best tripods for canonThe photographs are capable of recreating unique moments, so having the assurance of obtaining the best possible shot with any of the Canon camera tripods is one of the tasks of anyone who wishes to recreate a family moment, a walk, trip, or The work of a professional photographer, so you should spare no effort or resources to obtain an excellent complement that will meet the desired expectations with the camera.

At present, cameras have evolved greatly and offered their users various options in their equipment to facilitate the capture or capture of photographs with the greatest clarity and quality desired, this with a variety of brands and models available both in the web as in the stores of well-known brands.

As part of this work, the quality and technology of the camera is essential, and it is here that Canon cameras stand out with high-power processors capable of obtaining photographs of an expert, and resolutions that can achieve sharpness in the photo where you can see even the smallest detail.

However, despite the use of this new generation equipment in cameras, there are certain details that technology cannot control, such as involuntary movements of the human body, and for that, they have created tools and products such as tripods for Canon 6D that offer multiple advantages to obtain quality photographs.

To achieve greater clarity in the photographs, the tripods provide a very important parameter such as stability. These devices are capable of supplying the desired level of stability for an indeterminate time so that the camera can focus precisely and according to the photographer’s requirements so that the quality and sharpness of the shots is noticeably improved.

The advantages of using the tripods for dslr are many, and as an easy accessory to store and charge together with the Canon camera, it can be of great help in countless situations. When photographs with a lower camera shutter speed are required, these tripods for Canon 60D allow you to give the equipment stability during the photo capture time to significantly reduce the vibration and obtain shots with a higher definition.

Another advantage of using the tripods for Canon 60D, tripods for Canon 70D and tripods for Canon 80D is when you need to take pictures on steep terrain, or with low levelling, since these devices offer the possibility to adapt to these characteristics achieving the Perfect levelling by placing levels on the head and body.

When it is desired, for example, to photograph light beams such as that emitted by vehicles, with these tripods, it is possible to take the shot with the required capture or exposure time without problems. Similarly, the tripods for Canon 80D are very light and with different sections to facilitate handling and adjustment.

In cases of requiring to photograph very small objects or animals, in which a millimetre approach is required without any movement or trepidation, again these tripods can significantly facilitate the work, being able to be placed to place the camera in the required position and then adjust the perfect framing

For shots of rivers and channels of nature, or phenomena in motion, these tripods for Canon 80D are the indicated complement to achieve the most desired effects in photography, achieving the shots with a more closed diaphragm capable of accurately capturing the movement in the pictures

For all the reasons mentioned above, the use of tripods is increasingly basic in photographs, and tripods for Canon cameras offer the quality and features necessary to achieve excellent quality and sharp shots even in the most adverse situations, so these teams are very much in demand today. With practice, they become indispensable for any photographer who wants quality shots.

Top 5 Best Tripods For Canon Cameras Reviews 2020

These 5 tipods are perfect for your daily use and we pick them on the best of quality, user feedback and features. So, check and pick the right one.

1) Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod

Vanguard Alta Pro 263ABThe Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod consists of a spherical SBH-100 head for Canon cameras. Formed by three bodies or sections, it has the quality of being easy and practical with adjustable sections that can be reduced in size.

The Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 tripod has adjustable legs at angles of 25, 50 and 80 degrees, with rubber feet and spikes and locks in the sections to provide practicality and ease of transport. As one of the most sought after, its quality and functionality speak for themselves, as well as its affordable price.

The Vanguard provide us 5 different types of tripods consider this one is the best one from all of them. You can easily fold it and carry it for long travel easily. If I want to consider a tripod for travel then this one is gold for me.

  • It can be extended to a height of 1.73m
  • Its rotating base allows 360°
  • Supports up to a maximum of 7 kg
  • It is made of aluminium

  • It weighs 2,450 kg, so it is heavy

For those who start in quality photography, this tripod represents an option for occasional user cameras. Easy to handle and with a weight and movement capacity, it adapts to the practical requirements in the use of equipment to capture photographs with a modern focus and precision.

2) ZOMEi Z669C Portable Carbon Tripod

Zomei Z699c Tripod ReviewsIts carbon material in its sections, it is quite light, which offers an advantage for its transport. Through its head, the camera can make easy and practical movements to meet the requirements of photographs.

This tripod has the advantage of being of high resistance for travel, which allows its transfer to where the photographer requires it safely without suffering any damage or damage. The legs or sections that make up the tripod plus the ball head for the Canon camera that you want to use are broken down into its two parts for transfer. This tripod for Canon 70D for its advantages is a good option to improve the quality of your photographs.

Because of the material that composes it, this tripod can be a bit more expensive than the previous one. For this reason, users establish the weight ratio of the equipment – cost to acquire it, managing to satisfy the practicality and comfort requirements for their professional users.

