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Best Skateboard Cameras

Best skateboard cameras

If you’re looking for the best skateboard camera that will record or stream your performance while on a skateboard, then look no further because we have the perfect model for you. It’s important to note though, that if all you want is something to film yourself with and not share it publicly (or even privately) there are options out there cheaper than this one that may work better for your needs and we also add them in the guide.

Most of the time, skateboarder buy cameras which are very heavy in size. So, they face difficulties in recording videos while skating. Lightweight cameras are considered suitable cameras for recording video while using a skateboard.

All the options you can see in the market are very tentative, and you will surely find the one that best suits your needs since they are of good quality so that your investment is worthwhile, and for you to record the best videos.

Among all the options out there, the Panasonic 4K Ultra Camcorder HC-VX981K is the most recommended one to use. This camcorder can record in the highest resolution and at 60 frames per second. While a high budget is required, this camcorder will be used for unique images.

Optical ZoomA++
Video QualityA+
Our RatingsA+++

Top 7 Best Cameras For Filming Skateboarding 2021 Reviews

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Well, if you are looking for the best cameras for skateboarding, then here is a list of lightweight cameras with useful features and excellent performances. These are the top 7 best-selling and best-rated skateboard cameras. We pick them on the basis of reviews and qualities. Read reviews and pick one of them.

1. 4K Camcorder 12X Optical Zoom Video Camera

Zoom: 12X | Video: 1080P | Lens: Wide-Angle | Batteries: 2 | Card: 32G | Light: Mic Led Light | More: External Microphone

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ORDRO HDR-AC5 UHD is considered one of the best skateboard cameras because of its compact size and high performance. This camera is best for live streaming. Adjustment of the ORDRO HDR-AC5 UHD camera during skateboarding is very easy because the size of the camera is very small, and the camera is lightweight. This camera record voice only with the help of a mic attachment. Many people say that the 4K quality of this camera is not 4k. Its video quality is seen as less than 4k resolutions.

4K Camcorder:

This camera is a great choice for those who enjoy taking video and want to do so at the highest quality possible. With an Ultra HD 4K camcorder, you can capture high-quality footage in any situation from 12x zoom with no problem. You’ll be able to save these wonderful moments without worrying about storage space on your device thanks to the memory card slots that come standard.

4K Video And CMOS Sensor:

For extreme quality video, a 5MP COMS sensor is present in the ORDRO HDR-AC5 UHD camera. The COMS sensor helps the camera for capturing scenes at high speed.


This camera relates to smartphones and tablets with the help of WIFI. This connectivity initiates remote control access between camera and smartphone with the help of an app which is named “D Video”.

Data Transfer:

 This camera allows ease of data transfer because the USB port and HDMI port are present. In case of no WIFI connection, these ports provide easy access to data transfer.


The feature of the webcam provides many benefits like live streaming or live telecast. The connection of this camera for live telecast and streaming is very simple. USB port reduces the complexity of using a Webcam.

  • Small size and easy to use
  • Smooth live streaming
  • High picture quality
  • The button produces a beep sound

This is a unique and useful camera set up for skateboarding. It is can capture memories while skateboarding in high quality. Its 12X zooms help in capturing perfect shots from very long distances.

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2. Sony Handycam FDR-AX700

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Sony Handycam FDR-AX700 is one of the professional cameras which provides high-quality 4K resolution. This camera is considered one of the best cameras which captures cinematic shots while skating. This camera does not contain a Tripod in packaging because there is no need for a Tripod for capturing with this camera. Features of this camera make this one of the best skateboard cameras.


Sony Handycam FDR-AX700 includes a 4K camcorder which helps fast capturing of amazing shots in a single click. This camcorder provides smoothness while recording video and capturing pictures.

V-Series Battery:

V-series battery pack is a rechargeable battery pack. This battery is lightweight and provides precise remaining battery data. V-series battery serves very long as compared to old model batteries like NP-FV100.

Wide Angle Lens:

Sony Handycam FDR-AX700 also contains a 0.45X wide-angle lens camera. This wide-angle allows capturing of perfect shots in cinematic view.

Excessive Storage:

This camera contains very data storage capacity. Sony Handycam FDR-AX700 is provided with a 128 SDXC memory card. An SD card USB reader is also supported by this camera.

BIONZ X Processor:

This camera contains a BIONZ X processor which provides smooth working and perfects capturing of pictures in dim as well as in bright light. The camera adjusts image quality itself with the help of this processor.

  • Capture perfects shots in dim light.
  • Smooth capturing
  • Long battery life
  • Not lightweight

Due to perfect shot capturing capability in dim light and smooth performance we conclude that the Sony FDE-AX700 is one of the best cameras for skateboarding.

3. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camera

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Canon VIXIA HF R800 makes use of the camera easily because of the huge touch screen LCD. The perfect recording of skateboarding shots by this camera is very easy because of the image stabilizer. This camera contains a high zoom and the zoom of this camera does not affect picture quality. No doubt this is considered one of the best skateboard cameras.

Touch LCD Screen:

Canon VIXIA HF R800 contains an LCD touch display. The dimension of the touch display is 3 inches. This 3-inch touch display is large enough for comfortable working. The screen of this camera is very bright and shows a clear picture easily in intense time.

Image Stabilizer:

Canon VIXIA HF R800 contains an image stabilizer which is normally known as SuperRange Optical image stabilizer. This reduces the effect of shaking which recording video. So, this is the perfect camera for Skateboarding.

Excessive Zoom:

This camera can zoom up to 57 times while recording video or capturing shots. This zoom does not affect the quality of shots that much.

CMOS Sensor:

A high-resolution CMOS sensor is also present in this camera. This sensor allows the capturing of video which elegant colors. Video quality during the night is also improved with the help of a CMOS sensor.


You can now make perfect webcams with the help of Canon VIXIA HF R800. Ease in webcams is due to their clean HDMI output.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Records in both slow motion and fast motion
  • Can be operated by a personal computer
  • Not charged with a car or other USB ports

This camera can record high quality very effectively. It does not need any time for focus because high-quality processors are present in this camera. Furthermore, the CMOS sensor shows perfect results of capturing in low light. So, in final words, we can say that this is one of the skate film cameras.

4. LINNSE Camcorder 4K Video Camera

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LINNSE video camera is very lightweight and easy to use. So, this camera is perfect for vlogging while riding on a skateboard. A built-in mic is present in this video camera but external mic records sound very effectively.

There are many accessories available with this camera All of the accessories found very useful while using the camera. This camera is very easy to operate because of the touch screen LCD.


This camera contains a very latest version of a camcorder. 4K Ultra HD Camcorder is present in LINNSE with 30MP.

High Image Resolution:

This camera contains 24 frames per second video resolution in 4K and 30MP image resolution with 18x zoom.  Both features help in improving the resolution of an image.

Good Sound Quality:

The external mike of this camera can capture voice from 49ft of range. Other than that, this will also reduce background sounds. Thus, all the features improve the sound quality of this camera.

Remote Control:

LNNE camera can be controlled with the help of remote control. The remote-control system of this camera is operated with 15ft of range. With this camera, people can capture pictures as their own by this remote-control system.


Live streaming of Facebook, YouTube is possible by the webcam feature of LINNSE. There is no need of buying another webcam if you buy this camera. LINNSE camera will provide good quality live streaming video by using the webcam.

  • 128 GBs of storage
  • 2 powerful batteries
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Need a light for the perfect picture

This camera is the perfect camera for vlogging and is very lightweight. So that’s why we can also include this camera in the list of skate film cameras. This camera also finds face beauty and detects beauty while recording video.

5. 4K Camcorder 48MP Image Vlogging Camera

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S & P safe and protect video camera is a lightweight camera that records video in 4K resolutions. This camera can capture high-resolution pictures in 18x zoom. Videos recorded by this camera contain very good quality sound. This camera is very easy to use. The design of this camera is very easy to carry because of its light weightiness.

The day and night mode of this camera allows good quality pictures in dim as well as in bright light. Thus, perfect for the shots of skateboarding. So, we can say that this camera is one of the skating video cameras.


You can now download files that you recorded on S & P safe and protect video cameras on your smartphones or other smart devices. Downloading these files is only possible if “XDV PRO” (an App) is installed on your smartphones.

Webcam And HDMI Output:

With the help of S&P safe and protected video cameras, people can now stream data on YouTube and other social media platforms. You can also play high-quality videos by connecting HDTV using an HDMI cable.

Modes Of Recording:

S & P safe and protect video camera allows recording of video in both night and day mode. If you want to record video while skateboarding without light, then you can switch the mode of the camera to night mode. This will record black and white videos for you with is no time. Light mode is simple, and it allows video recording with full colors.

Good Time Lapse:

This camera can record a perfect time-lapse video. Just fit the camera in one place and record the video in time-lapse. Capture each moment of skateboarding with a time-lapse feature.

Anti Shake:

The shaking of the video is very annoying. This camera reduces the shaking of the video and helps in the perfect smooth video.

  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Allows continuous shooting of videos
  • Zooming is not that smooth

This is a perfect vlogging camera and considered the best camera for filming skateboarding and very useful in recording video at the night because of IR-supported night mode.

6. Kicteck Full HD Camcorder

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With this type of black skating video camera, you can record the videos like a professional since its version is ultra HD 4K 48.0 MP.

