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Best Tripod for Edelkrone Slider 2021


Best Tripod for Edelkrone Slider

Videography has been a practice that’s helped generations keep their memories alive through images. However, with the advent of new technology and cameras, videographers need to take extra precautions to ensure flawless videos in every way possible from balancing them on surfaces without any margins for error all the way down to adjusting each camera angle so nothing is missed.

However, when you have other types of components like an Edelkrone slider accessory (another piece), they’ll be needing specific tripods because while some sliders work well by themselves, others can’t stick firmly onto certain materials or are too heavy causing unwanted movements if not supported properly at all times during filming.

It’s important to know which tripod is the best for your Edelkrone Slider and be able to choose among them wisely. That way, you’ll have a better understanding of what each one entails in terms of characteristics as well as how it operates. Read on below for more information about these excellent tripods.

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What is Edelkrone Slider?

Sliders are a great mechanical solution for videographers that don’t need to worry about batteries or chargers. They make it possible to move the camera at different angles without losing balance, control, and precision. Sliders help provide stability when shooting various takes in order to be able to come back with usable footage every time.

The Edelkrone Slider is made up of three different camera slider products. The Slider PLUS, the Wing, and Slider One are for manual or motorized use depending on your preference. For example, the Plus provides an adaptable size with good travel while one can be used vertically to provide greater functionality- not offered by other sliders. Additionally, it has wireless connections which make this product attractive in today’s fast-paced world.

The Edelkrone Slider is a battery-operated device that helps to get smooth camera shake effects in videos. It’s great for travel and can be used with manual controls or via remote control from up to 16 feet away, making it perfect for any situation you come across while on the go.

Top 5 Best Tripod for Edelkrone Slider Reviews 2021

In this section, we will take an in-depth look at some best tripods for Edelkrone Sliders that work well for handheld filming or other uses where low weight may make your experience more enjoyable than using heavier-duty equipment.

1. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

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This is a tripod with a kit of 5 pieces of aluminum sessions with a compact action and a hybrid head in the black color is designed with one of the best aluminum of the highest quality, achieving greater resistance. It is ideal for DSLRs that contain an entry-level with standard type lenses, plus it can switch from photo to film mode immediately. That helps save time in case you need to do both.

It contains one of the quick-release layers, which manages to admit many units for greater comfort. The best thing is that your purchase includes a special adapter for cameras with superior characteristics. 

It is among the lightest tripods, which makes it much easier to transport over long distances. It is ideal for more compact cameras, which allows greater adaptability. It is completely solid, which allows greater stability when making camera movements on the Slider. It also includes some settings that make it adapt to different devices and even smartphones.


  • It is one of the lightest tripods with a weight of 0.94 kilograms, which will allow a greater and easy transfer. Unlike competitions ranging from 1 to 1.5 kilograms. Therefore in weight score, it has a 10/10.
  • Contains a 1.5-kilogram load to hold different devices. That is among the medium range in load since you can find some that can support greater weight. Score 7/10
  • Its height ranges from 39 cm with a minimum, 131 cm with a maximum, and its maximum height with the central column down is 103 cm. Its dimension when it is compact is 39.8cm, being one of the smallest. Score 7/10
  • Its type of head is a ball with different inclinations and comes in black. Besides, it is designed with good quality aluminum.
  • Contains a 5-legged session tilted at different angles from -90 ° to + 90 ° degrees. Designed with aluminum and a technopolymer, which makes it more resistant.


  • Unlike other cheaper tripods, it has very lightweight, which allows a more comfortable and safe transfer. That is one of the most outstanding characteristics and why it is within the Best Tripods for Edelkrone Silver
  • It has one of the best materials that make it be between the middle range of tripods according to different users. That is because it is thicker than cheaper tripods but not as thick as more expensive tripods.
  • Due to its stability on different surfaces, it provides greater comfort, being, according to different users, a great investment. More if you go hiking, because of its resistance to different spaces.


