Best Pocket Camcorders

When you take a trip, it is best to be prepared. That’s why we’ve picked out the best pocket camcorders for your next adventure! We’ll teach you all about these handy little devices and help make sure that this time around, there will be no more blurry videos or shaky pictures.

Nowadays there are plenty of cameras at every turn: from big bulky DSLR’s to smartphones equipped with sophisticated camera features such as filters or time-lapse modes; however – during lengthy trips where space may become limited – it could make sense to consider using a smaller device instead which is why we analyzed what would work well for being carried around when traveling abroad.

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Top 10 Best Pocket Camcorders Reviews 2021

Here we have researched the best 10 options that are available on the market. Therefore, you will avoid wasting your money on the wrong camcorder. In turn, you will have the chance to learn the best features of your next camcorder. Let’s take a look at each of these devices. Must check Camera Guides for more options.

Best Pocket Camcorders

1. DJI Osmo Pocket – Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

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One of the best options that are available today is this pocket camcorder that provides an excellent design. It is a device that is both intelligent and compact. You will be able to obtain film-quality recordings thanks to the memory that is incorporated.

High-level functionality:

One of the main advantages of this camera is that excellent quality recordings can be obtained. You will be able to enjoy 12-month photos and recordings in 4k quality and 60 frames per second. Of course, this is more than adequate to have recordings with an excellent level of detail in the most important moments.

In the same way, it is important to mention that you can enjoy your recordings and photos by connecting this device with a smartphone. It is also possible to get other creative options or share the captures you have taken.

Diverse functions:

One of the main advantages of using this device is the large number of functions that are incorporated. All these functions give you a wide range of creativity to edit the contents obtained. On the other hand, it is a device that is very comfortable to use at all times.

Even if you prefer to record videos in places where it is not allowed you can also do so. In other words, it will be very easy to get videos no matter where you are. You only need one hand to get the best recordings.

Strong structure:

To complete the functionality and advantages of this camera we must analyze the structure. In this case, it is a structure that is resistant to sweat and anti-slip. Therefore, the temperature of your hands will not affect in any way the results of this chamber. Of course, a comfortable grip handle is also included for recording at all times.

On top of that, the rechargeable battery provides 1500 mAh. This means that you can get an excellent amount of recording time. This device also offers broad compatibility with iPhone, Android 7.0 or higher, and iOS 10.0 or higher operating systems.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Videos in 4k 60fps
  • 1-inch screen only

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2. YELIN Action Camera 1080P HD Camcorder

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Another highly recommended unit in these times is this pocket camcorder. You will be able to obtain a device that is highly resistant and efficient at the same time. That is even why many users consider this camera to be one of the best pocket video cameras. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze its main characteristics.

Full HD Resolution:

In principle, each of your photos and videos will have a Full HD 1080 pixel resolution. Of course, this is excellent for researching different sites and obtaining the highest quality recordings. Also, the photo has 5 megapixels and different modes of use. Each of these modes of use can be adapted to different situations.

In particular, these modes of use are time-lapse, photo burst, or individual mode. Besides, the 120° angle allows you to take pictures and videos covering a large area. Therefore it is one of the best implements to enjoy different natural environments.

Waterproof Device:

Another excellent feature is that the structure of this device is waterproof. So, this camera has been specially manufactured to be used underwater. When using this pocket video camera you will notice that the structure also offers excellent durability.

So, you can enjoy your camera in other activities or extreme sports. Many users choose to go skating, skiing, surfing, hiking, swimming, ziplining, and other options. In each of these activities, your camera will be able to continue working without any damage. Also, this camera is waterproof up to 30 meters or 98 feet.

Excellent Battery Durability:

Among other excellent features, we can add is the extended battery life. In turn, this life span is combined with extended usage time for more recording and photos. You can get 3 hours of continuous recording with the two rechargeable batteries that are included.

Moreover, you could also add a Micro SD memory card up to 32GB. Finally, the color LCD screen provides a 2-inch size and makes this unit easy to use. You will have a lot of accessories included for easier and more appropriate results with your pocket video camera.

  • Completely waterproof unit
  • 3 hours of continuous video recording
  • Small and easy to use the device
  • Micro SD card not included

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3. Flip Ultra Video Camera (2nd Generation)

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Today a large number of users prefer to enjoy a pocket camcorder that is simple and practical to use at all times. So you can get these results with this option about other pocket video cameras. In principle, you will be able to start recording at the touch of a single button.

