For lovers of photography that has extraordinary quality, the best tripods for iPhone have been created. This accessory brings innumerable advantages and the use of tripods for iPhone cameras is vital to obtain images of incredible sharpness.

In order to capture images that do not move, no matter where you are or the distance you want to take it, the industry of innovative implements brings the best tripods for iPhone photography.

Currently, it is necessary to have a quality tripod, which provides the facility to be able to take photos and take those special memories on video, of those vacations dreamed with family or friends.

For this, it is essential to have the accessories that have been designed for this purpose. In the market there are a wide variety of supports for different models of smartphones, to give the user freedom of movement and the security they are looking for.

But, not only has a solution been created for those who have the latest generation cell phones, but an excellent alternative has also been implemented for those who have digital cameras, webcams or other types of cameras to record great videos. You also check out best tripods for DSLR if you have a quality digital camera.

Day by day, tripods are made with exceptional characteristics, which provide flexibility, mobility, security, and confidence to those who enjoy taking pictures at a distance. With the remote controls, it is already possible to take pictures with remote control.

The variety of iPhone models available in the market has forced manufacturers to adopt different forms of tripods for each of the versions of iPhone 6, 7, 8, X and Plus, achieving the best tripods for iPhone 2020.

5 Best Tripods For iPhone Reviews 2020

These top 5 tripods we pick based on their qualities and design. Which make a perfect combination for your iPhone. We also cover Best Tripods For Canon 60D, 70D, 80D Cameras. Do check them if you are looking for it.

1) Fotopro Phone Tripod – iPhone 8/Plus, Samsung, Huawei, GoPro

Fotopro Phone TripodThis brand is one of the most requested in the market, for its wide variety of equipment aimed at photographers who work at a professional level. Using one of the best tripods for iPhone 8 it is possible to take photos very easily.

Fotopro phone tripod has a device so that the legs adjust to any height since they are made up of 8 parts. With these particularities, you can place the Fotopro tripod at a height that can be between 11 inches and 39.5 inches.

The versatility of one of the tripods for iPhone cameras is one of its main qualities since you can make use of the ingenuity and capture the best photos. In addition, it is very compact and lightweight to move it anywhere.

It weighs 0.85 lb., making it very easy to load. Once it is stored, it can measure 11 inches or 28 cm, practical to put it in the suitcase. It is protected by a very strong and durable bag.

The legs have a special design, by means of which they can be opened in a short time. With the design with specific points for adherence, the legs open quickly. In this way, synchronized images can be captured in beautiful landscapes.

For the images to be taken at a certain distance, the remote control with the Bluetooth shutter can be used, which is held in the hand and is quite ergonomic to conform to the shape of the hand.

It is compatible with iOS 5.0 and other more advanced versions; as well as with all Android systems.

The total control of one of the best tripods for iPhone rests on the photographer. The diversity of positions is a positive point, thanks to the head formed by 3 ways, it is possible to place it horizontally or vertically, according to the taste of the professional.

The variation of the position is done to obtain images, from any angle and in all possible ways. It also comes with a plate that allows the device to be released quickly.

This sheet is adapted by means of screws with ¼ inch measurements. It also allows uniting all the parts of the different devices that are attached to the support, such as digital cameras, smartphones, DV, GoPro and many more.

This tripod is capable of supporting a load of 1 kg maximum, which can be a good tool to take images with large and highly complex devices for more professional jobs.

With the help of this tripod, the portraits can be obtained with different positions, simply by making use of a button that allows blocking the head and holding the device horizontally or shooting vertically.

The Fotopro brand is well known worldwide, for its very versatile designs and the manufacture of photography equipment that is marketed among the most professional and those who want to obtain quality images.

In addition to the best tripods for iPhone, specializes in making heads, monopods and various accessories, to provide a large number of innovative options for those passionate about photography.

The highest level of quality is guaranteed, so that users can obtain spectacular photos and manage to use all their creativity, with the facilities provided by this Fotopro tripod.

It has a size of 11.5 x 2.7 x 2 inches and needs a CR2 battery, which is included in the package. Opinions regarding this product are not very favorable since users give 3.5 stars out of a maximum of 5.