  • According to different user opinions, it is considered a simple tripod in height since you can find others with greater height.
  • In the assembly, some people consider it very time-consuming due to its screw configuration. Being one of the biggest problems that the tripod presents.
  • Its material for both the tripod and the included bag is quite simple and is in the mid-range, according to users.

That is one of the tripods with one of the most resistant materials in different spaces and is a lightweight complete, which makes it ideal for people who record in more natural spaces and go hiking. It contains an amount for both cameras and digital phones, which makes it versatile for different devices.

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[amazon box=”B00CHNREYS”]

This is an aluminum best tripod for Edelkrone Slider with a head to make a smooth 190X3 video. With a leveling column that is taller than the MKCOMPACTACN-BK, it contains a height of 172 cm. In addition to the support of 4.9 kilograms, it is one of the tripods that supports the most weight, unlike others. That is differentiated from other types of photographic tripods since they have a leveling joint that helps the video head.

Here is the solution for different workers who require a video kit that is also easy to transport.


  • Unlike the previous tripod, it is not so light and portable as it weighs 3.7 kilograms. Which if hiking can be very heavy for long distances. That is why this score is 3/10
  • Its load for devices is almost 5 kilograms, one of the best options to support different units. It is in a high range because they contain one of the best amounts. 8/10
  • Contains a height from 50 cm with a minimum, 173 cm with a maximum. Its dimension when it is compact is 72 cm, so it is twice as large as the previous one. Score 8/10
  • It has a leveling column being modified since the MVK500190X3 did not contain a leveling column.
  • It has a 3-legged session that can lean at different angles. Designed with aluminum which provides greater resistance and easy transport.


  • Contains one of the highest stabilities for different spaces due to resistant aluminum material.
  • Provides an external locking grip with easy disassembly and quick setup. In addition to having a horizontal alignment for a greater leveling column.
  • According to users, it is one of the best acquisitions since it provides a complete kit for people who want to start in the world of video.


  • The biggest drawback is that there are not so many bad user opinions towards this product. Therefore, most of the opinions are positive.
  • Being in one of the best ranges of tripods has a somewhat excessive price for many people.
  • In addition to its weight, which is somewhat higher for people who travel too long since it can be exhausting to carry it for too long.

This is one of the largest mid-range filters, and it has a fairly high cost, unlike the first. That brings a new vertical column tool that helps it have greater stability being a great modification. So if it fits your needs, it is still a great option for your kit for new camera operators.

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3. Gitzo GT2542 Tripod

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This is a Mountaineer Series 2 Carbon tripod with four black sessions with a reversible column. Also, in its structure, a built-in hook for greater stability when loading the devices. The legs are made of hard and exact carbon for great resistance. It has a G-Lock ultra-trunk and supports 17 kilograms which makes it much higher than the rest of the tripods.

It is much faster and has a spider pattern that adjusts to different types of ground and at different angles. It contains a standard height but with completely resistant and stable tubes.


  • Unlike the previous two, this one weighs 1.5 kilograms. Which makes it within the most standard weight of tripods and is much more practical than the MANFROTTO MVH500AH. Your score is 6/10
  • For its part, the main attraction of this tripod is that it has a load of 17 kilograms. Making it one of the tripods that can most load different units. Score 10/10
  • It has a width of 10.6 cm, 10.6 cm high, and 61 cm high. Score 7/10
  • It is fixed by ¼ inch and 3/8 inch screws. While the angles from 23 degrees to 55 degrees. Score 7/10


  • According to its users, it is quite light for some activities, but it contains safe stability.
  • It is made with one of the best materials resistant to various temperatures both in heat and cold.
  • It is one of the best tripods to charge various devices since its maximum load is 17 kilograms


  • Although various users claim that this tripod is worth the money compared to others, it is still very expensive
  • Opinions report that they do not resist temperatures of more than -30 degrees below zero
  • Some users had problems in 4 months with broken tires

That is one of the tripods with a price/quality ratio because most people claim that it gives great benefits. Although it supports a great weight of various devices, it remains light and is easily transportable.

