How to Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone?

How to Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone?

Photography, since its inception, has presented a wonderful form of expression or art, which carries memories to future times. To see a photo is to remember a distant, nostalgic, and historical past that brings previously forgotten living experiences while being compared with the present. They are very special images that bring with them unique smiles from various situations that have occurred.

When talking about iPhone devices, it is practically impossible not to describe the immense and successful legacy that they have carved out in the technological world. Each model released by Apple symbolizes a leap to the next level of innovation, both internal and external. From these advances in the system, it was possible to acquire unparalleled photographs, in addition to being able to print them and thus create unique albums.

The best thing about all these high-end smartphones is that your images can senD print from the comfort of the device. Initially, the first iPhones could do this with iPhoto (import, organize, edit, print, and share photos). However, over time, this application disappeared and had no further development.

When an interesting question arises, how and what tools are needed to print a photo from any iPhone today? There is no need to worry because it is much simpler than it seems and super functional with Photos or Airprint.

How to Print 4×6 Photos From iPhone?

You can do it in two ways when you want to print 4×6 photos or any other default size. One of them is through the printer’s compatibility with AirPrint software:

  • First of all, you have to make sure that the printer you have has a connection capacity compatible with AirPrint.
  • The iPhone application or photo gallery (Photos, Mail, or Safari) is accessed while selecting the images to be printed. After clicking on the share option, you must search and press the “print” button.
  • “Select Printer” will appear, click on it, and then generate the devices compatible with AirPrint printing.
  • After verifying and choosing the correct printer, you must configure the photo settings required in terms of the number of copies, pages, or paper size. At this moment, the 4×6 aspect is taken (this is used in the “Edit” and “Crop” sections). At the end of the adapted modifications, click on the “Print” button, and that’s it.
  • The execution and documents queued to print can be examined by the Print Center application, especially if it is because you want to cancel one of them. To eliminate one of these actions, touch the “Cancel printing” option.

The other way to do this process from the iPhone is from other printing services, such as Shutterfly, Free prints, Snapfish, Print Studio, or Walgreens. These applications can be easily downloaded from the App Store and provide an image size (such as 4×6) that is needed.

How to Print 4×6 Photos on 8×11 Paper?

If you follow the above steps properly, there will be no problem in printing photos from iPhone. On any size of the paper, this can do efficiently. The AirPrint software ensures that all selected images adhere perfectly and with the best use of the space on the letter sheet.

The AirPrint application itself automatically detects the type of paper loaded in the printer over the WiFi network. In addition, it will reflect the size of that article just when the process to print a photo is being finished: it appears as the option “Paper.” Just replace the sheets in the printer, and iPhone will detect the changes made by adapting to them.

How to Print Photos from iPhone to the Printer?

As stated above, this method can do directly from the AirPrint software, an application created and developed by Apple on its smartphones. This medium works to connect, through a special wireless network, the iPhone with the printer. This way, they allow you to print the photos from the phone while linked to the same WiFi network.

If you do not have a printer that does not support AirPrint, you can opt for other applications from printer manufacturers in the App Store. These programs facilitate the lack of compatibility between both devices to carry out all actions from the phone. It must be configured correctly so that the established network is stable and has no problems.

The printing process cannot be done using a USB cable or any other connector since the iPhone creat to satisfy the AirPrint network. Either way, you can also establish compatibility with a portable printer, either via WiFi, AirPrint, or Bluetooth. It is another form and very versatile in its functionalities in adventures.

How to Change Paper Size When Printing Photos from iPhone?

The correct and only way to verify or accommodate your paper size starts from selecting the share button. Later, as is already known, the “Print” option is pressed, in which three different alternatives will appear: Printer, Copy, or Options. At this point, click on “Options” to be able to make the respective settings.

In the Options section, two other options will be divided that allow you to shape the size and even the color of the paper. Once the desired specifications have been made, it only remains to select the print button, and the process would complete.

The configuration options in the paper size will always depend on the type of printer and application you are running. There are models or software that do not provide a wide ability to adjust the prints according to the needs of consumers. But, on the contrary, there are others with great capacities that come to offer more modifications than are named.


IPhones present innovations daily, and, this time, it is no exception. The possibility of granting a safe, comfortable, and simple alternative to print the photos stored on the mobile is magnificent. Wherever you go, you don’t need a computer to do this. Just accessing AirPrint is enough.

This alternative also benefits the protection of memories by physical means of images that can not only be displayed on a screen. The creation of albums becomes much more feasible and easy to elaborate with this type of functionalities. More than a specification, it is a method that preserves people’s history, memories, and meaningful adventures.

Most impressive of all, you don’t need AirPrint compatibility to make this printing process possible. With any trusted application, you can get incredible results and much more when printing services. These types of stores are becoming popular today, as they have an admirable quality and service.

Taking a spectacular photo with iPhones is enviable, which have qualities that capture, to the maximum, the details of a landscape, a face, or an event. The decision to print one of these images rests with the users, but why wait for a special item? It is simply jumping into life’s experiences alongside the capabilities of iPhones.

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