Sony A6300 Overheating

Sony A6300 Overheating

Sony A6300 Camera is among the most popular and well-function cameras. Vloggers and photographers all use it. Generally, people’s problem with it is that it cannot be used for too long because it gets heat up. Overheating is the main problem with this camera.

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15 Ways to Stop Your Sony A6300 from Overheating

People still use it due to its high performance of high-definition pictures and video recordings while being available at such a low price. However, to stop it from overheating, there have been used techniques to keep it cool. In this article, we will be discussing that:

1. Battery Heat

Battery heat is one of the main sources of overheating in your Sony A6300. Usually, a camera requires a minimal and compact design for a battery such as the Sony A6300. Nonetheless, battery design does not allow the excessive heat to dissipate out easily, which in return causes a buildup of heat. To avoid such a scenario, the users have to maintain their camera by changing its battery before overheating. NP-FW50 batteries are cheap and effective. Keep an extra spare set for precaution.

When the battery starts to transfer heat into the camera at that moment, the battery should be changed. If the heat reaches the camera, then the overheating problem will start occurring. Even when the camera is not being used, change the main batteries. After every 15 minutes of a photoshoot of high definition and frame per second, the main batteries should be replaced with the bought ones to cool down the main batteries. 

Main batteries should not be thrown away rather kept for a while separately to let them cool down and dissipate the heat. Keep the batteries changing process ongoing, so that photo sessions work does not stop due to fear of overheating.

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2. Using an alternate Power Source

People these days have found another way of running A6300. NP-FW50 dummy battery is jack into the camera. This solution allows the camera to keep on working for a longer time than batteries. NP-FW50 is a cable with a dummy battery and USB port used to charge the battery through a different source such as a high output power bank, power outlet, etc. NP-FW50 is around about $25 to $35 online.

NP-FW50 doesn’t allow the heat to transfer to the camera, and it dissipates heat faster than a battery, thus increasing the time period to work with it. Arranging and connecting the process may sound complex while it’s quite easy and works smoothly.

3. Look into SD Card Data rate

Usually, people think that it’s the battery that always causes overheating, but it’s not like that. Another main source of heating is none other than the SD card. It sounds a bit impractical, but if you thought through how the process of capturing 4k footage works, it becomes quite clear that high output pictures cover a large memory size. SD card gets overheated when simultaneous pictures of high definition are taken. SD card itself and its place in that camera is not meant to have a tolerance or faster heat dissipation.

Most people buy a simple SD card while trying to buy the one with a higher data storing rate. Higher transfer rate SD card should be used as a result camera, and SD card will not get heat up. SD card having 70 MB/s transfer speed and 90/MBs shooting speed for minimum performance or 250MB/s transferring speed card and 130MB/s recording speed for maximum performance should be utilized for HD and 4k video work in the A6300 Camera.

Details of SD cards are clearly labeled with their capability and performance. Next time check the SD card details before purchasing it. Prices of SD cards have also fallen in the last few years. Proper recommended date rate SD card usage will reduce the chances of overheating and allow better work.

4. External Storage

Nowadays, technology is used not only to make things easy but make them better. Instead of an SD card, external storage is used. External storage will not only increase the transfer speed and will provide a bigger space for storage. Heat development in the SD card is removed from the equation because the external storage is out of the camera body while only connected through a wire for data transfer.

Handling external storage is a bit difficult as managing its wire connection while taking pictures. While buying external storage can be costly, one should consider their usage requirement for a Sony A6300 camera.

5. Increase Surface Area

Increasing heat dissipation by basically increasing the surface to allow more heat transfer, thus reducing heat developed. Cage type of body is placed upon the camera body. Heat dissipation increases as the heat are being transferred to the cage body, which cools it down through the atmosphere. The Market is filled with many beautiful types of cage bodies with a better structure to dissipate heat.

6. Mini Umbrella

The mini umbrella protects it from the sunlight in hot weather, thus keeping its heat level low. Countries that have a lot of hot sunlight weather should use this technique. A simple umbrella is placed upon the camera right next to the tripod to block the sunlight. Umbrella accessories are available in many types and shapes to block sunlight in the best way possible based on the camera and situation.

7. Bring the LCD Screen Out

The Third source of heat is the LCD screen on the Sony A6300. LCD screen, after using for a while, will start to exhibit heat. After developing the heat, it then also transfers that heat to the camera, which causes quick overheating. Simple tilting the screen away from the camera body would allow the airflow by it and thus does not allow it to transfer its heat to the camera. 

