Zomei the name in the tripods industry and today we are going to give you a short review about Zomei Q666c Tripod Reviews. In this short guide, we do a comparison of Zomei Q666c VS Z699c 2020 so you get a clear idea.

Zomei Q666C Tripod Reviews 2020

Zomei Q666C Tripod ReviewsProfessional tripod with a total weight of 2.1 kilograms, it has a fairly compact ball-type head for cameras of all brands, photos or videos, there are no restrictions.

Recommended for special events or activities, because Q666C is perfect for photos that you want to capture in closed or open, indoor and outdoor.

It can support up to 11.97 kilograms. It reaches a maximum height of 1.55 centimeters and a lower height of 51.8 centimeters.

Its central column has a total of four sections with which it helps to reach the lowest possible angles. The legs are independent of each other, by which they can be released or retracted to their own liking; these legs can be released quickly with their thread system. They guarantee stability at all times, a tripod that can be converted into a monopod if required with only the necessary adjustment. More the tripods of video cameras help you.

Zomei Z699c Tripod Reviews 2020

Zomei Z699c Tripod ReviewsTripod made of materials derived from carbon and the head, on the other hand, made of aluminum; recognized for being very durable and supporting a good number of cameras, even many of the heaviest.

It supports a lot of weight, 15 kilograms, for the little that weighs 1.47 kilograms with the head.

It reaches a minimum height of 35 centimeters for the lowest shot and a maximum height of 1.51 for medium height shots.

Easily convertible into a monopod, its central column and legs are removable.

Zomei Q666C vs Z699C Tripods

Both tripods have more similarities than differences, both in the total of their divisions in the legs, and the fact that both tripods of Zomei can easily become a monopod and even being manufactured with the same material.

Both Zomei tripods can easily become monopods. Comparing the model Z699C with the model Q666C; Z699C is a tripod that weighs little more than half a kilogram less than the Q666C model and also has greater weight capacity, supporting 3.03 kilograms more than the Q666C.

In addition, for low shots, the Z699C model reaches lower heights, compared to Q666C. If the cameraman wants to reach the lowest position, he will find that the Z699C reaches up to 35 centimeters in height while Q666C reaches 51.8 centimeters; therefore Z699C will reach 16.8 centimeters even lower, which can make the difference.

The model Z699C has five divisions in its legs, while the model Q666C has four divisions; why do divisions matter? Well, the more divisions the tripods have, the more variety of heights the cameraman will have to play, reach different positions, therefore the more opportunities the exploits the ingenuity.

The model Q666C being perfect for both exteriors and interiors presents some advantage over the Z699C model, which is only perfect for open areas and natural areas,  In addition, Q666C is a tripod that reaches higher than the model Z699C; exceeding it by 4 centimeters barely, which is not very surprising.

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Both tripods, both Q666C and Z699C 2020 are in different lists of best tripods made with carbon of the year.

The Z699C model has an advantage over the Q666C model thanks to many of its features is allowed to be more versatile, covering higher and different heights, resisting more types of cameras, weighing less.

However, both the Z699C and the Q666C are professional tripods, manufactured with the best material, allowing them to withstand a large number of external factors; perfect for many occasions; ideal for transporting them effortlessly, because no matter that Z699C weighs less than Q666C for a few grams, both are relatively light, the best to carry on trips.

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