  • Quite compact
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Incompatible with Huawei EMUI 8.0
  • The capacity of loading up to 1 kg

2) WORNEW Camera/Phone Tripod – Compatible with iOS Phone, Android Phone, Camera

WORNEW Camera Phone TripodThis tripod has a feature that makes it quite manageable, because it has a lot of flexibility in its legs and is very durable, so they resist any type of work and environment.

It is among the best tripods for iPhone in the market, it can be mentioned that, in addition, the flexibility, its legs are strong and are covered by a rubber material, which has a very high density.

This allows you to bend each of the legs independently and fix it on any surface, regardless of the terrain conditions, it can be inclined or irregular, but you can be sure that it will remain stable.

Also, by purchasing one of the best tripods for iPhone photography, you will be able to capture images, even on surfaces that may have slippery characteristics, without any risk.

With these tripods for iPhone cameras, you will have the possibility to fix it to your bicycle, poles, trees, doorknobs, fences, pipes and many other parts because the legs are made of aluminum and combined with thick rubber, which makes them very light.

They have a perfect grip, because of the rubber material and the elasticity of the legs. With this, you will be able to take pictures from high perspectives. Also, it is practical to use at home or at work.

It is ideal for private photography sessions, meetings with family and friends, to capture photos of one or as a support that holds the camera on the desk. Without a doubt, it is one of the most versatile.

It fits with ¼ inch screws and you can adapt cameras with different characteristics, such as the DSLR Cam GoPro Action Cam, RX, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon DSLR, Sony, Nikon D610 among others.

Its compatibility covers the cameras used for the action GoPro 6/5/4 Hero, Garmin Virb XE, GoPro Style of the DBPOWER model, SJCAM SJ4000 and many more. Likewise, it is one of the best tripods for iPhone 6 and its versions 6s + and 6s.

Also, it can be adapted to the best tripods for iPhone 8 plus, 8, 7, 7+, 5s, is one of the best tripods for iPhone x and Xs that work with iOS. It fits Samsung and Android-branded phones, with the clip adjustable to 2.25 inches or 3.75 inches.

It has a ball-shaped head, which can rotate 360 ° and open the field to the desired level, by adjusting the mini flexible mechanism of the head and set the range of the photograph.

The material with which the spherical head is made is a combination of aluminum, which makes it a very durable and resistant to the effects of the environment. Also, to be less heavy.

When you purchase the equipment you will get the best accessories, with GoPro adapter, remote control, Bluetooth, mini tripod with flexible legs, grip area for the phone and the highest quality of the brand WORNEW, which offers personalized attention 24 hours a day.

This tripod has protection against water, so it is perfect for use in any exposed area and in all weather conditions because it’s aluminum material does not rust.

It can load up to 1200 grams, with a weight equivalent to 320 grams and measures 1.96 x 1.96 x 11.81 inches. It comes in two colors to choose red or black. The remote control shutter can be used with iOS 5.0 or higher, Android 2.3.6 or higher.

You can take pictures from a distance of 10 meters and the clip to fix the phone has measures between 2.25 inches and 3.75 inches. It has the highest rating, reaching 5 stars and placing among the best tripods for iPhone photography.

  • Supports greater weight of 1200 grams
  • Lightweight
  • Raincoat
  • Flexible
  • Excellent distance
  • None

3) Coman E300LMT50 Red Mini Tripod – Travel Cell Phone Tripod and Selfie Stick

Coman E300LMT50 Red Mini TripodThe ideal tripod for travelers and people who love to take a good selfie in any situation, it adapts to both positions, making it one of the best tripods for iPhone photography.

Its versatility allows you to take group photographs, individual images and include the beauty of the landscape. It has both conditions; therefore, with this product, you will have access to a double function of taking selfies.

It is presented in red color and has a remote control, to facilitate the capture of images from long distances. It is possible to use it with systems, such as Android and Ios. In addition, it can be used with iPhone 6P, 6s, 7P, 7, 8P, 8, and X.

Other models such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, S9, S8, S8 Plus, S7, Huawei, Note 8, small digital cameras and GoPro devices are compatible with the tripod. It has a total weight of 1.5 pounds, quite light.

The way to keep it is very practical because it is folded. It is placed in a bag to protect it and take it anywhere. The tripod allows you to move the phone about 180 ° and can be rotated through 360 °. It is very compact and manageable in external areas.