Excellent Functionality:

On the one hand, it is necessary to mention that this camera provides you with 4GB of storage memory. So, you can get 120 minutes of video recordings and cover a lot of moments with your camera. You do not need memory cards or recording tapes as you can get VGA-quality videos.

Moreover, it is a very convenient design and easy to learn how to use it. You will not encounter many inconveniences when using this small video recorder.

Included Accessories:

A handy folding USB arm is included to provide you with complementary functionality to this camera. This allows you to connect this device to a desktop or laptop computer. You also need the FlipShare software to enjoy the photos and videos you have taken.

This way, you can send your videos by e-mail to your friends and family. On the other hand, this same software allows you to upload videos to MySpace or YouTube. On top of that, you can also edit the videos and split them into individual clips to enjoy each moment separately.

Efficient Design:

Finally, it is necessary to note that this pocket camcorder provides a color LCD screen. The size of 2 inches is more than enough to be able to use each of the settings of this camera. Even if you prefer, you can delete or playback the videos you have obtained on your trip.

In other words, it is a device that weighs only 0.95 pounds and fits in the palm of your hand. So it is more than convenient for your next trip if you get stuck in your camera. The vast majority of users claim that it is a very easy device to use from the beginning. It is certainly worth giving this small camera a chance.

  • Easy to use
  • USB connection included
  • 2-inch LCD screen
  • 480p video resolution

4. Flip UltraHD Video Camera – Blue, 4 GB, 1 Hour

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Unlike the previous model, you will be able to obtain recordings in HD quality. This also includes all the best features for easy and fast use at all times. So, if you have an acceptable budget you can opt for this camcorder. It is an option that many users look at among today’s pocket camcorder reviews.

High-Level Functionality:

In principle, it is necessary to consider that video recordings offer a resolution of 720 pixels. Besides, the 30 frames per second provide a smooth and fluid result for each video.

Even the user interface is very easy and friendly to use by all kinds of users. So just press the red button to start capturing the best moments.

Storage Memory:

To be able to start recording from the beginning, a 4 GB storage memory has been included. So you don’t need to add a memory card to start using this camcorder. On the other hand, this storage memory allows you to obtain video recordings for up to one hour. So, it could be more than enough for your next trip.

Included Accessories:

Like the previous model, this camcorder also includes a USB arm. Therefore you will be able to connect this device to a desktop computer, a laptop, or a Mac.

After that, the FlipShare software provides you with excellent management of the videos you have obtained.

In a few simple steps, you will be able to share your videos, edit them, and organize them. You can also email your videos to your contacts or share them on YouTube. Finally, a 2-inch LCD screen is also included. This is one of the most convenient pocket camcorders available today.

  • Simple user interface
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Built-in 4 Gb storage memory
  • Only one hour of video recording

5. Flip UltraHD Video Camera (3rd Generation)

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One of the best pocket camcorders that are available on the market is this model of Flip Video. In this case, it is a superior model to the previous versions. With this, you have the possibility of obtaining recordings for up to two hours with the memory that is included in this device.

Simple Operation:

Once again this video camera provides a very simple operation for all users. Here we can include a resolution of 720 pixels and 60 frames per second. In other words, the videos you can get will be much more fluid and smooth in every image.

On the other hand, the user interface is very simple and fast to use from the beginning. So, you should not invest too much time in learning how to use this device. Here you only need to press the red button to start recording and capturing important moments.

Included Accessories:

A USB arm has also been included here so that this pocket camcorder can be integrated with another device. So, you can connect this camcorder to a laptop, a desktop, or a Mac. Even the FlipShare software is pre-loaded and makes it easy for you to manage the videos you get.

High-Level Features:

Among the rest of its features, we must mention the 2-inch color LCD screen. You will be able to use this screen to be able to erase or to reproduce the videos that you have obtained.

In turn, the software we have mentioned allows you to share, create, and organize all the videos.

In a few steps, you will be able to upload your videos to Youtube. Even the storage memory has been expanded to 8GB. Therefore, you will be able to get a high-quality device at a very convenient cost.

  • Resolution 720p 60fps
  • Two hours of recordings
  • 2-inch screen
  • Regular quality structure

6. GoPro HERO5 Black (Waterproof)

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The HERO5 Black symbolizes the perfect balance between performance, price, and comfort, making it a great option to consider as an action camera. GoPro brings with this new model updates and combinations of previous versions, accompanied by features that make it superior.

New improvements implemented:

The device brings very interesting additions such as voice control, waterproof design, and GPS sensor. Voice control includes seven languages ​​for its function and can support simple commands, such as recording or taking photos.