Camcorder Skateboard camera in all recordings has high recording performance thanks to its high resolution and an Intel CPU and Pana CMOS image sensor, which makes this equipment very powerful.

The video resolution of this camcorder is 60 fps and is so effective that it also captures excellent glass photos with an image resolution of 48 MP.

Your shots, when recording the art of skating will have no comparison if you decide on this camera since its 3-inch IPS touch screen, performs a rotation of 270 degrees.

This way, if you are making the recordings yourself while skating, you can perfectly capture selfies or make a recording. Depending on whether you prefer a video or photos at the moment, this camera has a system so you can make the correct settings and everything is captured perfectly.

The best thing about this camera is that you can take it wherever you want since it is very easy to use due to its compact design, and if it runs out of battery, you don’t have to worry since it can be used with an independent battery charger.

You do not need to be a professional to use this equipment if you are a beginner, you can also use this camera to record videos and mount them on social networks. Apart from being able to record skating videos, you can also use this camera for important events where you need to capture unforgettable moments.

It is so multifunctional that with this camera, when connected to a computer, you can make video calls, so they are perfect for you to have a connection with your family or friends so they are far away.

Apart from mounting the videos on social networks, if you want to watch the videos in high definition, you can connect them to the TV through an HDM1 cable that includes the package.

  • Comes with 2 Batteries
  • 270 Degree Rotation
  • 24MP Zoom
  • Zooming is not that smooth

You can make amazing recordings during the night as it brings night vision and motion detection. And since it has a wiki connection, you will also have the option to control the camera through an application on your smartphone. Camcorder Skateboard camera equipment also includes a powerful microphone, so you can make excellent videos and photos whenever you want.

7. Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Video Camera

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This wonderful team brings LEICA DICOMAR 20X stabilized lens so you can capture many moments. Due to its modernity, it has WiFi and a 1080p screen camera.

With this skate camera, you will have the option to track the 4K subject, and you can also pan, cut, and zoom. If you want to capture photos with this camera, you will do it and of the highest quality since its high dynamic range mode (HDR) is responsible for reducing the differences that are commonly seen in common cameras when shooting.

You no longer have to worry about getting home to make the edits since, with this camera, you can do them no matter where you are. Without the need for complex software, with this camera, you can play content and perform a variety of actions in a very easy way.

Its HDR mode will make all the captures you make look completely clear and that every detail of brightness is excellent regardless of whether it is day or night.

Through your smartphone, you can use an application to control this camera with WiFi. When you connect it with this Panasonic device, you can use it as a secondary camera and make image-style video recordings.

With its connectivity technology, you can use USB, micro HDMI, and WiFi. Everything you need in a camera, you will get with this fabulous equipment that brings many options so you can get the most out of it.

  • Multi Scene Video Capture
  • Wireless Technology
  • 20X Optical Zoom
  • Zooming is not that smooth

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Video Camera only comes in black, and the size of its screen is 3 inches, so you will see every image you capture easily. Your Lithium batteries are included.

How I Found the Best Cameras for Filming Skateboarding?

1. Sensor and Video Quality

Regardless for you use a camera, you must have a video that is true of good quality and remains for the story. You should choose a camera that preferably has an Intel CPU and Pana CMOS image sensor, or one that is like the 13M IMX258 from Sony, which allows you to take a quality image regardless of speed.

The complexity of the light will not be a problem when having a good sensor in your camera since it will allow you to have the quality you are looking for in each of your videos.

2. Lens

The wide-angle Lens or the LEICA DICOMAR 20X are the ones that stand out the most when talking about the best cameras for action sports videos. With a lens like these, your videos will be viewed in high resolution to be mounted on different social networks.

If you are a professional or amateur camera with some of these two lenses will be the best option for videos and photos to be accurate.

3. External Microphone Capacity

A camera with an external microphone is also a great help when looking for completely clear audio. Although there are cameras that bring high-quality microphones and through a configuration, you can take away annoying noises, with an external microphone, and the most recommended to finish with perfect audio is the ORDRO CM520 external model.

4. Folding Screen

The 1080p screen is the most common in the different camcorders that exist in the market. With a screen like this, you can make professional videos and capture the most beautiful photos where you can specify every detail. Although most of the screens are 3 inches, other cameras can have 3.1 screens. The difference is not much since this size is adequate to be able to make the videos and the necessary editions.

Among the different types of screens are the folding ones, very useful for rotating 270 degrees. With a screen that can rotate, you will have the opportunity to take selfies and many more advantages.

5. Video Modes

The most popular video mode right now is 60 fps, especially for people who like to upload videos to social networks. Some cameras use 30 fps but this number is not very advantageous since the higher the frame per minute the better the video quality. With 60 fps, it is more than enough to obtain a video with the best resolution for this reason, most good cameras have this amount and the frequency will be excellent.