The legs are assembled in different shapes and are made of aluminum for strength and stability. The MT50 model is divided into 5 sections, reaches a height of 23.6 inches and is reduced to 5.7 inches.

Once it is collected, it measures 9 inches long, it has a considerable capacity, it is capable of carrying up to 2.5 kg and its weight is quite light since it only has 0.54 kg in total.

As for the accessory for the selfie E300L, it is folded in 4 sections and reaches a maximum extension of 37 inches. When it is collected for storage, it measures 11.8 inches very practical to transport it and it weighs 136 grams.

It has a support that can expand from 2.2 inches to 3.39 inches and is used with the most common models of phones that are sold. The remote control works with iOS and Android at 32.8 inches.

The package comes with the extension stick, the tripod, the Bluetooth remote control device, the stand for the smartphone and a bag to store the equipment. It is activated with 1 CR2 battery, which is included.

The measurements of the tripod are 13 x 6.2 x 3 inches. Despite all these wonderful features, it has no comments of any kind; therefore it has no valuation, so there is no way to know the opinions of users.

  • Supports up to 2.5 kg
  • Comes with the selfie stick
  • The phone can be moved only 180 °

4) UBeesize Phone Tripod – Stand Holder with Wireless Remote

UBeesize Phone TripodThe latest update of this tripod resulted in a device with a lot of resistance and strengthened its durability, to make it one of the tripods for more versatile iPhone cameras.

The design and functional characteristics have been improved, eliminating up to 80% of the defects that it presented in other previous versions. The main test lies in the fact that UBeesize offers a lifetime guarantee.

The legs have been modified with an OCTOPUS technique, which helps maintain balance and be fixed to any surface, being placed at multiple angles and can be used even in full motion.

So, if you want to get an image of a landscape difficult to capture, do not hesitate, this tripod is the perfect alternative. The stability it provides on irregular surfaces is impeccable.

It is made of foam and shock-resistant plastic. As for the head in the form of wait and legs with an anti-slip protection, they provide greater ease to position and rotate the device.

It has compatibility with many phones and cameras, both webcams that measure a maximum of 3.75 inches wide, up to the GoPro. It can be activated with remote control, which is wireless and can cover a distance of 30 feet.

With this tripod of the UBeesize brand, images are captured in groups and individually, very clearly. In addition, you can take pictures with wide angles and encompass people and the view of the place.

The size is very compact, so it can be carried anywhere, the flexibility of the legs allows it to be placed in all kinds of angles and the design is very pleasant. Also, it has the unique feature that you can place the camera and the phone in complete safety.

The head that holds the camera is fixed with a 1 / 4-20 screw, which is used as a mini tripod or as a full tripod for GoPro. Also, it is possible to place it on a table, in a tree or surrounding a post, being useful in any place.

It comes with the flexible tripod, the shutter for the wireless remote control and a universal clip, whose height is 10 with the stand to place the phone and 7.3 inches without this support With a width measurement ranging from 2.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

The dimensions of the tripod are 11.3 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches. Its weight is 6.4 ounces. You need a CR2 battery to work, which is included with the purchase. The opinions for this tripod are quite favorable, placing it in 4.0 star of a maximum of 5 stars.

  • Roads with OCTOPUS system
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Fragile

5) KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod – TriFlex Mini – Flexible Tripod iPhone & Android + Bluetooth Remote

KobraTech Cell Phone TripodThis innovative tripod comes in two sizes, the small and the larger. As for the small design, it has been improved the articulation of the sphere of the head, for a better grip of the phone.

The size of this mini tripod makes it the ideal piece to take anywhere, due to its compact dimensions. It has very flexible legs, to screw them where needed and adapt them to any position.

The Bluetooth remote control shutter works at a distance of 30 feet, allowing you to take pictures without help. It is compatible with all models of the best tripods for iPhone x, Galaxy S9 +, 8 Plus, Pixel XL and other versions.

To place large phones it is necessary to remove the case, so they have a better grip. The warranty offered by KobraTech is for 2 years, with the assurance that it will carry a functional, durable, reliable and very versatile tripod.