4. Gitzo GT1544T Tripod

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This is a compact and lightweight tripod ideal for travelers and is made from 6X carbon fiber. With a column much shorter than the standard, it allows a lower height than other tripods. Contains G-Lock type lock locks just like the Gitzo gt2542. 

It contains rubber bands that prevent rotations in your legs and a reversible central column. It has four legs that can rotate 180 °. Therefore it completely closes the central column and is among the high range of tripods. It contains a load capacity of 7 kilograms, being standard compared to the Gitzo gt2542.


  • The weight of this best tripod for Edelkrone Slider is light enough to buy with the first one since it only reaches one kilogram. Therefore it is very easy to transport and ideal for travelers. Score 9/10
  • As standard, it can have a load of 7 kilograms to maintain various devices. Finding normal within these tripods. Score 8/10
  • Contains a height from 22 cm with a minimum, 142 cm with a maximum. Score 6/10
  • Its four legs can rotate through an angle of 180 °


  • According to users, it contains one of the largest easy-to-use locks. Therefore you can easily close and open it
  • It is completely light, which allows you to transport it to different places without having a great weight
  • Installs quickly, which, according to their customers, saves them much more time when recording.


  • Like the previous one, it is one of the tripods on the market with a very high price, unlike the first.
  • It is not as high in height as other types of tripods.
  • Some users report that it is not as perfect as its legs do not close completely.

That is one of the most expensive tripods but with great excellence in its work. That is why it is one of the great favorites for people who record in different places or are sedentary.

5. Manfrotto 528XB 100mm Tripod

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This best tripod for Edelkrone Slider is in black and is completely resistant to different environments. It is built with stainless steel and aluminum to provide strength, but without being too heavy, it is transportable. 

Contains a 100mm bowl that fits different heads but high quality. It also includes an adjustable half-level spreader as well as its legs for added comfort and functionality.

It has one of the largest loads of almost 50 kilograms, vastly higher than previous tripods. It only has a single stage, and its structure is two-legged and contains a single tube. The leg positions are adjustable but have a 30 ° lock.


  • It is one of the heaviest tripods with a mass of almost 9 kilograms. Unlike the competitions that are much lighter and more transportable. The boy has a weighted score of 5/10.
  • Contains a load of 50 kilograms, being one of the tripods that support more load. Score 10/10
  • Their height ranges from 73 cm with a minimum, 148 cm with a maximum score of 7/10


  • It is one of the products with the highest recommendations with the highest quality in both material and functionality
  • Its main attraction is the load that can hold up to 50 kilograms, being the tripod with the most load
  • Despite being able to hold large amounts of devices, it is still a fairly light tripod compared to others.


  • Like the previous one, it can have a much higher price than other tripods
  • It cannot be easy to carry due to its weight for some travelers.
  • Only accepts high-quality print heads so that they can be very expensive

That is one of the tripods that supports the most weight, and therefore various types of units can be applied to it. It has one of the most resistant materials on the market, which allows it to last much longer on different floors. Being ideal for people who record and use sliders.

Why Do You Need an Extra Ball Head?

No one wants to be responsible for knocking over the camera or tripod. The ball joint is an important piece in preventing that from happening, and it also helps with keeping stability when adjusting the position of the stand without any accidents.

If you want a more secure stance while using your device, try Damping Ball Head which has three buttons on top so there’s no chance of accidental movement if pressing down too hard during use as well as international standards 3/8 inch screws allowing better sustainability longer-term.


There are many types of tripods, but the best tripod for Edelkrone Slider is one with a top-loading stand. This will allow you to find the perfect tripod that meets both your needs and budget: whether it’s light or heavy-duty.

So go ahead and pick up either an affordable model on sale or invest in something higher-end because there’s no need to worry about shaky footage when using any of these high-quality tools.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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