An important innovation that is used in this GoPro is the possibility of recording images in RAW format. This alternative allows the photos to be kept on the memory card without any type of adjustment or change that the camera may make.

Great video and photo capabilities:

The HERO5 Black contains a 2-inch touch screen with favorable developments in the user interface with the menu. The maximum video resolution is 4K at 30 fps, while in photographs, about 12 MP. The Image Stabilizer shakes, but it is only possible to record in 1080p at 120 fps.

It brings together WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB-C connectivity that guarantees to synchronize the captures with the cloud in real-time. Users can choose between burst, loop, and WDR shooting modes and customize the shooting of the images. Audio is supported along with a sound reduction system and three microphones.

  • Water-resistant without the help of housing
  • 4K / 30 fps video resolution and 12 MP photo
  • Control by voice command
  • Can be integrated into the cloud
  • Requires GoPro and Quik mobile apps
  • May present problems underwater

It is an excellent option that presents improvements never before seen in its previous versions, both in comfort, lightness, and image quality. Its features expand the power of telling the story you want to transmit without the inconvenience and real-time.

7. DJI Osmo Action Cam – Black

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The Chinese technology company DJI entered the pocket camcorder market to present an option that goes beyond the everyday. This device has a set of very important features that allow you to record both professional and high-resolution videos.

A robust and quality camera:

The Osmo Action camera features advanced technology that provides security, versatility, and durability to experience the action without worrying about the equipment. It has impermeability and strength at temperatures ranging between -10ºC and 40ºC.

It is compact with a 1 / 2.3-inch, 12MP CMOS-type sensor, and a 145º wide-angle F2.8 lens. These factors allow 4K / 60fps video to be obtained, which supports the RockSteady EIS system, stabilizes and reduces intense vibrations. It can be recorded in HDR, but this option loses the EIS mode.

Special features in the recordings:

It has two touch control screens: one on the back that reflects the recording material clearly, and the other on the front, which works in framing. Recordings can be made in 8x slow motion, hyper-lapse or time-lapse, with stunning clarity and detail at 1080p and 240fps.

The Osmo Action can be operated via Bluetooth or WiFi from iOS 10.0 and Android 7.0 smartphones with the DJI Mimo app. Photo capture can save in JPEG or RAW format, and videos in MOV or MP4.

Voice command control can perform on specific and simple occasions. Dual microphones and speakers, along with the noise reduction process, make it easy to clean input audio.

  • It has a viewing angle of 145º
  • 4K and HDR resolution
  • Connection to WiFi
  • The structure is comfortable, and its settings are easy to use
  • It doesn’t work perfectly without the DJI Mimo app

The pocket camcorder is of high quality in structure, resolution, and comfortable handling. It has one of the highest resistance that not any camera offers and is accompanied by desirable characteristics. It is an excellent option for any beginner who wants to start in the audiovisual world, streamer, and transmit an experience with the best quality.

8. GoPro HERO9 Black

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The GoPro brand never ceases to amaze the camera market with every innovation and creation they make. HERO9 arrives for more power, clarity, and stability and takes on a revolutionary role this time around. But are there worthwhile improvements compared to its previous versions?

An exquisite design and great value:

The device is sleeker, larger, and heavier than the HERO8 but still maintains its compact or robust form that is not uncomfortable to use. It incorporates for the first time a double screen, one front and one rear (touch) in the unit, providing quick, intuitive, and easy control.

Great strides in resolutions:

Power was increased to a 23.6 MP sensor, being the brand’s most important imaging hardware upgrade so far. That allows you to acquire video resolutions 5K at 30fps, 4K at 60fps, or Full HD with 240 frames, while photographs at 20MP.

The Electronic Image Stabilization System (EIS) implements HyperSmooth 3.0, eliminating any vibration, and works in all resolutions. When talking about functions, find the TimeWarp 3.0 that allows you to switch between the different framerates in real-time, which creates extra points of creativity in the images.

A webcam model is also automatically enabled when connecting to a PC to record in FullHD at 1080p. They also contain the HindSight and Live Burst that supports the recordings.

  • Resolutions 5K at 30fps and 20MP
  • WiFi connection
  • FullHD webcam mode
  • HyperSmooth 3.0 and HindSight system
  • Internet connection problems and the GoPro app

The GoPro HERO9 Black is a great innovation globally and becomes one of the ideal cameras to obtain. The improvements made bring it closer to the ambitions of the users, being elegant, robust, and functional but still has certain details to solve.