You can achieve the capture of photos from never seen angles, is able to adapt to irregular terrain and with level changes. In addition, it is so compact that it fits in a pocket. Easy to configure

The QuikPic wireless remote shutter works with Android or iPhone and Snapchat. Some Android models may need to download an application to make the videos, such as “HD Camera for video”.

It comes with a practical strap to wear on your wrist. It adapts to different models of smartphones and can be adjusted up to 3.75 inches, making it ideal for iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8.

It can be used vertically and horizontally by the dual screw of the head, which comes with a pin and a metal joint to tighten better. The TriFlex Mini is used with digital and web cameras. In addition, it has an adapter for GoPro cameras.

This tripod measures 10 x 3 x 3 inches and weighs 3.04 ounces. You need a metal lithium battery, which is included. The ratings of the users give 3.9 stars out of 5, which is quite acceptable.

As for the medium-sized model, it has the same characteristics as the small one but with larger dimensions. It is ideal for placing phones and DSLR cameras of greater weight, holding them without problems.

It comes with 2 remote controls, one for photos and videos and the other for DSLR / SLR cameras that have infrared sensors. The stand can reach 4.1 inches to fit any phone model, without having to remove the case.

It is compatible with iPhone X, Galaxy S9 +, iPhone 8 Plus, Note 9, Pixel XL among others. It measures 11.3 x 3.3 x 1.9 inches and weighs 13.6 ounces. You need 2 lithium metal batteries. Comments give you a 3.9-star rating in a range of 5.

  • It comes in 2 sizes
  • Compatible with all phones and cameras
  • Compact
  • It comes with 2 controls
  • Lightweight
  • Quite delicate
  • The medium requires 2 batteries

Best Tripods For iPhone – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2020

Best Tripods for iPhone 6

Best Tripods for iPhone 6The wonderful features of the iPhone 6 are a real advantage, because it has a large screen measuring 4.7 inches, which is resistant by the glass that covers it. The innovative A8 processor comes for internal storage from 16GB to 128GB.

It has a RAM of 1GB and works with iOS 8, the weight is 129 grams and measures 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm and a fairly large LCD screen. The resolution of the iPhone 6 is 1,334×750 pixels.

There are many tripod models to adapt them to these devices, but among the best tripods for iPhone 6 we can mention the WORNEW Tripod for camera/phone, Remote Control Bluetooth

This flexible 12-inch tripod and Clip for cell phone holder can hold all versions of the iPhone 6 and GoPro cameras. It is capable of taking pictures at a 180 ° angle and turning 360 °.

On the other hand, the tripod for travel and Selfie, of the Coman brand with Bluetooth wireless remote control, is portable and can be used for iPhone 6 and 6P, GoPro, DSLR. It has the option of adapting it to the device to take the best selfie and include the landscape.

It can support up to 2.5 Kg, but the phone can only be rotated 180 °. The legs are adaptable to any environment and the phone is subject to the support with enough security. It is one of the most compact and lightweight in the market.

Best Tripods for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Best Tripods for iPhone 7 and 7 PlusThe version of the iPhone 7, presents a screen of 4.7 inches in HD, with a pixel density of 326 PPP and an A10 processor of 2.23 GHz and a weight of 138 grams. As for the iPhone 7 Plus, it weighs 188 grams, with a density of 401 PPP and a wider screen of 5.5 inches.

The tripod manufacturers of WORNEW bring the best tripods for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with the characteristic of being waterproof, they give you the advantage of being able to use the device in any environment and in extreme weather conditions.

The legs have a lot of strength to load up to 1200 grams and can be placed on any type of surface, ensuring maximum stability and impeccable photos, as well as high-quality videos.

The flexibility of the legs places it in a privileged place among the best tripods for iPhone 7 plus, because it can be taken anywhere and get images from any angle, thanks to the anti-slip characteristics of the legs.

The adjustable clip of the WORNEW tripod, can hold iPhone with measurements up to 3.75 inches and rotate in 360 ° without difficulty. The top of the head is made of aluminum, which gives it a lot of durability and resistance, avoiding the damage caused by rust.

Best Tripods for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Best Tripods for iPhone 8 and 8 PlusFor the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus model, they have been designed with an A11 processor, having a storage capacity of 64/255 GB. They have 2 GB and 3 GB memories, respectively.

