monitors and television is 3840×2160 pixels. In comparison, the cinematography of film and video production requires 4096×2160 pixels.

4k Resolution Upscaling

An upscaling is a unique feature. We upscale by using a device (like 4K television or monitors) to work with lower resolutions like 1080 pixels and 720 pixels. By working, we mean that lower resolution will display on the complete screen, not in one corner or middle of the screen. 

In 4K resolution, your video player will accept the input resolution and amplify it. Upscaling does not provide as much high-quality as a 4k resolution device does. Plus, your television can not create information other than the input information.

Therefore, the upscaling from standard definition SD to 4K quality occurs by adding lines in the picture. Upscaling refers to the enhancement of the received resolution from standard or high definition to 4k resolution.

4K Or Ultra HD?

You can never tell how fast technology is evolving. One day you listen 4k resolution is best, and the other day, it is replaced by Ultra HD. Time is near when you will be preparing to bring an 8K video resolution television to your home. 

The resolution of 4k contains horizontal pixels and some vertical pixels as well. Horizontal pixels are 4096 pixels. Vertical pixels are 2160 pixels. It is assumed that 4k means 4000, but now it is 4096 x 2160 pixels which we sometimes refer to as 4k2k. Whereas an ultra-high-definition UHD can never achieve the level of 4k resolution because its horizontal pixels are less. 

An ultra-HD resolution contains 3840x 2160 pixels, which is good enough to refer to as Full High Definition. Some television sets and other screens with 3840×2169 pixels are often labelled as 4k resolution screens.

Merits And Demerits Of 4k

The benefits of 4K resolution are that it gives crisp and sharp video quality on high resolution. A higher resolution is required in health care institutes to monitor precisely.

Moreover, 4K resolution is also required for filming at night time, and even at lower lights, 4k lenses will capture the true essence and life of the objects. Additional sharp colours and brightness will add value to the images.

Now coming towards the demerits of 4K, they are costly to handle. Expensive in the sense that the high quality will make the file massive in size. To store these huge files, you require a big SD card and not only this but also write speed at high speed to tun them smoothly.

To enjoy 4k content, you have to use the bandwidth of 30MBps which is not cheap. Plus, the transferring of video from one device to another requires much time due to huge files.

How Big Is a 1-Hour 4K Video?

Firstly, a 64GB SD card supports 5 hours of 1080pixels whereas it supports only 1 hour 20 minutes footage of 4kvideo. Secondly, a 4k video requires streaming at 375Mb for one minute of footage, and lastly, it requires 30 frames per second. It is estimated that around 42 GB of space is needed for 1 hour of 4k videos, approximately equal to 4096×2160 pixels.

How much 4K Video can 128GB hold?

It entirely depends upon the brand you purchase. Different SD cards of 128GB offer additional holding capacity for 4k videos. Considering the standard SD card, it provides up to 2.5 hours of 4k videos. If you want an SD card, majorly for 4k videos must read their capacity and reading speed before buying them.

How Much Storage Do I Need For 4K Video?

As highlighted above, while purchasing an efficient SD card, particularly ask for the maximum space it offers for 4k videos. For 4k video storage, you need 2GB storage a minute equal to 110Gb per hour of 4k video storage.

It is evident that because 4k videos are enormous, they require more storage capacity, especially if you compare 4K videos with standard videos.

How Many Minutes Of 4K Video Can 128GB Hold?

It is not easy to calculate such a thing because different cameras have different shooting conditions like okay, very fine or standard. If you opt lens with a higher megapixel count, its photos will be more prominent in size. Depending upon the recording rate, a 128Gb SD card can perform as below:

Rate (Mbps) 128GB per minute
400 40
200 1 hour 20 minutes
150 1 hour 50 minutes

A storage device card of 64Gb can hold up to 2,184 photos, but before buying an SD card for your camera, you should rule out its usage. For instance, if you are only going to use it for casual photography, if yes, you do not require a much expensive SD card. But if the requirement is professional and you need an SD card for the high-quality shoot, you have to think smartly. How Many 4K Photos Can 64GB Hold?

How Much Can 4K Video 256GB Hold?

Many people find a 32Gb SD card enough for their camera to store files in it. And here we are talking about 4k resolution format video so a 256Gb SD card can hold 153 videos. Many factors interfere, like minutes, camera model, and it can vary from brand to brand.

Which Is Better 64GB Or 128GB? 

If you are the type of person who never bothers to save the files on cloud storage, then 128GB is your type. With 128GB, you can easily use your device, take pictures as much as you want. Moreover, you can download movies in 4k format as well. With a 128GB SD card, you will have the freedom to capture while traveling and side by side using your favorite apps.

While in the case of 64GB, you have to transfer your data timely to some other device. With 64GB, your device will not respond very well to 4k videos or pictures. Especially when we talk about 64 GB phones, they always run low in space.

The reason is from 64GB, 30 percent of space will take over by the files and software of the phone, the rest of the area will store some necessary and essential apps. It is resulting in no or insufficient space for music, photos, and videos.

How Many GB Are 1000 Pictures?

Talking about photos, if we took 595 photos approximately, it would be equal to 1 GB, which means that for 1000 photos, you require 2 GB for storage. It can vary if the resolution of images varies. It means that 595 pictures from a 5-megapixel camera can make a photo album of 200 prints.

The same case will not run if the resolution of photos will be more than that. Most importantly, the camera and file format’s lens plays a crucial part in calculating the exact storage space for the same number of photos.

Many cameras like Sony, Canon, Samsung, and others contain different resolution lenses. Some have high pixels, some have low, so the picture quality differs. Smaller the file size, the less space it will require in your storage card.


As we have discussed and elaborated everything related to 4k Videos and SD cards, so it will be easy for you to purchase an SD card. You have to look for the capacity it contains, reading, and writing speed to process the 4k. Lastly, but most importantly, the price.

Look for famous brands and figure out your need and desired SD card accordingly. Please do not go for cheap ones because you do not want to buy them regularly. Branded SD cards are better than other names, dig deep and make the right choice.

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