Choose a camera that, in addition to having 60 fps, acquires one that has enough zoom to capture every moment and if it is fixed, it will be much better. Professional cameras or those that are for amateurs but of good quality will always bring some features that you can adjust according to the video mode you are looking for.

Thanks to technology these modern cameras, apart from allowing you to record videos in the highest quality, can also capture different moments through the photos that are also important when it comes to having material, either to share with the family or for work.

What Cameras Do Skateboard Filmers Use?

There is a wide variety of cameras used by skateboarders. So the following cameras are the top and most used cameras for Skateboarding.

Canon Vixia R800: Whenever it is a small and lightweight camera, such as this option, skateboarders usually choose it. The ergonomic design allows it to be easy to use when capturing motion. Its an unbalanced cost-benefit ratio while people can get a 32x optical zoom.

AKASO Brave 7: This camera is one of the most chosen cameras due to its compact size and affordable cost. On the other hand, it is also a camera that incorporates a microphone and voice control, and image stabilization. This last option is essential to capture in a better way the movements of any skater.

GoPro Hero 9: This camera is one of the most chosen for all kinds of sports, including Skateboarding. The camera offers image stabilization and voice control, and 5k video quality. Of course, this is a very compact and easy-to-use camera, although it requires a proper budget which is a bit high considering other options.

How to Set Up Your Camera to Film Skateboarding?

One of the most important aspects to consider is the resolution that each camera can offer, along with the number of frames per second. Experts recommend having two main options, among which are:

  • 720 pixels and 60 frames per second
  • 1080 pixels and 60 frames per second

It is necessary because Skateboarding is a sport where speed is essential. Therefore, a 60 fps camera can capture all kinds of movements and images uploaded smoothly and correctly. Of course, you can choose 30 frames per second, although you don’t get the same smoothness in the photos.

As a second step, people need to set the shutter speed. A slow shutter speed can result in blurred images that are not appropriately appreciated. So it is best to choose a shutter speed of:

  • 125
  • 250

As a third step, it is necessary to make the F-Stop setting. It determines the exposure used during the recording of a video. Specifically, when it comes to a DSLR, the most advisable, according to Skateboarding Filming experts, is to have a 5.6 F-Stop.

As a fourth and final step, it is necessary to check the battery status and the amount of storage memory. Here the battery must be fully charged not to get only an incomplete video recording. You can also use an SD storage card to record all kinds of high-quality videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is GoPros good for skateboarding?

Yes, GoPros are very small in size, lightweight and durable and you can use them if you have good tripod support. They are easily adjusted on the skateboard as well as on the head of a human being. So, using GoPro for the filmmaking of skateboarding is a good choice.

  • How to film skateboarding with a DSLR?

Recording film while using skateboarding with a large-sized camera is difficult. DSLR is a large-sized camera so you can record film while mounting the camera on a tripod stand.

  1. Get a DSLR camera
  2. Find the right lens for your needs
  3. Use a sturdy tripod to get good shots
  4. Make sure you have enough storage space on your SD card – always go with at least 32GB
  5. Be creative and experiment with different angles, lighting, and colors
  6. Practice filming in low light conditions so that you can film at night too!
  • Why do skaters use fisheye?

Fisheye lenses can be used to capture the unique perspective one gets when looking through a fisheye lens. It’s no wonder that skaters like to use them, as they allow you to see tricks from all angles.

  • How do you record yourself on a skateboard?

If you have GoPro and you want to record yourself on a skateboard, then a simple method is to fix the camera on your head using belts.

  • How do you record yourself roller skating?

You can also mount the camera on the skateboard this will record yourself while you are rolling on a skateboard. Also, follow these steps!

  1. Find a spot with good lighting
  2. Set up your phone to record you skating in the desired location (either on a tripod or by holding it)
  3. Make sure that you are at least 10 feet away from any walls, poles, or other obstacles
  4. Turn off the music so that there is only the sound of skating
  5. Speak into the microphone and tell your viewers what’s happening as you skate around – be creative!
  6. End recording when finished skating for the day


Well, for the best skateboard cameras all you need is high-resolution cameras that are reliable and easy to use.  Other than high resolution your camera should record good sound while you are on a skateboard.

Above mentioned product helps you a lot in choosing the best camera for skateboarding. Now you can record pictures in dim light also because of IR night vision or COMOS sensors in the cameras. Live streaming will help you in the direct upload of video on a social media platform.

James Pattinson is a professional photographer who likes to write about what he experiences. He loves to share his honest review with people about photography equipment such as cameras, tripods, lenses, etc.

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