I know you are looking for a good tripod for Sony cameras like a6000, a5100, a6500. But this is hard now a day because a lot of brands are in the market, which provides us different tripods in shape, price, and quality.

It becomes confusing for us to choose the right tripod for our Sony DSLR or another one which right now you are using. This guide is all about taking care of your requirement, budgets, and design. We find 5 best tripods which you can use for Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 Cameras or any other model. So, Let’s get into it.

Winner of the List:

Bestseller No. 1
Zomei Q222 58" Camera Tripod Portable Travel Lightweight Aluminum...
  • 2-IN-1: Made of high quality aluminum alloy tube and ABS environmental plastic. The max diameter is...
  • 3-Way Swivel Pan Head: with a Arca Swiss compatible clamp, easily to put on and off.
  • Convenient: Weight 2.75 lbs, And packed with a carry bag,convenient to carry for trip.Lightweight...

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5 Best Tripods For Sony a6000, a5100, a6500

Best TripodsMax HeightRatingsPrices
Zomei Q222Flexible5/5 Check Price
Sony VCT-VPR157 inch5/5 Check Price
Victiv Tripod72 inch5/5 Check Price
Neewer Portable Tripod70 inch4.5/5 Check Price
Regetek Tripod70 inch4.7/5 Check Price

1) ZOMEI Q222 Aluminum Tripod

ZOMEi Camera Tripod 62" Light Weight DSLR Tripod with Ball Head...
  • 【COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT】Weights just 3.3Lbs, ZOMEi Q666 tripod can be folded down to 15" for...
  • 【MONOPOD】Dual use tripod which could be converted into a full size Monopod by screwing together...
  • 【STURDY and STRONG】Tripod legs feature individual twist lock for multiple height adjustment and...

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This is our first pick for the best tripods of Sony models. Zomei Q222 is the latest model of the Zomei brand which performs well in the market. The quality of this Aluminum tripod is outclassed. You can take it with you and go for travel shooting as well.

Zomei Q222 is a lightweight tripod which is easy to carry, You can fold its legs as it’s smooth and especially made like you can easily switch them. Which helps a lot during travel.

We mostly use Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 for photography and we also choose different locations for the shooting. So, it’s necessary that we pick that tripod which is easy to handle during travel.

Zomei Q222 tripod has a 3-way pen head and 360-degree panning that means you can use it for 360-degree work too. There are a lot of tripods that are not flexible and not use for 360-degree photography but this tripod allows you to do every position shooting.

Talking about its quality, then I will explain to you that Zomei Q222 tripod especially made of aluminum which is really high quality and the legs of the tripod are also strong.

If you see the bottom hook then it designs like you can hang any heavy DSLR or stabilizer because it is strong enough to handle it.


  • Good For Sony a6000, a6500, a5000
  • Strong Legs and flexible
  • Lightweight & Good For Travel Purpose
  • A Free Bag For Sony Camera


  • None

Zomei Q222 tripod is perfect pick for you if you do travel a lot with you Sony a6000 or a6500 camera. The high benefits of picking this tripod are that it is flexible and you got a bag which you can carry anywhere.

2) Sony VCT-VPR1 Remote Control Tripod

Sony VCTSTG1 Shooting Grip Shooting Grip Tripod, Black
  • Versatile handgrip and mini tripod for Action Cam
  • Mount both Action Cam and Live View Remote for convenient control and viewing.
  • Secure your investment with wrist strap security

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Our second pick Sony VCT-VPR1 tripod which is specially made under the supervision of the Sony brand. As you are well aware of Sony’s brand and you also know how they maintain quality in their products.

Sony VCT-VPR1 tripod is something new for you and it is perfect for you if your main focus is a video making and film making. Because this tripod is specially made for this purpose.

Flexibility matters a lot in any case of photography and the tripod helps you to maintain it.

The Sony VCT-VPR1 has a 3-way pen head. Which is made for gripping the Sony a600 camera and others. If you get a strong grip head then the chances of the camera shaking and drop are less because of it tight the camera a lot. That’s why I prefer the 3-way pan head tripod.

Sony VCT-VPR1 has 3 strong legs which you can adjust according to your requirements. You can increase the height and decrease the height through these legs which is pretty easy.


  • Good For Sony a6000, a6500, a5000
  • 3-way Pen Head
  • Strong Grip on cameras
  • A complete kit along with LED Video Light


  • None

If you buy Sony VCT-VPR1 tripod you get a good Case with LED Video Light, Lens Pen, and LCD Screen Protectors. This is a complete package for you which you can use at cheap rates for Sony a600, a5100, a6500 cameras.

3) Victiv Camera Tripod

Victiv 72-inch Camera Tripod Aluminum Monopod T72 Max. Height 182...
  • ⓵ LIGHTWEIGHT FOR TRAVEL – Compactness when stored and weighs only 3.97 lbs/1.8 kilograms, easy...
  • ⓶ UPGRADED SOLID CONSTRUCTION – Made of aluminum alloy, THICKER leg tube than the ordinary...
  • ⓷ TRIPOD AND MONOPOD COMBINED UNIT – Takes about 5 seconds to go from the tripod into 55in...

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The Victiv Camera Tripod is our third pick for best tripods for Sony a6000, a5100, a6500. We consider this camera for tall people because many people face the problem of angle adjustment because the tripod is short and their height did not make a good combination with it.

Victiv Camera Tripod has good height and you can max. increase its height up to 72 inches. Which is fine for every person because this height is perfect for all kind of people.