  • Better resist rust and corrosion
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • Lightweight
  • Carry more weight

  • It is expensive than aluminium tripods

It is compact for Canon Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji, Cameras and Video Camera. This is consider as all in one tripod which works like a gem.

3) GEEKOTO 58 Ultra Compact Aluminum Tripod

GEEKOTO 58 Ultra Compact Aluminum TripodThis compact tripod, composed of 58-inch lightweight aluminium, represents a very beneficial option to be used in travel and professional work. It has a 360 ° panoramic spherical head for Canon cameras so that it can be the perfect alternative.

With its spherical head, it allows you to take complete panoramic photographs with a 360 ° angle, as well as to adapt your camera to the desired position. With this tripod for Canon 70D, the photos can be crisp and perfect, all this with the adjustments and positions that can be achieved. With this feature, it is attractive for photographers who want interesting and quality shots for their customers.

  • Cheaper compared to carbon fibre tripods
  • Great stability
  • Its rotating head allows a radius of 360°

  • Susceptible to corrosion and oxidation

This tripod is also used for spotting scope which means if you are a fan of hunting then you use it for that purpose as well.

4) Vanguard VEO 235AP Aluminum Travel Tripod

Vanguard VEO 265AB TripodThis travel tripod, made of aluminium material with a panoramic head for Canon cameras, can be an excellent choice for your photographs. This super-light tripod allows you to easily move it through its exclusive reversible column, offering you the stability that is required for crisp, quality photographs.

With a large load capacity, it is capable of supporting the weights of cameras such as the Canon 60D, 70D and 80D safely and reliably. This tripod has rubber feet that make it non-slip on any terrain, and with a spike that allows it to be adapted to fewer level surfaces.

Openings at three different angles can be achieved on its aluminium alloy legs, which makes it very versatile and practical. With the possibility of taking hard-to-reach shots without this tool, the tripods for Canon g7x provide stability and can be used with different types of cameras.

  • It made by aluminium material
  • It is compact tripod
  • Supports a maximum load of 6 kg
  • It can reach a maximum height of 145cm

  • It weighs approximately 1.5 kg

Works perfect for travel purpose. If you are looking for a tripod which you can use at any place then this is the right pick for you.

5) Victiv 72-inch Camera Tripod

Victiv Camera TripodWith a compact monopod for your transfers and trips, it has a 3-way swivel head and two quick-release plates for Canon cameras. It has a maximum height of 182 cm, enough to achieve desired images with this tool.

It is available in bright colours such as blue, and the classic black colour. This tripod is an act for Canon camera models since it is capable of supporting loads of models such as the Canon 60D, Canon 70D and Canon 80D, and at an affordable price. In online stores, you can find this model and purchase it easily and safely.

  • It made by aluminium material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry

  • It has less vibration-damping

Works perfect for travel purpose. If you are looking for a tripod which you can use at any place then this is the right pick for you.

Professional Canon Camera Tripod – Buyer’s Guide

A tripod is a tool formed by a head, where the Canon camera is placed and a body that can be of several arms or sections to be able to level and position it safely in any terrain. Some may consist of three or four sections, leaving the buyer to choose.

Depending on the photographs you want to capture, the selection of the type of tripod to be used, where we can find the tripods with 3, 4 or 5 sections or feet, depending on the tastes and requirements of the photographer. Tripods are also presented in the form of a monopod, which although they do not offer the same options for handling the sections, allows you to use the camera and take quality photos.

When acquiring a tripod, what is desired is to capture photographs without trepidations, have the possibility of taking videos, photos, portraits, landscapes, etc., with occasional use for photography lovers, or intensive use as a professional, and in This case, requires good quality and easy to handle tripod.

Although one might think that the greater the weight of the tripod provides more stability, this is true, but a heavy tripod is difficult to transport. There are currently tripods of various materials such as carbon fibre that are quite stable and lightweight, and with relatively affordable prices.

For lovers of long-distance photographs by telephoto lenses, or if long-time night photographs are taken, as well as the possibility of using the 360 ​​° rotation capability and obtaining clear images with great stability, then the use of a tripod.

On the other hand, as a primary factor in the tripods, the weight for which the model is designed must be taken into account, since it must be able to support the weight of the camera and the lens that is mounted on it, so that from this form the tripod gives you the security and stability that you require for photographs.

Features of Good Tripod

Comfort & Ergonomics:

To select a tripod model, you must look for the requirements of your own use, that is, if the requirements refer to a lightweight when moving, the tripod must be able to meet requirements such as being easy to transfer during a trip, facilitate the capture of the types of photographs that you want to obtain, among other parameters, which should be oriented to the most convenient brand for the acquisition of the tripod with these specifications.


