About Us

James PattinsonJames is a photographer with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has been a staff photographer for 3 different school boards and also worked as photo editor for an international publication.

He specializes in commercial photography, especially events like weddings, parties, graduations, and other celebrations. James also does headshot portraits that are perfect for business owners or people who want to update their online profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook.

As the CEO of Tripodsdslr, he guides people on how to choose gears in the photography field by providing them with reviews about different products they are interested in buying – be it cameras or lenses – so they can make an informed decision before purchasing anything off-hand without doing any research first.

Our Mission

Tripods DSLR is a blog where we teach people about tripods and DSLR. We are focused on teaching you how to use your camera equipment in the best way possible so that you can take better photos.

A common problem for photographers is composition. By understanding the fundamentals of design, it’s easy to make a photo that captures your audience and makes them feel something when they see it!

  • A major area where photographers often run into trouble is composition.
  • Understanding the fundamental rules of design helps you create photos that capture your viewers
  • The means taking care with every detail from background images to lighting
  • There are three main ways composers can take advantage of these principles
  • They usually do this by following one or more basic guidelines
  • For example, horizontal lines give an image depth
  • Vertical angles also work well
  • but diagonal shapes add interest

There are some other common problems that beginners do:

  • Taking photos in the wrong lighting conditions

When taking photos in low light, it’s easy to take a photo that looks too dark or has washed-out colors. This is because the camera’s sensor can’t handle the lack of light, as well as our eyes, are able to do so. Try getting your subject closer and using an external flash for better lighting conditions on them.

  • Getting too close to your subject

Getting too close to your subject while taking pictures is a common mistake that amateur photographers make. It’s important to remember the rule of thirds and step back from time to time, especially on crowded streets or in busy areas where there are lots of people around you. You can also try zooming out with the lens so as not to cut off anyone’s head by accident.

  • Not using a tripod for stationary shots

A tripod is a device that stabilizes your camera for stationary shots. If you’re not using one, it’s hard to avoid getting blurry pictures or shaky footage from shaking the entire time.

A common problem can be found in people who don’t use a tripod when shooting still images and video because they are too unstable and cause blurriness on top of being unsteady while recording (which makes viewers feel uneasy).

  • Blurry images from camera shake or shooting with a long shutter speed
  • Poor composition – not enough space around the subject, poor framing, etc
  • Lack of focus on what’s important to you in the photo

And the list goes on, But I am here to help people, If you any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

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