In the iPhone 8, a 12 MP camera has been installed and for the iPhone 8 Plus model, a camera with dual characteristics of 12 MP. Both versions are capable of recording 4K and have a 7 MP front camera.

The brand KobraTech brings one of the best tripods for iPhone 8 with the ease of being able to choose between the small or medium size, which is compatible with this iPhone 8, with its versions and, in addition, with all the phones and cameras that exist in the market.

Its measurements are quite compact and can be very light in both sizes. It has the particularity that it has 2 controls, to be used in the shooting of videos and to take pictures or for cameras of other characteristics.

This tripod is the one that has the support to hold the phone more broadly, the clip can be opened up to 4.1 inches wide, ideal for larger devices. Even, they can be placed with the protective case, for more comfort.

It must be handled with care, as its parts can be very sensitive. If you select the medium size, you will need 2 batteries for the control to work and you can take the best photos from a great distance.

Best Tripods for iPhone X

Best Tripods for iPhone XThe iPhone X is the newest in cellular technology; it has a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels and widescreen of 5.8 inches, for greater clarity. In addition, it comes with 256GB to store and 3GB of RAM.

It contains a 12 MP camera with Dual system, is compatible with iOS 11 and has a weight of 174 grams. It is waterproof and has a 2X zoom, with a 64-bit processor and optical image stabilization system.

The screen is resistant to shocks or scratches and has ion-x characteristics, comes with sensors for automatic rotation, gyroscopic and proximity. Identify the faces, thanks to the Face ID. Touch keyboard and 3D Touch. Dolby Vision support, HDR10, and built-in barometer.

For this device, the best tripods for iPhone x available in the market are the brands KobraTech, WORNEW, Coman, and UBeesize, which work with a large number of features that will make it easier to capture the images.

The UBeesize brand is capable of holding the iPhone X and at the same time recording videos with a camera adapted to the same tripod. The flexibility of the legs allows you to place it in any imaginable position.

The anti-slip rubber coating makes the tripod stand firm and the photo can be taken without problems. The support clip opens up to 10 inches and can reach 7.3 inches.

The Selfin Stick 2in1 Coman Mini with Bluetooth wireless remote control is one of the most versatile, as it comes with the accessory to take individual photos. In addition, it is very light and compact when picked up.

Thanks to its lightweight and its conventional measures, it can be moved anywhere in a practical bag that protects it and allows you to have it all in one place. In addition, the remote control works with iOS and Android up to 32.8 inches.

As for the brand WORNEW Tripod for camera/phone, Bluetooth remote control with a flexible tripod, can be used with all devices, including the iPhone X. In addition, it is able to be fixed on any surface, by the flexibility of the legs.

The condition of impermeability is essential for its use in external areas, without having to protect it from the rain. The aluminum that forms the legs, together with the rubber bands in which they are wrapped, is essential for its durability.

This WORNEW tripod works with all models of Android and Samsung phones, as well as, with a variety of cameras GoPro, SJCAM, Vib XE, DSLR, Nikon, Canon, Nikon D610, Canon G7, Sony, RX, Fujifilm, Panasonic and many more.


Without a doubt, tripods have become an indispensable accessory to be able to take photographs and make videos some distance and on any type of surface. There are models for those who like to take selfies, those who prefer to record videos, those who travel and much more.

Among the most commercial brands that manufacture the best tripods for iPhone 2020, we can mention Coman, NOR NEW, UBeesize, KobraTech, FotoPro, etc. All have very special characteristics, which give them a lot of resistance, durability, versatility, and comfort to enjoy taking pictures.

The flexible legs made of aluminum, lined with rubber that give it firmness, lightweight, compact and compatible with all cell phones of the iPhone 6, 7, 8, X Plus versions, are the reasons why the tripods are they have made essential.

Finally, it can be said that one of the best tripods for iPhone photography is the WORNEW model with the backing that users give it and the multiple advantages it offers is a unique and unparalleled accessory, to capture images with any phone model.

In addition, it is useful to shoot videos with various models of cameras, like a professional. To have an exceptional experience and to take an excellent individual or group photo, it is necessary to have the unquestionable quality of the WORNEW tripod.

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