But robust in strength and support. With availability in the market of tripods in materials such as aluminium, plastic or carbon fibre, the model to be selected must guarantee the stability and safety of the camera, as well as the weight, must be checked and the photographer’s convenience should be selected the one that most It suits your needs. In the market, there are a diversity of tripods with different weights, so it is essential to select the tripod capable of supporting the weight of the camera plus the objective, of guaranteeing its functionality and provide security to the equipment and work.

Tripod Shoes:

For quality and durability in the final fixation of the camera to the tripod, these must be of a resistant and durable material. With various options, it is important to know the material of these pieces and evaluate their durability and safety according to the use intended for the tripod, as well as the price-quality ratio offered by the brands.

Tripod kneecaps:

These pieces are those that provide the possibility of vertical, horizontal and side panel movements, so they are essential for the perfect operation of the tripod. Some models offer them interchangeably, and others are fixed, for which they must be of a resistant and quality material. With the diversity of options, it is important to define the use of the equipment and convenience of selection, since these characteristics have a significant influence on the price-value ratio of the tripod to be acquired.

Nuts or Washers:

These are used to provide an extra degree of attachment to the tripod, using these pieces in different diameters available that guarantee the perfect fit between the camera and the tripod. Although they are not necessary in all cases, for equipment that requires the use of these pieces, they must be of quality and durability that guarantee the photographer’s reliability with the equipment.

Best Tripods for Canon 60D

For the Canon 60D camera model, there are several tripods on the market that adapt to the characteristics of this model, in terms of the load it produces and the functions to be developed. The Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB model is one of the best suited to this equipment, specially indicated for those who start in the world of photography. Similarly, the ZOMEI Z669C model is also suitable for this camera, and at reasonable prices to make it easy to obtain one of these models and start experimenting in the world of photography.

Best Tripods for Canon 70D

For the Canon 70D camera, according to its weight of 755 grams, among the tripods that adapt to your requirements is the ZOMEI Z669C Tripod, the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB model and the Vanguard VEO 235AP, easy to transport and with practicality necessary for the levels of photographs that can be obtained with the camera. In addition to the stability they offer, they are very light and guarantee the realization of safe shots in areas with some inclination or slope, with the security that they offer through their structures and parts.

Best Tripods for Canon 80D

As a camera for professionals, you need a tripod that allows you to develop your full potential. Among the available models, for example, the Victiv model, with its rotating head characteristics, can achieve spectacular photographs from any angle, as well as the great height it has. The Vanguard VEO 235AP tripod model, allows you to easily and safely transfer your complete camera and tripod equipment to any place you want, to take your professional photos with modern equipment and adapted to photographic requirements.

Best Tripods For Canon 6D, 7gx

Thinking about the comfort and practicality of these cameras, the tripods to be used must also offer quality and stability with the greatest possible advantages. The Vanguard tripods, both the Alta Pro 263AB 100 and the VEO 235AP, are easy-to-use and lightweight equipment, making them the perfect companion for the characteristics of these cameras.

For these teams, you can find brands like Manfrotto, Giotos, Benro or Velbom; this will depend on the type of work to be done and the budget available. These cameras are very versatile, and if you want to take pictures in rugged landscapes, or something simpler, Vanguard tripods can meet your requirements.


As one of the novelties in the photo market, the tripods arrived to offer their buyers the possibility of capturing images and moments that were previously difficult or with certain inconveniences to capture them with precision, sharpness and quality. These teams offer versatility, providing the possibility of performing high quality work and photographic beauty.

From capturing extremely small animals such as some type of insect, to photographs of objects that move at high speed, the tripods allow to reduce the speed of photo capture and completely reduce factors such as camera vibration and instability, facilitating greatly the work of photographers and eliminating the margin of disturbance that the management of the equipment provides directly with the photographer’s hand.

Although there are a variety of models in the market, at different prices, today it is really easy to find specific information and features of the equipment on the internet. With sol access with a click from your personal computer, tablet or mobile device to the websites that offer this equipment, you can find all the models and brands available, and compare the advantages they offer among the brands.

You should always be sure of acquiring equipment that meets your requirements, that is, to travel with the tripod and the camera constantly, this should be as practical, easy to store and lightweight as possible, since this would facilitate your transfer in your trips Or if the use of the tripod is going to be occasional, then you can find a tripod a little cheaper with some material not so light but with the benefits of stability and quality.

Always thinking about your comfort, the tripod options for Canon cameras are varied. It is not enough to have a quality camera, to capture interesting and valuable shots it is necessary to have the current tools at your disposal. To ensure your investment, it is important to seek advice from experts to acquire functional and practical equipment, as well as adjusted to your budget.

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