Ravelli APLT4 Vs Ravelli APGL5 Review

Getting a good tripod at the lowest price everyone needs because we use it for our mobile phones and other digital cameras like DSLR. Here we compare both the Ravelli APLT4 tripod and Ravelli APGL5 tripod because sometimes we little confused about two or three products at the same time. In this comparison, you got to know each and everything about both tripods. It will help you to tell which tripod is best for you. Mostly when we go for travel and for some photoshoot we face problems in the angle of pictures and videos and we do not capture it properly. But these tripods will help you to support and you can rotate your devices anywhere in no time.

Our Pick
If you want to know about our suggestion then we go with Ravelli APLT4 because you can use it for everything and you are not limited with this tripod. The price also lower than Ravelli APGL5 which is affordable.

Ravelli APLT4 Tripod Reviews

Ravelli APLT4 Tripod ReviewsLet’s talk first of all about Ravelli APLT4, this tripod made by Ravelli later on and people like to buy it because it has a completely new shape and design. If you are looking for your smartphone or smart camera then this tripod is only made for you. Ravelli APLT4 have 61 in height and lightweight that easy to carry you anywhere. You can also get a bag with this in black color that is free with it. Actually, this bag you can use for its component. You can read reviews about the best tripods for Nikon DSLR as well.


  • Maximum Height: 61″ Adjust to 19″
  • Camera Mounting Screw with Quick Release Plates
  • Pen option for portrait and landscape mode
  • A good Carry Bag

Pros of the Product


  Rapid Security Focus

  Spring loaded and push in quite easily

Cons of the Product

It can’t handle heavy cameras

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Ravelli APGL5 Tripod Reviews

Ravelli APGL5 Tripod ReviewsWhen it comes to Ravelli APGL5 it has other features that totally different from Ravelli APLT4. When we talk about video photoshoot then Ravelli APGL5 best in it because it manufactured for video shoot especially. This tripod handles a heavyweight camera easily. You can remove its legs or adjust according to your requirements. This tripod also has to handle then you can use it for different angles for a smooth video shoot.


  • Maximum Height 65
  • Center Column Height Reduction
  • Reversible Legs
  • Single Twist Leg Locks

Pros of the Product


  Free Carry Bag

  Solid Structure

Cons of the Product

Only For Video Shoot

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Both tripods are good respectively. Now it matters what are your requirements and for which purpose you need tripods. We define each and everything that will help you to choose the best tripods for your DSLR and other devices.

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