9. Kodak PlaySport Camera (2nd Generation)

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The pocket camcorder is built to offer portability convenience but still provide user-satisfying recordings. It is very resistant to falls, dust, mud, and, of course, water at a maximum depth of 3 meters. It is the evolution of the EasyShare Sport C123 that incorporates the battery and better design.

Simple but functional structure:

The device was created to be operated with one hand, reaching Full HD resolutions in 1080p at 30fps. The image stabilization system makes the best possible smooth out on harsh rides. The fixed camera grants about 5 MP in each photograph and with the possibility of a 16: 9 widescreen.

A bright 2-inch LCD screen adjusts to the lighting conditions of the spaces in which it is located. The technology that employs intelligent face tracking extends the ability to capture shots in the ideal amount of light.

  • It is comfortable, light, compact, and versatile
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Autofocus or macro
  • For low light shots, it is not very good
  • Does not control noise in videos
  • Focusing may continually fail

The pocket camcorder allows features that are not in high demand at the time. However, that does not make it less useful. As you start as a content creator on any platform, it is an ideal alternative for it, especially if it deals with extreme sports. The cost for this device is inexpensive, further enhancing its reasonable value.

10. Canon VIXIA MINI HD Compact Camcorder

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Canon’s small and compact camcorder was designed specifically for social media recording, vlogging, and selfies. Its size is extremely favorable to transport even in almost any pocket and with a design full of a fictional aura but practical.

Shape and Resolution:

The Canon VIXIA MINI HD does not have any water resistance, nor does it have a complement that allows it to be (such as a case). The f / 2.8 lens proposes a field of view of about 160º in video and 170º in photos. It contains a particular 2.7-inch LCD touch screen and tiltable up to 90º, giving the possibility of high or low angles.

This shot can be done hands-free since the camcorder has a standard tripod mount and adjustable. The last of the accessories is with which you obtain the desired angles and what is needed in Full HD and at 12 MP.

The versatility of its functions:

The other recording modes it features are the mirror, sport, and

macro, food and clothing, slow, fast, and time-lapse motion. Intelligent auto shooting detects the most convenient settings for any scene in which it is used.

Together with the DIGIC DV 4 processor, the CMOS sensor creates the system known as Canon’s HS SYSTEM. This set facilitates the camera’s performance in low-light spaces, obtaining perfect detail of contrasts, blur, shadows, and magnificent audio.

Audio can also balance five modes that Canon enables: standard, music, voice, noise suppression, forest, and birds. All this guarantees a more real, immersive recording without bad details.

  • Stability in sound, resolution, lights, and scenes
  • WiFi connection
  • Easy to use and record from any angle
  • The battery is very short-lived

A revolutionary slim design perfect for recording vlogs or any content on social media. It offers multiple recording options that become flexible in different scenarios, including hands-free. It consolidates one of the most valued camcorders, capturing image and audio details without errors or distortions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Pocket camcorders still worth buying?

If you’re a backpacker, camper, or traveler who is always on the go and needs to capture that perfect moment in different areas of your travel experience – then there are many advantages to purchasing a pocket-sized video camera. and these devices are always worth buying.

  • What are the best camcorders to buy?

Nowadays, there is an overwhelming number of ways to take pictures and record videos. However, on some trips, a small, compact device may be more useful than the bulky ones you have at home! That is why we’ve analyzed which pocket camcorders might work best for your next trip here. So go ahead; browse our selection then secure one for yourself before heading out this weekend or vacation.

  • Which is a better Sony or Panasonic camcorder?

Sony video cameras offer users a wider-angle lens and greater stabilization. On the other hand, Panasonic camcorders can include dual camera technology with 4k resolution that creates vivid footage for perfect videos.

On one side of the spectrum, Sony video cameras provide you with better options like wide-angle lenses and improved stability to get those great shots every time; while on the opposite end Panasonic Camcorders have features such as their Dual Camera Technology which provides higher quality images in stunning detail when filming your best moments.

  • Are camcorders outdated?

You may not know it, but camcorders are still in the market. It is true that smartphones have taken over and most people use them for video recording on the go; however, there has been a recent trend of dedicated users who want to invest in more professional equipment.

Though they’re often seen as antiquated now with their bulky design and low shooting speed when compared to smartphone cameras – many music videos shot by professionals are done using this type of camera due to its wide range zoom lens which allows you to get close without being obtrusive or noticeable.


After choosing one of the best pocket camcorders, you can count on the best device for your next trip. This can be very useful to be able to capture a great number of incomparable moments. You will only need your pocket to be able to carry these devices.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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