It has a 3-way Swivel Head and quick release plates, which means you can easily adjust it according to the requirements and position.

You can also travel with this camera anytime and anywhere, And the best part is you can carry it within a bag.

The color is blue which looks perfect with the design. They made this tripod which looks fancy and cool too.


  • Max. Height 72-inch
  • Lightweight Tripod and Monopod
  • Quick Release Plates
  • 3-way Swivel Head


  • None
Victiv Camera Tripod is especially made by Aluminum and it has strong legs. You can adjust it’s height and legs too. In short, it’s a perfect find for Sony a5100 or the a6300 cameras.

4) Neewer Portable Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod

Neewer Portable 70 inches/177 centimeters Aluminum Alloy Camera...
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT PRACTICAL 2-IN-1 TRIPOD MONOPOD: Can be converted to a monopod in seconds with height...
  • ADJUSTABLE 4-SECTION LEGS AND CENTER COLUMN: With height adjustment buckle, height varies from 20.9...
  • 3-WAY SWIVEL PAN HEAD WITH QUICK SHOE PLATE: 360 degree panning; Allows you to take photos at any...

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Neewer Tripod is our fourth pick in this guide and trusts me only a few people know about this gem because people did not focus on this brand but it has the quality which makes a good combination with Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 Cameras and others.

The tripod legs play an important rule, because if you do not get a strong legs tripod then it is a waste of time for you. But Neewer tripod did their best on its legs. They make legs perfect which is also customizable.

Getting a Portable tripod helps you a lot for quick set up and quick back up because it is easy for anyone to do it. The best thing I like about the Neewer tripod.

The Neewer tripod has a perfect height which is 70″/177 cm and you can use it for photography purposes or any other as well.

It has a 3-way swivel pan head and good carrying bag which allows you to carry the other accessories.


  • Height: 70″/177 cm
  • Lightweight Tripod and Monopod
  • Carrying Bag
  • 3-way Swivel Head


  • None

Neewer Tripod is a good choice for you because they give you 2 in 1 offer right now. You can get a tripod and a monopod which you can use with your tripod. It also provides you a carrying bag as a bonus!

5) Regetek Camera Travel Tripod

Regetek Camera Tripod Travel Monopod (70" Aluminum Professional...
  • 2-In-1 aluminum tripod & monopod: adjustable center column converts to 4-section 21"-70" Tripod and...
  • 3-Way flexible pan and tilt head: provide 360° rotation panoramas; built-in bubble view levels.
  • Quick-release plate with standard 1/4”-20 screw mount Compatible for all DSLRs, digital cameras,...

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This is our last pick for best tripods for Sony a6000 because we do a test on them and find these are the top 5 fine for every person. Regetek is a fine brand for you if you are looking for multiple tripods. Because they provide us quality tripods for every kind of camera or DSLR.

Regetek Tripod has a great amount which helps you to tight your camera and adjust at one point so you easily use it.

It’s maxed height is 70 inches and you can increase and decrease it according to the position. Normally, this height is perfect for any kind of photography.

You get Flexible Head for Canon Nikon DV DSLR Camcorder GoPro and other cameras. It means the head is used for any kind of camera.

It also has Flip-Locks which use to lock the legs of the tripod so it doesn’t shake while doing photography or video making.

The 8.8 lbs are the load capacity which is enough for any camera to handle. Because normally do we not have such heavy cameras.


  • Load capacity is 8.8 lbs
  • Provide 360° Rotation Panoramas
  • Standard 1/4”-20 Screw Mount Compatible for all DSLR
  • Flip-Locks for Leg Height Adjustment


  • None

Regetek Tripod is a fine pick for you if you have a heavy camera because it can carry a good load. You also got a Universal Phone Holder Tripod Adapter which is free in this package.

Best Tripods For Sony Alpha Cameras 2020 Buyer’s Guide

While talking about buying a tripod for Sony Brand then a few features and factors you need to care about. A lot of technical things you need to check while buying a good tripod for DSLR.

Height: The height of the tripod matters when you buy it for the Sony brand. The max and min. height is used to adjust the level of photography. So, buy a tripod which has a good height.

Lightweight: If you buy a lightweight tripod then it helps you to carry around the world. Because you can easily take it away with your DSLR. And travel to do photography.

Price: Price matters because most of the people are beginners in this field and they have a tight budget because they already spend money on the DSLR and good lenses. You can pick  Regetek Camera Travel Tripod if you have a tight budget because it is affordable.

Purpose:  You have to set your purpose to use the tripod because it helps you to buy the right tripod. If you want to do the Vlog work then you need a selfie tripod. But if your work is different then you need to pick a portable tripod.

Best Tripods For Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 Cameras in 2020

Best Tripods For Sony a6000, a5100, a6500Most of the people fan of Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 cameras and they use it for different work. I am one of them. But only buying a camera is not to make your passion and work easy. You also need to buy the gears which is important for photography and a tripod is one of them.

You should go for the tripods for Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 because it helps you to set your angle in different areas. Sometimes you are in the area of forest and you doing work at that moment a good tripod for Sony a6000, a5100, a6500 helps you to set your angle.

You also do wildlife photography with the help of a tripod. You can go for nature photography with a good tripod. In short, you required a tripod for work and it is important.


If your purpose of buying a tripod is hikes, backpacking adventures, YouTube videos, Vlogs, selfies, photography, videography then you need to buy it because without it you can’t go through the work. This is our short guide about Best Tripods For Sony a6000, a5100, a6500, and other cameras. We hope you love our work. Leave your valuable feedback.

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