Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Tripod Reviews

The Manfrotto brand brings straight from Italy a new tripod design that comes in black and made of aluminum, the MT190XPRO4 which is inspired by the predecessor models of the same brand, to ensure greater comfort with a different, more professional system.

The most modern design cuts the time spent on configuration and adjustments for the photographer to dedicate to the real work that has the best quality.

Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 Aluminum Tripod Reviews

The adjustment system is much better and easier with the Quick Power Lock that implements Manfrotto for its tripods, which is based on solid tabs, which are easily manipulated with the strength of a single hand, ensuring the extraction and retraction of the different sections of the legs separately or all at once in a single effort of movement.

After the correct configuration of the legs, the manipulation of the central column continues, which can be left in its perfect vertical position or passed to a horizontal position where different photos can be taken upside down, among others. Which is not difficult in the least, because the tool is quite light and only requires pressing a button and adjust to the position.

It is another of the tripods of Manfrotto with the option of adding different accessories if the cameraman requires it, to improve the quality of their photos, lighting, among other aspects. This is attributed to the easy link that is integrated into the MT190XPRO4. These accessories can achieve stability in the flexible legs of the tripod.


Another of its wonderful features are the heaters in two of its legs in case the ambient climate turns out to be very cold and also the integrated bubble level, which allows a flexible turn and easy viewing no matter what position you have.

The person will only drag on it and enjoy another level of comfort. It has 4 different angles of adjustment on its legs; these legs are adjusted independently and are quite practical when it comes to adjusting to the different terrains that the photographer can find on the way, it will not stop for anything. The Top 10 best tripods also give short details.

This tripod model MT190XPRO4 was designed in a way that was easy to handle, without slipping, nor with the possibility of jamming and even with elegance; in its design, you can see the name of Manfrotto along the legs, included in leg warmers that also serve as a grip.

MT190XPRO4 reaches an altitude of 49 centimeters with the legs completely retracted, a maximum height of 160 centimeters, and 135 centimeters if the central column does not deploy upwards. Its minimum altitude is 8 centimeters for low shots. It has a weight of 2.05 kilograms and can support a total weight of 7 kilograms.

It has three legs which bring 4 more modern sections, with a diameter of 26. 22.5, 19, and 15.5 millimeters from top to bottom.


The fact that the MT190XPRO4 tripod brings a total of 4 sections in each of its legs does not go unnoticed, which allows greater comfort and possibilities of different heights within its maximum height.


While the four sections on their legs are an advantage, bringing more diversity between their limits, they also show some disadvantage, since one might expect to reach at least a higher height if they possessed four sections; however, it remains to reach a maximum of 160 centimeters.


MT190XPRO4 that stands firm is stable and has a good design; Among its capabilities, it shows greater options of adjustments, which does not give rise to limits.

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