8. Battery Door

A6300 battery door is opened, it reduces the heat dramatically because instead of transferring the battery’s heat to the camera body, it transfers to the environment. It also allows the body heat to exit through the battery door. As a result, both battery and camera heat is reduced when the door is opened.

Many people try opening the battery door method when the camera gets heated up. After a while, when it cools down, they either keep it open if it does not disturb their work or tripod-type equipment, or else it is closed, and they can continue their work on the camera again.

9. Fan and Air Conditioner Cooling

Place a fan next to the camera or decrease the AC temperature to allow more cooling from the environment around it. Basic environment cooling is also an effective way of cooling the camera down and keeping it from quickly overheating.

Some people have started placing a fan while pointing it toward the screen position or open door batteries. To attain better cooling, the screen tilts out so that cooling hits the center essential part of the camera.

10. Open Flash Housing

Heat transfer with the atmosphere increases when the area increases. In the A6300 case, the flash house needs to be opened. Flash house will allow the atmosphere to cool down the camera. It will act as the increased area, which will allow the heat transfer and dissipate the heat. A simple solution like this will also not cost anything. 

11. Airplane Mode

Sony A6300 has a feature called Airplane mode. If this mode is turned on, it will close other features that are not needed. Such a solution will allow the camera to develop less heat because other features are stopped, which creates a load on the camera. Less heat would also extend its time to become overheated. Airplane mode is turned on by clicking on the Wi-fi section and then on the airplane mode option.

12. Frames Per Second

While using the Sony A6300 camera, the frame rate per second needs to be kept at a minimum. If the frame rate is minimized, then it will not heat up quickly. Most of the users do not know this. Maximum frames occur when the camera is set to take 4k pictures and video recordings. Therefore reduce the definition if possible to slow down the overheating of the camera.

13. Auto Power Off Temperature

In the toolbox section, the auto power-off temperature can be found, and click on the high option instead of the standard option. It will allow the camera to work even if it starts to get a bit to heat up, thus allowing more time to work.

Auto power off temperature is a precautionary setting that turns off the camera after reaching a specific temperature. However, when it is turn off, the camera will reduce heating up as that feature load is removed, but the user now has to be careful as the camera will keep on working until the heat crashes it or the battery runs out.

14. Autofocus on the Lens

Use manual focus so that it does not heat up quickly. A6300 camera, by default, has turned on the autofocus option, which quickly heats the camera. The following steps will explain how to turn on manual focus and disable the autofocus,

  1. Turn off the pre-AF (Pre Autofocus) and AF w/ shutter (Shutter Autofocus) in the setting section, column 3.
  2. Select column 6 and select ‘Custom key settings.’
  3. Click on the AEL button.
  4. Lastly, click on AF On (Autofocus) to turn it off.

15. Update to Latest Firmware

Sony A6300 cameras have the latest firmware, which prolongs the battery life and reduces heat development. Previous firmware programs were also causing heating. Nonetheless, the new firmware was specially designed to keep the camera cool as much as possible.

  1. To install the new firmware, perform the following steps,
  2. Look for a file for sony A6300 update under the name of update_ILCE6300V201.exe or a similar name.
  3. Check the compatibility of the file with the computer, and if compatible, then download it.
  4. Connect the camera with the computer with a USB wire.
  5. Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation.
  6. Turn on the camera.
  7. On the camera, click on Mass storage of ‘USB connection’ setting in 5 columns of HDMI in the toolbox section in camera.
  8. On the computer, click on the Next button, the second-page installation will appear.
  9. Check the version; if it is 2.00, then click again on the Next button.
  10. Wait for it to finish the installation. Once the installation is completed, click on the Finish button, and the camera will automatically restart.
  11. So let it restart and run its program until the camera home page opens, only then disconnect the camera and use it accordingly.


Does Sony A6300 overheat in 1080p?

Yes, but it occurs after extensive use of more than 30 minutes.

How to control sony a6300 overheating firmware?

By installing the latest new update, it will change the firmware in such a way that it will no longer because of it and increase the use of before.

What happens when a camera overheats?

Open the battery door, change batteries, tilt the screen, and open the flash to let it cool.

How do I stop my DSLR from overheating?

Apply the above mention techniques to keep it cool.


Sony A6300 Camera is a great camera with many features. At the same time, it overheats; the method discussed will better cooling and heat dissipation.

However, the major reason for its heating is its high definition of 4k pictures and video recordings. The load on the camera with such high-intensity use makes overheating quickly. Therefore while using the Sony A6300 camera, patience and care are needed to perform at high performance.

Some solutions are costly, but the required result and performance would require that price to provide it complete performance. There are many other cameras out there, but none of them would compete at such a price with such best features.

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